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Creating inset maps using spatial objects

A while ago Arnold explained in his post how to create an inset map using ggplot2. This is great but I have to admit I rarely use ggplot2 in combination with spatial data. 332 more words


RQGIS - integrating R with QGIS

Kurt Menge recently explained in his post how it is possible to use R from within QGIS – the leading and open-software Desktop GIS. This is great but to access the geoalgorithms provided by QGIS you would still have to use Python or the QGIS GUI. 332 more words


The R Project, an Open Source Software for Statistical Analysis

Originally, R was developed by John Chambers and his colleagues at the Bell Laboratories.  Later it became a collaborative effort from contributors around the world and continuously improving since then until now with its latest release of version 3.3.1 . 425 more words

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Big Analytics Roundup (June 13, 2016)

Spark Summit 2016 met last week in SFO. There were many cool things; I will publish a separate report when presentations and videos are available. 631 more words

Apache Spark

June 7 Democratic primary predictions

So after a three-week hiatus it is primary time again! By now the nomination is all but locked up for Hillary Clinton, but nonetheless the excitement is still there for the democratic side, mainly because California, the delegate-wise largest state will be voting today. 520 more words

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Democratic Primary predictions for May 17: Oregon and Kentucky

West Virginia recap

As expected, West Virginia threw in surprises in last week’s primary, in the form of large vote shares for other local candidates more than 10%). 432 more words

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Re-introducing cricketr! : An R package to analyze performances of cricketers

In this post I re-introduce R package cricketr. I have added 8 new functions to my R package cricketr, available from version cricketr_0.0.13 namely

  1. batsmanCumulativeAverageRuns…
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