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The Ashland House: An Update

I learned a lot about spray foam yesterday. For example, closed-cell spray foam has a higher R-Value than open-cell spray foam. According to The Spray Foam Guy (I didn’t catch his name) homes that have spray foam insulation have very low incidents fires that 286 more words

The Ashland House

Gathering No MOS

If you work in the voice or video world, you’ve undoubtedly heard about Mean Opinion Scores (MOS). MOS is a rough way of ranking the quality of the sound on a call. 974 more words


Thermal bridges: the PSI value

For new builds as well as energy retrofits, the construction industry worldwide is shifting more and more towards zero energy buildings and Passive Houses… 959 more words

Passive House

How to Insulate Your Garage for Winter

When planning projects to do around your house to get ready for the long winter to come, remember to include your garage. This often overlooked area is one of the main sources of heat loss in your home. 662 more words


The Envelope

The most important thing about a Passive House is the envelope: the foundation, walls and roof. And in these sections, you can see what we are going for. 435 more words

Passive House

EnerSpan M-24: Boosting your R-value with premium insulation

EnerSpan M-24: Boosting your R-value with premium insulation

EnerSpan™ M-24 insulation is manufactured using Neopor® provided by BASF, a graphite-enhanced (silver-gray in color) raw material,  that reduces radiation heat transfer resulting in higher thermal resistance (R-value) compared to standard CAN/ULC-S701, Type 2 EPS insulation therefore making it a premium product. 199 more words


Today's Window Word: Insulated Glass

Insulated Glass (IG): Glazing comprised of two or more glass panes separated by a hermetically sealed airspace; heat transmission through this type of glass may be as low as half that without such an air space. 87 more words