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Get 15% OFF Your Next Insulation Service! on ALCAL Home Specialty Contracting Blog

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Looking to increase your comfort AND save money on your utility bill? 80 more words

Fight the Cold - Insulate your home with Plasti-Fab's Exterior Sheathing Insulation

written by Melissa Carruthers
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It’s October and cold weather is just around the corner!  We are all trying to find the best way to keep our heat in and the cold out!  604 more words


Will the Heat Stay in a Warmer County?

Insulation has been a focus of the Monroe County Energy Challenge and for good reason. Proper r-values in your home or office can reduce the amount of energy you consume, increase comfort, and best-of-all save you money. 259 more words

Larger Scope

South Carolina homeowner creates hurricane-resistant home with Advantage ICF System®

Advantage ICF System®  – Seabrook Island, South Carolina, USA

Architect Bruce Eason of New South Design specializes in classic, old world, custom home design. Many of his designs are also sold as house plans through his company New South Classics. 320 more words

Advantage ICF

Who Really Uses Exterior Insulating Sheathing?

The correct answer is, people who are looking to improve the energy efficiency of their homes and save on energy costs, and truly, who DOESN’T want that? 754 more words


Why PlastiSpan HD Insulation?

Written by Melissa Carruthers Follow her on Twitter @MelissaC_PFB

As I stand in my favorite Building supply dealer (BSD) looking at the 2 options of PlastiSpan insulation. 484 more words


The Top 4 Reasons you should be building with Advantage ICFs

Insulating concrete forms are not a new concept to the building industry. However, there are some features that set each manufacturer apart from one another. At Plasti-Fab, we have 4 key features that set the product apart from the rest in the industry, creating a better building product that meets the needs of not only the homeowner but the builders that work with them. 651 more words

Advantage ICF