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Under slab Insulation Using PlastiSpan® Insulation

Cold weather seems like it is here to stay, and if you listen to the groundhog – we have 6 more week of winter! Why endure the cold with your basement slab or commercial slab? 320 more words


Homeowner creates hurricane-resistant home with Advantage ICF System®

Advantage ICF System®  – Seabrook Island, South Carolina, USA

A little over a year ago we published this article on a homeowner who used our Advantage ICF System to build their home for not just the energy efficiency aspect, but also the strength and security offer by ICFs against Mother Nature. 382 more words

Advantage ICF

Keep the Cold Out Part I: How to Insulate your Basement Floor

As we inch closer to the winter months, thoughts of comfort and heating bills are more prevalent than ever. What IS the best way to keep your warm air in, providing a comfortable environment for everyone without breaking the bank? 739 more words


Thermal Bridging

Hi guys!

So here’s a question we’ve been getting lately. What’s the big deal with thermal bridging? Why should I think about addressing it either in my current home or in my new build? 438 more words

Save 20% On Your Bills With Spray Foam Insulation

Save 20% On Your Bills With Spray Foam Insulation on ALCAL Home Specialty Contracting Blog

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Alcal’s high-performance spray foam insulation could save you up to 20% percent on monthly energy bills. 49 more words

The Secret to (Warm) Success: Insulating behind new Basement Walls

I did part of this insulation work a couple of weeks ago – to make step one before framing the walls for the new bathroom – and the rest is still on my agenda.   424 more words


A Practical Guide to Insulating your Exterior Foundation Walls with EPS Rigid Foam

It’s that time of year when building is in full swing. You can hardly drive down the road without seeing a new home in some stage of the construction process. 458 more words