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Lots and lots of lovely appointments

There may be a bit of sarcasm in that title…

The news:
Nothing sinister was found in my scope, but no real explanation for my symptoms either, so I’m stuck with a very restrictive diet for the moment. 345 more words

A crazy week

My head is in a spin from everything that has happened over the past week, good and bad, and next week promises to be even busier, with 7 appointment for the children and myself on top of everything else. 357 more words

Reasons To Be Cheerful

#R2BC Friday's #GoodNews

As snow has started falling in the UK it seems only appropriate that a new record has been set for the coldest temperature. A temperature so cold in fact that it is below the limit thought possible.  130 more words


Social media does get results

When I scribbled a few words over breakfast on Wednesday I had no idea or expectation that thousands of people would read and share them, or that by the end of the week I would be in direct contact with politicians and the director general of the Irish health service. 305 more words

Reasons To Be Cheerful

#R2BC Wednesday's #GoodNews

I have always had a passion for new technologies and the world’s they open up to us. Not only the new world’s of space, other dimensions, virtual and augmented realities; but, just as important, the greater understanding of the mundane and the things we often take for granted. 195 more words