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#R2BC Tuesday's #GoodNews - Face of Shakespeare

In as much as you can often learn more looking inward, sometimes it’s important to look back. This is important not just in terms of self knowledge, but also to exclude the dangers of assumptions based on received knowledge and not forgetting something that we may later rely on. 202 more words


#R2BC Friday's #GoodNews - Tentacle Grip

Lots of hands crossing across troubled waters today as relations continue to thaw between the US & Cuba or the UN sponsored peace talks in Cyprus… 88 more words


#R2BC Thursday's #GoodNews

Some days it’s hard to find the words. Too tired, or stressed and the words escape you or you see all the darkness that people revel in when the light is just there. 86 more words


Reasons to be cheerful 7.5.15

One day I will come on here and say that my life is now perfect and I don’t need reasons to be cheerful any more, but it is not this day it hasn’t happened yet. 38 more words


#R2BC Friday's #GoodNews - And in Other News

Amongst all the sea of news about the election I found these gems.
Today, there is literally some treasure in the news.

So please enjoy these shiny things and have a great weekend. 51 more words