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A Rim too Far (Almost R2R2R) - Dec 25, 2012

There are several ways to do Rim-to-Rim (R2R) hikes in the Grand Canyon, but by far the most common appears to the trek from the North Rim to South via the North Kaibab and Bright Angel trails.  4,872 more words

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Where Is Running Taking Me This Time? {The Friday Five!}

So, Wednesday was National Running Day and I posted how I had done some pre-celebrating, I celebrated the day of, and I’m continuing the celebration by sharing with you: 1,027 more words


My 5 Fave Racing Trips {link up!}

Last year was definitely the year of race-cations. I feel like I was all over the place (because I was!) This week’s DC Trifecta link up topic is 5 Trips so I’ll share (again lol!) some of the places I visited last year (and some places I plan to visit this year :) ) 669 more words


Grand Canyon Double Crossing

If you’ve never been to the Grand Canyon, you really need to go.  No seriously, like RIGHT NOW! It doesn’t matter that we’ve all seen it in countless photos, videos and movies, including the iconic final scene in Thelma and Louise.   1,149 more words

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The year that was two thousand unFOURgettable teen

And it’s here!!! The last day of 2014!!

This has been an incredible year for me personally and in my running life. I honestly don’t think I’ll ever have such an amazing year as this and I don’t even want to try. 834 more words


Rim to Rim to Rim to . . . nothing?

Over at the TrailRunner Magazine website, Alex Kurt has written a short piece entitled “Are the R2R2R’s Days Numbered?”  R2R2R is trail runners’ shorthand for a Rim to Rim to Rim crossing of the Grand Canyon; you can see the “basics” on that topic from… 471 more words

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