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Moving on from Failure: My R2R2R Experience

It’s taken me a while to be able to write about my experience running in the Grand Canyon. Whenever I’ve been asked about it, I’ve been saying “Oh yeah, it was fine, didn’t quite make it, but still a good time” and then quickly changing the subject. 1,347 more words

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R2R2R - Endeavor in the Grand Canyon - Part two

This is Part Two of R2R2R – For Part One click here!

Monday morning, six days from the R2R2R run date my legs felt sorer than I had hoped they would. 2,516 more words


R2R2R - Endeavor in the Grand Canyon

The sensation is intense, like needles being plunged in and out of nerve endings in the area of my left hamstring. I try to breathe through the burning, knowing this is not the worst pain I’ve ever felt. 1,663 more words


Running Rim to Rim to Rim

Choices are hard sometimes . I had already begun to imagine the dirty trail beneath my feet, the view, the exhaustion, and the gab session when my running-mom-partner-in-crime (Lisa) asked me a random question to distract us from the inevitable fatigue that would set in while running the Rim to Rim to Rim (R2R2R) of the Grand Canyon. 435 more words


Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim—October 6, 2017

So, we did it! Heidi, Sarah, Wendy, and I completed the R2R2R on Friday. It’s now Sunday, and I’m finally starting to be able to pull my thoughts together enough to at least try to articulate what I experienced—from the never-ending vistas that just kept unfolding to the physical challenge, the jokes and hilarity we shared, and definitely the pain we all experienced too. 3,898 more words


R2R2R: run across the Grand Canyon twice...overnight.

It’s something like 5am and the sun is coming up and an older Japanese man is standing timidly like 10ft away from me, his enormous tourist camera in one hand, the other outstretched as if to offer me support without being nearly close enough to actually touch me. 1,755 more words