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Running Rim to Rim to Rim

Choices are hard sometimes . I had already begun to imagine the dirty trail beneath my feet, the view, the exhaustion, and the gab session when my running-mom-partner-in-crime (Lisa) asked me a random question to distract us from the inevitable fatigue that would set in while running the Rim to Rim to Rim (R2R2R) of the Grand Canyon. 435 more words


Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim—October 6, 2017

So, we did it! Heidi, Sarah, Wendy, and I completed the R2R2R on Friday. It’s now Sunday, and I’m finally starting to be able to pull my thoughts together enough to at least try to articulate what I experienced—from the never-ending vistas that just kept unfolding to the physical challenge, the jokes and hilarity we shared, and definitely the pain we all experienced too. 3,898 more words


R2R2R: run across the Grand Canyon twice...overnight.

It’s something like 5am and the sun is coming up and an older Japanese man is standing timidly like 10ft away from me, his enormous tourist camera in one hand, the other outstretched as if to offer me support without being nearly close enough to actually touch me. 1,755 more words


Miles to Go

There was one thing I was absolutely certain of after I finished Leadville this year–I would not be back, at least not in 2017. I figured it would be time for a break and well training with law school didn’t leave me as the nicest person to be around. 999 more words


R2R2R, The Rite of Passage. Becoming a Real Ultrarunner in the Depths of the Grand Canyon.

Spring Break has always been a week of outdoor adventures for the family!  Who is not ready to get out of Dodge at the end of a harsh winter!   2,679 more words




美国科罗拉多大峡谷有一条越野跑的经典线路:南缘至北缘再返回至南缘,即 rim to rim to rim(R3 或 R2R2R),被人称为魔鬼之路。之所以魔鬼,除了粗野的大自然,险峻的线路,更有气候的诸多变化。南缘北缘以及谷底的温差巨大,可能会经历从酷夏到严冬各种季节。幸好11月分气温比较低不会太热,谷底也只有20摄氏度,而南北缘的夜间气温都已摄氏零下。

去美国穿越一次大峡谷的想法大概有两三年了。自从清华校友老体育代表队一年前开始策划11月拉斯维加斯的大聚会和穿越大峡谷的行动,我也开始查阅有关文章,对大峡谷有了初步的印象,并开始做些准备工作。今年人品好抽中了11月6号的纽约马拉松名额,使得这次北美之行得以名正言顺的实现,就把跑纽马和R3两个心愿一起完成吧。 169 more words

Grand Canyon