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Miles to Go

There was one thing I was absolutely certain of after I finished Leadville this year–I would not be back, at least not in 2017. I figured it would be time for a break and well training with law school didn’t leave me as the nicest person to be around. 999 more words


R2R2R, The Rite of Passage. Becoming a Real Ultrarunner in the Depths of the Grand Canyon.

Spring Break has always been a week of outdoor adventures for the family!  Who is not ready to get out of Dodge at the end of a harsh winter!   2,679 more words




美国科罗拉多大峡谷有一条越野跑的经典线路:南缘至北缘再返回至南缘,即 rim to rim to rim(R3 或 R2R2R),被人称为魔鬼之路。之所以魔鬼,除了粗野的大自然,险峻的线路,更有气候的诸多变化。南缘北缘以及谷底的温差巨大,可能会经历从酷夏到严冬各种季节。幸好11月分气温比较低不会太热,谷底也只有20摄氏度,而南北缘的夜间气温都已摄氏零下。

去美国穿越一次大峡谷的想法大概有两三年了。自从清华校友老体育代表队一年前开始策划11月拉斯维加斯的大聚会和穿越大峡谷的行动,我也开始查阅有关文章,对大峡谷有了初步的印象,并开始做些准备工作。今年人品好抽中了11月6号的纽约马拉松名额,使得这次北美之行得以名正言顺的实现,就把跑纽马和R3两个心愿一起完成吧。 169 more words

Grand Canyon

Rim to Rim to Rim, Grand Canyon, September 26, 2016

I’m not sure how to even begin to tell you about this adventure.  It’s not a race but just a very well known run to do in the ultra running community; unless you are an avid hiker or trail runner the term “Rim 2 Rim 2 Rim” probably means nothing to you. 2,096 more words

Race Reports

Rim2Rim2Rim: Adventures in the Grand Canyon

Hello everyone!  There is a lot going on in the world of sports right now, including the Major League Baseball Playoffs and the first face-off of the National Hockey League regular season.   958 more words

Let's Get Personal

Take My Underwear

We were excited, yet scared, to start this grand hike – the Grand Canyon hike from the South Rim to North Rim to South Rim again in less than 24 hours – The Death March. 2,563 more words

Grand Canyon