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When happiness is threatened ...

This post might be just a little bit too left-field. But it’s worth a shot. It’s worth seeing whether it resonates or – to use a current buzzword from work – ‘chimes’ with anyone. 285 more words


Free Thinking Festival 2010: Speed Dating

The speed dating event is always fun at the Free Thinking Festival. It’s noisy. Bustling. Vibrant. It’s a spectacle. There are always people smiling.

If you’re still needing the idea explained, here’s how it works. 183 more words


Free Thinking Festival 2010: Matthew Sweet

Think for a moment about the last man standing. The caretaker who hovered around the school. The same man you knew remained in the building long after the kids had gone home. 133 more words


Free Thinking Festival 2010: Sport or Arts?

What does Britain do best, sport or the arts?

Initially, I mistook the debate title for ‘what’s best: sport or the arts?’ Which of course is a no-brainer of a question. 1,074 more words

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Free Thinking Festival 2010: Human Aquarium

Here’s a little thing from the fringes of the Free Thinking Festival this year.

Human Aquarium is … well .. what is it exactly? It’s a box. 264 more words