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6 State Legislators Recognize Environmental Racism, Call To Rescind Air Permit for SEPTA Gas Plant

Just last week, before the 2nd appeal hearing before the L&I Review Board, 6 state legislators recognized environmental racism, and called on the Board to rescind the air permit for SEPTA’s polluting gas-fired power plant in Nicetown. 558 more words

Gas Power Plants

3 events fight for clean air, safe communities, and a livable climate

As summer heats up, groups committed to fight for clean air and water in Pennsylvania are ramping up the pressure on Governor Wolf, state legislators and regulatory agencies to stop pipelines that endanger our communities, halt the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure, and make a plan to transition Pennsylvania to clean, renewable energy.   902 more words

Gas Power Plants

Wisdom and Strategy in Da'wah (Surah Al-An'am: Ayah 74-81)

Verses previous to this in Surah Al-An’am contained a description of the task given to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in which he addressed the disbelievers of Arabia and appealed to them to forsake worshipping idols and instead believe in a single object of worship… Allah. 1,732 more words


A state powered 100% by renewables, by 2050

A state powered 100% by renewables, by 2050. That’s the goal of a bill proposed by my state representative Chris Rabb last November. Since then, it has become a real bill in the PA House (see… 883 more words

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Gas plant a step backwards, says state rep Rabb

This just in, from our own Rep. Chris Rabb, working with all of us to move PA to 100% renewable energy… See letter and… 392 more words


Why I will try to remember gratitude...

What is more beautiful than to be helpless in front of Allah? It is a fact that we all are dependent on our very next breath, but when we realize our dependency, we begin our journey towards The Almighty. 184 more words