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The Kotel Decision: The Parties at the Table

I remember going to visit Judy Chicago’s art installation “The Dinner Party” long ago at the Brooklyn Museum. This iconic feminist art piece sits in a mood-lit room, in the middle a triangular table upon which are 39 place settings, using mixed media, to highlight thirty-nine women: goddesses, historical figures, and women of importance in Western Civilization. 1,849 more words


Are We Really Disciples?

Yesterday was a snow day, and I escaped to my bedroom for some time to study for my next book. I came across some really great stuff that will help me develop my characters, and also develop some of the internal conflicts I know I want to address. 977 more words


First Spanish-born rabbi since 1492 expulsion set on reversing history

Haim Casas, 34, had no inkling as a young boy in Cordoba, Spain, that he would one day become a rabbi — especially since his family was Catholic. 1,756 more words

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About The Author

I hold a bachelors in Psychology (honors), and a masters degree in Bioethics. I have been interested in finding a meaningful, valuable, purposeful, and truthful life for some time. 127 more words

The Tourist and the Rabbi - A Lesson about Minimalism

In the last century a tourist visited the famous polish rabbi Hofetz Chaim. He was astonished to see that the rabbi’s house consisted simply of a room crammed with books. 193 more words

The Happiness Journey

WiFi in the Cemetary

Always Online

It’s amazing how obsessed everyone’s become with their phones, playing with their phones all the time — at restaurants, movies, gym (so I’ve heard), while driving, eating, walking, talking. 345 more words


Bereishis-in the beginning

I grew up in a non religious home in a small, rural southern town in Alabama…population 2,000.  I became interested in religion while in high school when I was taking a comparative religion class. 1,052 more words