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Discovering Jesus

Imagine a world where the weakest and poorest person is suddenly the greatest. What if a servant suddenly became a ruler and the lowly was thrust to the top position in the world? 487 more words

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One Thing

The sun…the same sun that gives us physical light, and catalyzes growth and activity on our planet…had not yet on that day two thousand years ago risen over Lake Kinneret… 2,386 more words


One Small Cut. Just a Drop of Blood.

The Forward has published a version of this story here:  http://bit.ly/mikvaandbris  This is the original which starts out with a bit more color from Madison.  2,411 more words

That Wascawy Wabbit!

Bugs Bunny was always funny; and poor Elmer Fudd could not get anything over on him.  And sometimes, it seems that way in the realm of the Ru’akh in regard to those who are caught up in untruths.  6,049 more words


In Their Honor

Memorial Day may not be a Jewish holiday per se, but the concept of remembering and honoring our brave military people who risk, and sometimes give, their lives in service to the rest of us is certainly a Jewish value. 212 more words


Oy Vey!

I just read a book (this was in 2014) The Travelling Rabbi by Moshe Silberhaft. It was loaned to me by Pauline Shapiro, Montclair character of note. 857 more words

Free State, Vrystaat

Laughter: The Universal Language – #67

This clever joke will especially resonate with my American friends. :-D
(Don’t worry, it’s not political!) 313 more words