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Hello !!

Hello and Welcome! My name(well, not in real life) is Ararararawrr! I will probably post some drawings or things that I might just find interesting! Stay tuned if you want to! 9 more words

Opinion Piece: 4K Here to Stay, VR Still Feels Gimmicky

Any time I get on the subject of television picture performance, I always have to start with what I started with as a kid. As a 33 year old today, I started as a kid with rabbit ears TV that had to be adjusted essentially every time you changed the channel and stuck on something. 488 more words


Three To Cut (2015)

1. Tag.
2. Budget.
3. Cable cord.
One good reason why-
Prices too dang high.


Three Favorite Dramas (2015)

1. Walking Dead.
2. Downton Abbey.
3. Political goings on.
Week after week-
Simply amazing, peek after peek.


One Way to Cut Cable Bills

I just read that retransmission fees may climb to $6 per network in the next few years. At a recent industry summit Randy Bongarten, the CEO of Bonten Media Group and the owner of a number of broadcast stations, said that he predicted cable systems would soon be paying as much as $6 for each of the major broadcast networks – ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX. 826 more words



the lavender scent
inhale deeply and sigh
pleasant purple days

(or is it haze?)