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Poking and prying with a purpose

The synopsis for my work-in-progress¬†includes a plot point in which my protagonist has an accident that results in medical costs her family can’t afford. When I wrote it, I didn’t think much beyond that general idea.¬† 153 more words


CD: (n) Shortened form of Compact Disc

When I first started recording music, it was 8-tracks, and the process was initiated by releasing a 45 RPM record, followed by an album–33 1/3. 315 more words

B Words

Just Another Alice

I’m slipping once again.
Falling down into myself.
Sliding down into the darkness- MY darkness- these parts of me, these places that I both dread and cling tight to; 66 more words


Down Another Rabbit Hole

Everyone immersed in a virtual world has at some point sunk a lot of time and energy into exploring that topic. Going to the ends of the internet in search of random knowledge, but why? 281 more words


The Rabbit Hole Post

Once upon a time…¬†

Alone on the beach and something was up. There were no rabbits…

One evening, sitting up on the outcrop between the two beaches looking over to Brow Head, the location for a couple of scenes in the next Star Wars episode, with an old friend, we watched spellbound as a comet broke up over the Brow. 228 more words


A Challenger Appears

Now that a painting had been hung in Julianni’s office, it had felt a little more homey. She didn’t necessarily care if it felt as such, but she couldn’t help but feel as if the small bit of personal touch helped ease her day-to-day stresses. 711 more words