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Rabbit Hole

This vertical burrow watering hole has its charming interior of sleek steampunk social club where every corner teases a possibility of interaction. However, on the first floor at the long black marble top and backdrop of fully stashed pink gold drawers is where the hype emanated. 118 more words


Forever In Your Mind Release "Rabbit Hole"

FIYM took some time off from music to focus on their own projects but Ricky, Liam, and Emery are back with a new song called “Rabbit Hole” and they’re just begging you to follow them!¬† 60 more words


The Nature of Truth: Communication Meltdown

Even for those of us who have been taught to think critically and to validate our sources, it is very difficult to know what constitutes truth anymore.

83 more words

Kinesis Freestyle 2 and Linux, Part 3: Permissions

In the last post in this series, I complained that the userspace driver needed to run as root in order to open the device files. 1,759 more words


Pop!_OS Multi-DPI Support

The Problem

I use a System76 Galago Pro as my laptop. I love it. Their hardware and software play together extremely well, a refreshing change from some of my prior Linux driver experience. 1,048 more words


Installing Android Studio on Pop!_OS (Or Ubuntu)

Android Studio provides easy downloads for Linux users, but installing that way loses the benefit of being managed by your package manager. I always try to find… 1,114 more words


Fictitious News or Not

It is much better fun to see one’s adversary story¬† written/told with their pants down. It makes better headlines too. But in reality the fallen or passed transgressions written/told with truth and transparency is an better article, I mean would you ever agree with an article that airs your dirty laundry or that shows you in contempt? 2,726 more words