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A blind man sat on a fence.

I was down the rabbit hole earlier this week. In the burrow, that temporary refuge against exposure created on instinct and as a byproduct of locomotion. 1,028 more words


Down In The Hole

How deep the rabbit hole is?

Alice should have thought about it 41 more words

Daily Post

Elizabeth Gomez: Corporate Haikus

Peel back the onion,
Circle back, Move the needle,
Behind the eight ball.

Let’s take this offline,
Kicking the can down the road,
Down the rabbit hole. 28 more words


Sleep Avoidant Behavior

All I want to do is stay awake forever. Spend my time consuming all the entertainment there is in the world (ignoring the boring stuff). And follow it down its path as it splinters off into myriad strands, a bottomless rabbit hole of relatedness. 19 more words


Oryctolagus cuniculus

Rabbits have greyish fur with a gingery-orange nape. They have a small white tail with a black upper marking, long ears and long hind legs. 165 more words

Nature Photography

Death and the Maiden // Dear _____

Some of that modern Dunedin Sound coming at you courtesy of this trio from the southern city in the Pacific. Love the build up on this one and the repetitive melody that infiltrates your consciousness. 44 more words


Just Beyond the Hole

In the beginning the room was cozy. It smelled like warm cookies and laughter. I played in the room a while until I noticed a smartly placed bookcase that was covering an interesting tear in the wallpaper. 522 more words