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The Rabbit Hole

I’ve taken up residence

in the rabbit hole

looks like.

Curiosity on a


for knowledge.

I kind of love hanging out

in my mind–by myself– 25 more words

The District Sleeps Alone Tonight

You were a stranger to me once.

I thought I know you, but turns out that I only knew you through my imagination, and the tad pieces I fabricated in my brain.   266 more words



It’s down the rabbit hole,

at the foot of the trees –

the hidden swirl of existence

and the twists of the tease.

It’s in the burning of your skin, 152 more words


Down the rabbit hole

Here I go, down the rabbit hole.

It’s dark, it’s safe.  I can be alone.  It’s where I am at my best.

When I’m down here, I can be myself because I am alone.   62 more words

May 19, 2015

Don’t fall down the rabbit hole…


TL: "Weaving together the life I knew with the life that truly existed."

Oh my goodness, sometimes this is so very hard. We have talked about these details before. And, I have found it so helpful to use this blog to weave together his memories of what was happening in his thoughts and his version of our life with what I thought was our life together. 103 more words

Our Story