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Which it's my first post

A wise (if fictional) gentleman once warned me that it’s a very dangerous business, going out your door; if you don’t keep your feet, you don’t know where you might be swept off to. 119 more words

Rabbit Hole


Fitting into The Infinite

Shipping into the missions and

Observing through a kaliedos’ lens

Rummaging in the past, for solutions to the now and thens… 87 more words


Falling Down the Rabbit Hole; How Easy It is To Get Sucked Into The Partying Lifestyle

I talk a lot on this blog about finding myself and learning to be me. I was happy with the direction I was going in and was determined to stay on that route. 629 more words


Rabbit Hole 11/27/16

For this rabbit hole, I decided to do some more research into (shocker) BLACK HOLES!!!
As most of my friends could tell you in a heartbeat, I find black holes absolutely fascinating, which I think is caused by the amount of uncertainty surrounding them. 213 more words

Rabbit Hole

How do we express pain?

I’ve been crying for two hours. My right foot is numb because moving it would mean causing me more pain. I’ve taken over my limit of pain relief. 199 more words

Rabbit Hole

The Just Mom: Falling Down the Rabbit Hole...

Of What If??

Welcome to my The Just Mom Series: A safe place where I can share about the quirks and the questions of a single mom (Ah… more about that title soon…)

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Go Forth

Go Forth.

Be an active participant in your own reality.

The world shapes you and you shape the world.