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What Falling Down A Rabbit Hole Has Taught Me

Every body has dreamed at least once about falling down a rabbit hole and going to Wonder Land. For me that’s about once every month, I have a very complected Imagination. 305 more words


Tender Observation 01: Suwincha Singsuwan (Chacha)

Suwincha Singsuwan (Chacha)
สุวิญชา สิงห์สุวรรณ (ชาช่า)

What’s always amaze me is her cleverness and observant skills on every scale. Not to mention her professionalism on managing circumstances, people, and atmosphere of the premises while maintaining full services and hospitality. 204 more words


Free Verse Hippie Poetry, Knocking On Galaxy Doors

Sunny days followed by starry nights

dreams and heart wings taking flight

above the clouds my soul soars

knocking on galaxy doors.

Where the Sand Man lives  221 more words

My Bohemian Life


Why do people insist on going down the rabbit hole after every little problem even if the end result remains the same?

My main job is solving problems, and I’m good at it. 175 more words


Rabbit Hole

David Shurter’s memoir is his journey coming to terms with his nightmarish past. He was raised in a family where his father was a Satanist and a priest within a local Satanic coven. 226 more words


Who Wants to Live Forever?

I recently heard on the radio and saw some news articles online about scientists looking into prolonging life long past currently held records. Having people live to 150 or perhaps longer will no longer be stuff of science fiction. 337 more words

Beware the Rabbit Hole!

In the last few posts I’ve talked (many books talk) quite blithely about starting to address our thoughts and change them, as if it’s changing… 528 more words