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Can I Trust You?

Before I knew it, we were already five weeks into the course and had already taken numerous tests, presented four more times, and took a tour of a textile business in Philadelphia.   676 more words

Stay in Wonderland, or see how deep the rabbit hole goes?

A handful of posts and some online continuing education courses in Creative Writing at Algonquin College, and I’m ready for the big time. What I don’t know is, where exactly this “big time” is. 342 more words


Life Lessons from the movie "Matrix"

Young Monk:   “Do not try to bend the spoon—that’s impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth.” 

Neo:   “What truth?” 

Young Monk:   “There is no spoon.”  1,556 more words

Nat's Internet Time Suck: Article Skimmers vs. Book Readers

They say article skimmers are just as cultured as book snobs. Feel free to lightly read the links below in this week’s roundup. Happy Monday, everyone! 232 more words


As Mad as a Hatter

(Trigger warning, this poem is pretty brutal. Please know that I am ok, and I’m making it through one day at a time.)

What does it say about me, 262 more words


Lisa Gawles - How Real Does This Rabbit Hole Get - That Depends On You - 4-13-15

Lisa Gawles

Change.  That is the one constant in life and especially within that crazy little thing we call the “spiritual path.”  The more we learn, the more we apply what we learn, the more our lives changes, always for the better, even if it appears to have fallen apart to get ready for the better.   2,023 more words

Lisa Gawles

Looking Forward

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”                                                                   -Jon Kabat-Zinn

Upon leave-taking from the rabbit hole in which he thought he was trapped, our Pilgrim contemplated the eastern sun and set this intention into motion. 118 more words