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Kinesis Freestyle 2 and Linux, Part 4: Automation

After a few more months of contemplation and some helpful suggestions from Ed Nisley (you can check out his blog here), I have discovered a viable way to automate running the userspace driver for my keyboard… 955 more words

Rabbit Hole

James Gilliland w/ Jordan Sather - The Taboo End of the Rabbit Hole


Published on Feb 12, 2018


Some esoteric notes on how to DO the rabbit hole, or the “leap from the pond” and get out to the further dimensions. 768 more words

Tiny Planet and Rabbit Hole

A little manipulation goes a long way and I don’t do it often but Jo Bryant of Chronicles of Illusions blog shared the app link to… 120 more words


System76 Galago Pro Graphics Performance with Pop!_OS

I love my System76 Galago Pro. I’ve had it since last summer, and it has been a great portable workstation. I must admit, however, that it isn’t perfect. 691 more words

Rabbit Hole

A Writer's Mind

Follow me down the rabbit hole of how thoughts beget thoughts that connect and spark ideas that fall together to inspire a story. It’s fun and weird and…well, you’ll see. 464 more words