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Nothing Is Impossible

Last week’s Colour Me Positive prompt was “Possible”.  I was so busy with the kids all week that I had a few days to let the concepts of possible and impossible rattle around in my head.   108 more words

To You.

Sometimes we fall down the rabbit hole. You can see me being lured into the animal trap before I do – and that’s the thing about struggle, isn’t it? 337 more words

12 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself When You’re Having A Crisis

Not only does a change in season seem to bring about the desire for a fresh start, all those desires to start fresh can bring up our stuff. 1,025 more words

Poetry Poker 8-16-16

First Poetry Poker deal of the new semester. Highlighted words are from the deal. Write your own poem and share in the comments!

Poetry Poker

depression is like (adj 2)

depression is that dickhead boy in school who tells everyone they have fucked like 14 girls but all of them were shit because they didn’t want to do anything.

Rabbit Hole

Depression is like (adj one)

depression is like your first love

capable of making you blind

and drunk.

incomparable to the others and yet hovers in everyone.

holds insistently as it slips away. 13 more words

Rabbit Hole

Love/hate relationship with antidepressants

They tug at the flowers when it’s the weeds that need to be removed.

Rabbit Hole