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Rabbit Hole 11/13/16

For my rabbit hole this week, I started to look into the body’s production of hormones during what we call an “adrenaline rush.” As I looked further into this topic, I read that the actual hormone is called epinephrine as well as adrenaline. 178 more words

Rabbit Hole

My Authentic Self - the Discovery Begins!

As this year is beginning to wind down, I am doing some reflecting and I’m seeing what I have learnt, in 2016, and what doors are opening before me, inviting me to enter & explore, in 2017. 203 more words


So, we’ve gone full-tilt down the rabbit hole and are entering a frightening time when a host of terrible things are possible. Indeed, some are fearful that a return of the Dark Times is just around the corner. 21 more words

Dragon Keeper's Handbook

Strange Bedfellows

When I was divorced and in my thirties, I had numerous male friends. Some of them, including at least one who was married, made it clear that they were available for taking the friendship into the sexual realm. 958 more words

More Thoughts on this Crazy Election

It is difficult to know what to think about this election, the candidates, the debates or any of it. It’s all just very odd. It’s as if we have as a society fallen through the rabbit hole and we now living in a post-rabbit hole world, where nothing really makes sense. 407 more words

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Anonymous letters never sent

Dear you. It bothered me that you only came to see me in hospital once when I was poorly. I know I looked ugly then. And yes, I’m still poorly but I look better. 136 more words

Rabbit Hole

An Inside Look At Two "Unrelated" Banker Suicides Reveals A Fascinating Rabbit Hole

Source: Zero Hedge

It has been nearly four years since one of the most infamous, and still largely unexplained, banker “suicides” took place, the first in a series of many: we are talking about the death of the director of communications at Monte dei Paschi di Siena, David Rossi, who allegedly… 508 more words

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies