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Lisa Gawles - How Real Does This Rabbit Hole Get - That Depends On You - 4-13-15

Lisa Gawles

Change.  That is the one constant in life and especially within that crazy little thing we call the “spiritual path.”  The more we learn, the more we apply what we learn, the more our lives changes, always for the better, even if it appears to have fallen apart to get ready for the better.   2,023 more words

Lisa Gawles

Looking Forward

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”                                                                   -Jon Kabat-Zinn

Upon leave-taking from the rabbit hole in which he thought he was trapped, our Pilgrim contemplated the eastern sun and set this intention into motion. 118 more words


Productive Hurt

I’m determined to make this hurt useful and productive. Every day I’m learning more about my mind, and it’s quite a rapid learning experience. It’s also staggeringly interesting.  813 more words

The Journey

Taking a Trip

Everytime I think that
I’m closer to answering
All these questions I have
I’m only left with
More questions…

I’ve found myself on
A trip down the Rabbit Hole… 98 more words


Going Down The Rabbit Hole With Dr. Richard Alan Miller * This Easter With Upcoming Events On Survival Prepardness & Sustainable Life!

From no heat in the streets, to no chill on the hill… Meet the go to team, from engineering to pioneering. Covering your basic needs, for loved ones & family! 1,046 more words


Rabbit Hole || Dinner de Luxe at The World Famous Cotton Club, 1938

I’ve recently been spending quite a bit of time in the NewYork Public Library’s digital collection of menus.  An incredible collection of documents from around the world, dating from the 1850s through the 2000s, it is fascinating to observe trends in cuisine and cocktails – and prices! 405 more words

New York

Down the Rabbit Hole

Alice in Wonderland is a tale that has followed me just as Alice follows the White Rabbit. Her pubescent exploration of a confusing topsy-turvy land has stuck to me, appears when I don’t expect it. 440 more words