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Set the Table with Rabbit

My latest article in Vermont’s Local Banquet is all about rabbit–who’s raising it, how it’s done, the challenges and benefits of rabbit as a meat source.   105 more words


Serendipity Rabbitry

Rabbit meat is very mild flavored, and can be used much like chicken. One word of warning though: rabbit fat tastes nasty. There isn’t much fat on a rabbit, but it’s important to pull off any yellowish blobs before you start cooking. 90 more words

Whole Foods: Selling Rabbit Meat

In just a few days, marks the conquest of rabbit lovers all around trying to protest against Whole Foods, a well known organic and natural food chain, for it’s sale of rabbit meat. 370 more words


Controversy in the Kitchen – 10 Unusual Food Bans

Many topics are controversial, but food has rarely been one of them. We all know that doughnuts are bad for you and too much pizza won’t do any favours for your skin – but what happens when a particular type of food is so unhealthy, a government decides to veto it altogether? 463 more words

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Places to Eat the Easter Bunny in Fairfield County

We know you’ve seen the awkward pictures: crying kids, afraid for their lives, trying to free themselves from the grips of the Easter bunny conveniently located at your local mall. 361 more words


Food, Breeding Like Rabbits and RelentlessAsYou

Sometimes it’s easy to get focused here, and sometimes despite it I hear of things readers may enjoy or enjoy watching for. Today I’ve had both! 928 more words

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How to Make Rabbit on a Vegetable Bed

Rabbit on a Vegetable Bed Recipe

Recently I had enough of chicken and I could only have beef and fish but even that became boring. So I found myself strolling through Sainsburys, looking at all the meats available, and I saw diced rabbit meat. 444 more words