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Top 10 Good reasons to Raise Rabbits For Meat As opposed to Other Small Livestock

rabbit meat It’s likely you have been considering raising chickens, geese, ducks, goats, sheep and other little domesticated animals for meat, yet once you determine that it’s so natural to boost rabbits, you may never consider another creature for an essential meat source. 540 more words

Rabbits + bunnies = CUTE

In Chinese Horoscopes they have 12 animals, one is the rabbit.  The Vietnamese follow these horoscopes as well, but have changed the rabbit into a cat since rabbits are not a native animal to Vietnam. 131 more words

Hanoi Vietnam Cultural Understanding


We butchered rabbits. Actually, by we, I mean a friend’s husband did the hard work. I just watched, learned and held things when needed.

I was so young when my parents had rabbits that I didn’t know what I was doing. 155 more words


New Holiday Recipe, and a New Healthy Food Category!

In this post, I share my Easy, 7 step, Holiday Rosemary Rabbit recipe, and discuss my new healthy food category on this blog. 

I am excited to start a new Healthy Food Category on this blog. 605 more words

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Braised Rabbit

Braised Rabbit By Elfie’s Oma!

My Grandmother made the most delicious braised rabbit I have ever eaten. It was a dish that was served on special occasions instead of roast beef or ham. 545 more words


UPDATE: Whole Foods to take bunnies off the shelf!

Just wanted to share a quick bit of wonderful news with everyone!

Today, Rabbit Advocacy Network reported some great news. It seems that COO A.C. Gallo has  41 more words

Rabbit Meat

Boycott Whole Foods

Whole Foods introduced rabbit meat to their stores in 2014. Shortly thereafter, the bunny-loving community began speaking out about it.

House Rabbit Society is a terrific resource for new bunny parents as well as anyone who is looking into adopting a rabbit. 197 more words

Boycott Whole Foods