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09-23 All I Did Was Poop Today

All I did was poop today.

Seems my words,

went the  swish-dish way,

of the white and crowning,

pray to the porcelain, pray.

on my knees, if you please, 159 more words

That Awkward Blunder

Everybody remembers their awkward encounters; you may even have your favorite one. Awkward situations can be a between you and another, a group of others, or simply by yourself, just caught at the wrong but right moment. 283 more words


Meet Mr. Bun!

He is a 4 year old male dutch rabbit, fully litter trained, and runs free in our home. He always welcomes our guests in by asking for a petting or treat . 875 more words


Anyone for Dessert?

Writing has become a healthy obsession and a new vocation that I more or less fell into.  There’s just something about sitting down in front of a blank sheet of paper that empowers me; not in an evil creator fashion that gives me the power of life, death, but more like a sense of  satisfaction. 424 more words

On Writing

best rabbit food

Often thoroughly clean water container to avoid microorganisms develop up that may possibly damage their overall health.

Thorough details on bunny snacks can be found at main website. 521 more words

Best Rabbit Food

Bunnies! Using Rabbits in Sustainable Agriculture

Bunnies may just be the best thing ever.

Flemish giant rabbits are the largest breed of domestic rabbits in the world. Why do we have them? 316 more words

Will You Take It In the Ear With Me?

So a lot of shit has been happening. . . not monumental shits, but those little rabbit pellets that make going number 2 so uncomfortable and unsatisfying. 341 more words