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Rabbit Stew with Carrots & Braised Lettuce

I came across some Rabbit Fillets in my local shop and as it was a bit chilly outside, thought a stew would be a good way to cook them.   413 more words


The Most Basic Civet de Lapin : Recipes that Matter

As the weather cools and days become shorter our priorities begin to change too. We bid adieu to those light dinners on a terrace, those chilled  927 more words


Living a Dream - Day 6

Today we took the D3 to Bonnieux, a pretty back road that runs through the vineyards, lavender and cherry orchards. It just happens to go along the base of the mountains and there are a few fire trails that intersect it. 604 more words


Rich Rabbit Stew

Rabbit Stew is a traditional Old English dish that has always been popular with country folk.


3lb chopped rabbit

1/2lb chopped bacon

2 chopped onions… 212 more words


Kitchen Tao's Rabbit Stew: Something Different, Something New (But Still Tastes Like Chicken)

Finding commercial rabbit meat is hard unless one can find a meat market or ethnic market. Preparing the rabbit meat is like preparing chicken.  Just rub some salt and pepper on it, and it’s good to go. 345 more words


Week 13: Malta

When narrowing down 80 countries from around the world, Malta may seem like an odd choice. Most people probably haven’t heard of Malta, and if they have there’s a good chance they think it is an Italian island like Sicily. 813 more words

Spanish Rabbit Stew

This Rabbit Stew is surprisingly delicious. I say surprising because I’ve never eaten rabbit before, and because it can be difficult to cook properly. From what I have read, rabbit can easily become chewy or mushy with improper cooking, but this recipe brings it to the right texture and taste. 376 more words