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Moon Panda - 'Rabbit' | Song of the Week

Moon Panda are a four-piece based in Brighton and this is their debut single ‘Rabbit’. I proper love Rabbits me. I think they’re so cute and fluffy and reckon they’re the best kind of animal to have roaming around the world. 138 more words


Rabbit as Legend in Mexico

The Rabbit’s Navel

Numerous Mexican legends surround Rabbit, and each object in this retablo depicts one of them. Even the name “Mexico” is derived from  348 more words

Run Rabbit... Run Rabbit... Run, Run, Run!

There’s nothing I like more than testing out running gear from a brand I haven’t tried before, and LOVING it! Well, maybe there are some things on a par, but this isn’t a blog about the perfect coffee… or wine… or sunny days by the ocean… So, back to the running gear: 803 more words



An unexpected

Hare raising experience

Spirit animal

Haiku Poetry

Sniffing the Saguaro

This cottontail kept sniffing the base of the old saguaro and hopping up where there were no spines, hopping down, and sniffing some more. Cottontails are the mammal I see most frequently both in the desert and in our neighborhood. 52 more words


Noisy Boys

I heard a loud nose this morning and thought some fences may have fallen over. No, all pens still in place. Then I looked for noisy boy Douglas, but he was laying on the coffee table as per usual. 48 more words


Who's the King Around Here?

Douglas is always waiting for me on top of the coffee table. He likes to sit there surveying the kingdom. Don’t tell him he’s not the king. 56 more words