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Custom Blueberry Rabbit Wedding Couple

I enjoyed creating the original custom Blueberry Rabbits so much that I decided to add a wedding couple to the family.  Meet Lee and Viola Blueberry! 619 more words


Foot Guard

Whenever I pet Stella, she lays down on my foot, effectively trapping me in place. “No leaving until I say so! Keep petting, human slave!” Fortunately for her, I’m happy to oblige, at least until my foot falls asleep. 57 more words



There is magic in rods and cones,
That suck light and make windfalls,
Of acetylcholine, swallowing the beauty on offer.
And through the cloud cover, 77 more words


Big Bun of Sweetness

After a little cleaning and construction last night, now my boys have a better view of the lovely Lady Stella. I don’t think she cares very much though. 75 more words


I’m grateful to have spent the day with my fur babies. I’ve been in a lot of pain the past few days but the boys bring smiles to lips and gladness to my heart. I

An Attitude Of Gratitude

Home Cooking

Summer time always seems to be a busy time of the year.  Also it has been a relatively calm season for all of the kitties.  I am still seeing the coyotes a few times each month, but they are not coming close to the house.   1,490 more words