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Hefty but Healthy

Rusty always hops up onto the couch with me after dinner for pets. He expects at least an hour of “quality time” every night, which means I only have one hand free for eating, drinking, using the remote and anything else I might want to do. 122 more words


Saturday Morning

When an animal, a rabbit, say, beds down in a protecting fencerow, the weight and warmth of his curled body leaves a mirroring mark upon the ground. 97 more words



“Let us shine” he whispers
With a deep melodious voice

Featured image: Artwork by Chiara Bautista


Waited, watched

When I arrived home this attractive little rabbit was crouched between the car and the gate. It waited, watched while I got out and edged circuituously by, dashing off only when I was about six feet away.

Scat Cat Spat About Cat Scat (And Other Fecal Matters)

I confess, I’m just posting about the skill of tracking, specifically as it applies to identifying and interpreting animal scat, tracks, and other “signs… 1,280 more words

Restless Rusty

Stella bun went home this morning so now we’re down to just boys for a while.  My boys will be glad to have the space back. 74 more words