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Shibori Rabbit experiment

Shibori dyed with indigo on linen. Done as a sample for the classes I taught at Egils in May 2016. This is also a sample as I work out how to create textiles in the Tsujigahana style of Momoyama era Japan. 203 more words


When in...

It wasn’t the Coliseum nor the Vatican that had caught my eye. The ancient monuments that have withstood hundreds of years aren’t as eternally satisfying to me as does the fleeting flesh and blood. 187 more words

Our summer...

So I have been lacking in posting the last month or so, because I have been having fun traveling, spending time with my family, nursing a cat back to health and just living life! 1,280 more words

Not-So-Sneezy Bunny

Lady Stella is heading home later and we’re all going to miss her.I know Mason loved having her as his roommate. Mason has not been sneezing much at all here, certainly less than when he was here last month. 55 more words


From India to Illinois : I moved continents!

I’ve been missing for a while (again), but this time I have an extremely valid reason – I was firstly holidaying around the US, and now I’m settling in at my new home. 454 more words


Cottontail Moment

For a moment he freezes, as we gauge each others thoughts! Then just as quickly, he is gone…

Nighttime blue dissolves
In meadow¬†blushing glimmer…

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