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Pass to the Puffin

Atlantic Puffins use burrows for nesting that were originally created by rabbits. This is a form of commensalism.

Commensalism: relationship between two organisms where one receives benefit and the other isn’t affected in anyway. 9 more words

Daily Prompt

our village (28)

Another night I was walkin’ around the lake—been meaning to tell you about this—and there was no moon, and the stars were bright, and the lake was breathing, pulsing, with starlight bouncing off the surface and resounding—as sound, I mean, literally—as little ploops of air bubbles and a beaver’s tail slap and the oh-so-quiet lapping of a light night wave on the shore … the lake is waking up. 377 more words

Serial Fiction

Countdown to Easter: make up your own joke about bunnies multiplying…

Firstly, an apology. I have been rather behind on replying to comments and checking out what everyone else is up to. I am, once again, having struggles with technology. 528 more words

Handmade Primitive Bunnies for Easter

One of my preferred creative hobbies is something utterly removed from the law, completely unrelated. It’s cloth doll making specially in the vintage, raggedy style as you see here. 307 more words


Snuggle Bunny!

Smoky is a 3 year old female

She is comfortable around people. She likes to sniff noses and be petted gently on her head and back. 42 more words