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RabbitMQ for IoT

For Internet of Things (IoT) projects that are a lot of different ways that the sensors, devices and client interfaces can be connected together.

RabbitMQ offers the unique ability of being able to use some of the common IoT protocols. 1,434 more words

Kubernetes for Python Developers: Part 1

Kubernetes is an open-source container-orchestration system for automating deployment, scaling and management of containerised apps.

Kubernetes helps you to run, track and monitor containers at scale.

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RabbitMQ Tutorial: Day 1

Getting Started With Installation of RabbitMq on Windows system

This tutorial will serve as guide to install rabbitmq on windows system and it does not cover theoretical aspect of amqp. 337 more words


Working with SAPUI5 locally (part 3). Adding more services in Docker

In the previous project we moved one project to docker. The idea was to move exactly the same functionality (even without touching anything within the source code). 1,078 more words


Habari Client libraries 2018.10 released

Habarisoft released new versions of its Object Pascal STOMP client libraries for Delphi and FPC integration with popular free open source message brokers.

The 2018.08 release is a maintenance release and includes: 146 more words


Habarisoft released the 2018.10 version of its Object Pascal STOMP client libraries for application integration with open source message brokers (Apache ActiveMQ, Artemis, OpenMQ and RabbitMQ). 219 more words