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A Python & RabbitMQ bi-directional message queue abstraction from 1 server to N-clients.

RabbitMQ is a message queue server (which uses underneath a database repository (SQLite) to add some level of persistency to message abstractions in a communications channel. 406 more words

SDN event March 2015

The SDN – Software Development Network – is a special interest group for dutch developers. Four times a year they organise an event where people present and talk about their passion. 577 more words


RabbitMQ Setup

RabbitMQ Setup


Messaging is a technique to solve communication between disparate systems in a reliable and maintainable manner. You can have various platforms that need to communicate with each other: a Windows service, a Java servlet based web service, an MVC web application etc. 1,545 more words


Announcing Petalz: Web

I’m excited to announce the soft release of a project I’ve been working on:  Petalz for the Web

This has been a small side project I created with a few simple goals in mind: 369 more words


RabbitMQ 3.5.0 free open source message broker released

The RabbitMQ team announced the release of RabbitMQ 3.5.0. This release adds support for priority queues which were available as a plugin before. Performance is improved; in particular messages smaller than configurable size are embedded in the queue index to reduce I/O and memory consumption. 66 more words

Software Development

Django, Celery and Memory Use

Disclaimer: These are the notes of a Celery/RabbitMQ/Linux noob. Note sure how generalizable they are.

A lot of the Django projects I develop have a small number of users and run pretty light-weight tasks. 297 more words


Why Did I Create Burrows?

So there’s already (at least) three great .Net implementations out there that support RabbitMQ, why create something different?  And why not just use MassTransit out of the box instead of forking it?   518 more words

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