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Rabbit Operations Version 0.8.0 Released

This is a minor release but it contains one significant goodie: The details dialog for errors now has a section that displays a nicely formatted stack dump. 78 more words

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Microservices with C# and RabbitMQ

Microservices with C# and RabbitMQ


Microservices are groupings of lightweight services, interconnected, although independent of each other, without direct coupling or dependency.

Microservices allow flexibility in terms of infrastructure; application traffic is routed to collections of services that may be distributed across CPU, disk, machine and network as opposed to a single monolithic platform designed to manage all traffic. 1,011 more words


Docker + RabbitMQ + Clustering + High Availability + Federation

Wow, what the hell am I doing…

I’ve been watching docker from a distance for some time and have been completely fascinated by its potential.  Saying that, I’d struggled to find an excuse to play with it partly because I’m a Windows user but mostly because I’m lazy. 1,396 more words


RabbitOperations 0.7.0 Released

The Rabbit Operations project has reached a pretty significant milestone with the release of version 0.7.0. Most notably, it now supports message retry for NServiceBus. There are plenty of other goodies in this release including a refreshed GUI, retry history on messages and a more reliable queue poller. Check it out.

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Porting RabbitMQ Tutorials to Perl Net::RabbitMQ

I’ve begun playing with message and task queues to see how they might benefit my projects. I have several ideas, most of which are out of my immediate reach. 292 more words


Monitoring RabbitMQ in OpenStack

RabbitMQ is open source message broker software that implements the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP). It is used in the OpenStack project of the primary mechanism to pass messages between different components. 240 more words

Helion Openstack

A Python & RabbitMQ bi-directional message queue abstraction from 1 server to N-clients.

RabbitMQ is a message queue server (which uses underneath a database repository (SQLite) to add some level of persistency to message abstractions in a communications channel. 554 more words