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Django, Celery and Memory Use

Disclaimer: These are the notes of a Celery/RabbitMQ/Linux noob. Note sure how generalizable they are.

A lot of the Django projects I develop have a small number of users and run pretty light-weight tasks. 297 more words


Why Did I Create Burrows?

So there’s already (at least) three great .Net implementations out there that support RabbitMQ, why create something different?  And why not just use MassTransit out of the box instead of forking it?   518 more words

Kerding Sterf

Installing RabbitMQ on MacOS

  1. Download RabbitMQ for Mac here
  2. Download Java AMQP client library here
  3. Start RabbitMQ server by running ./rabbitmq-server
  4. Check that the server is running properly with ./rabbitmqctl status…
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Mac OS

How to add delay in rabbitmq

inside producer class have to add delay, for example in sits:

class MyProducer(Producer):
    # is also my routing key:
    connection_id = "myrabbit"
    exchange = "myrabbit"
    serializer = "application/x-python-serialize"

    #adding delay code starts here
    queue = "myrabbit.taskqueue.wait" #add .wait with the task queue id

    queue_arguments = {
        "x-dead-letter-exchange": "", 
        "x-dead-letter-routing-key": "myrabbit.taskqueue", #is the task queue id defined in buildout
        "x-message-ttl": 60000,  # 60s poll for autopublish
    routing_key = "myrabbit.taskqueue.wait" #same here add .wait with buildout task queue id
    #adding delay code ends here
    auto_declare = True
    durable = True
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Pivotal goes all-in with open source in Big Data Suite

Bowing to customer pressure, enterprise software and services vendor Pivotal will release as open source the remainder of its software suite for analyzing data.

“Our customers want to be involved in our road map, because they know that is the only way they can differentiate themselves from their competitors,” said Sundeep Madra, Pivotal vice president of products. 446 more words

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RabbitMQ Library for Prolog

Recently I’ve started working on a new project that involves Prolog, C and Ruby. The objective is to implement a Prolog library to work with RabbitMQ. 597 more words


RabbitMq: How to Delete Queues via Python

The problem: You have a bunch of RabbitMq queues that need to be deleted and there are far too many to delete one at a time. 225 more words