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Call Me Cosmically Crazy

We need to support the wonderful artists, singer-songwriters, social deviants, iconoclasts, frequency holders, rabble-rousers, those on the Group W bench, mystic-seers, flaming guitar guys, shamans, and assorted others cosmically crazy maniacs who use their God-given talents to subvert the established social order in inspired ways, and by doing so, usher in a better, more beneficent reality. 16 more words


¡Luz Elena Patricio García para presidenta!

It’s a shame Luz Elena Patricio García isn’t of voting age.  At a talent show in Ciudad Juaréz, the junior high student showed off her flair for rhetoric before an audience  including — on stage — Governor César Duarte Jáquez.  249 more words

Politica (Mexicana)

B. Rude (2008)

In 2008 I did a portrait session with my friends Meuwl and B. Rude of the Charleston, West Virginia-based hip-hop duo Rabble Rousers. Having recently posted a photo of Rabble Rousers, I had come across this image of the B-Rude. 29 more words


Happy Birthday, America!

Happy Birthday, America!

Ten years ago on this date, my wife and I were in the middle of driving back to New Jersey from San Francisco. 335 more words

JerseyStyle Photography

Rabble Rousers (2008)

This photograph is from a session I did with hip-hop duo Rabble Rousers (aka B-Rude and Meuwl) in October 2008. Samuel “Meuwl” Harshbarger (right) was one of my favorite people to photograph. 99 more words


Poetic Fragments



Scattered to the four winds

friendships rekindled….

some things are not meant to be left alone, or broken apart

slowly picking up the pieces of yesterday …and laughing heartily… 47 more words

Poetic Fragments