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Raccoon Removal in Ottawa ON

If you are looking for a great way to ensure proper raccoon removal, this…

...that Georgia sense of humor!!!

It seems to be the case that different areas of the country not only have difference accents and scenery, but different senses of humor, too. 704 more words


Week 3.20-3.25

You win some; you lose some. After testing our luck in a different spot, we came up nearly empty. Besides a few vermin and what appear to be two new deer, our gamble on a single trail didn’t pay off. 74 more words


Toronto ON Raccoon Pest Control

So you are dealing with raccoon problem and don’t know how to approach…

Sneaky raccoon steals 28lb bag of cat food

Raccoons love cat food. This guy makes off with enough to last the rest of 2015.


Week 3.13-3.19

Many people hear about the looming coyote in and around Western PA. In fact, even while on our local hikes we spotted what appeared to be coyote tracks. 63 more words


raccoon, possum ~ potato, patato

Remember when I wrote about my terrifying raccoon in my garbage can last week?  If you don’t, clearly you need to go back and catch up…it was quite the story.  382 more words