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Types of Men: A basic guide for women

Contrary to popular belief, men aren’t easy to comprehend (yet, predictable) as there are different types of them which you can find reflections of, in the animal kingdom. 676 more words

Random Thoughts

Almost-Murdered Chicken

Have you ever heard a chicken in distress?

It sounds like a newborn pig being clawed to death.

Go ahead and imagine that for a sec . 621 more words

Random But Good


Bandit thought of the Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa as his own “after hours” Water World.  He was caught up in the moment and couldn’t hear the muffled cries of… 33 more words

Low Water Levels Provide Palette for Tracks

The low water levels in our ponds this fall do have one benefit – visitors leave obvious signs in the exposed muddy banks. It is fairly astounding how much nocturnal and crepuscular wildlife regularly visits these spots and remains undetected by humans under normal conditions. 78 more words

Baby Raccoon

Took this photo at Willowbrook Wildlife Center  in Glen Ellyn, IL. I used a cloning tool, then a paint program to smudge the background, then added a texture to get the final result. 6 more words