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I’m not sure how this came to be, but the magic of YouTube has revealed that one of my videos has exceeded 99,000 views:

My next most popular video has exceeded 8,000 views: 32 more words


Raccoons Have Five Digits, Like Us

One goal of What’s In These Woods is to call kids’ (and adults’) attention to species of forest life that may be unfamiliar, particularly in the realm of children’s books. 263 more words


Tracks in the Sand

After a rain, it’s interesting to go along the creek and see what tracks show up in the sand.

It was interesting that I saw so many raccoon prints, because I have never seen a raccoon here!  25 more words



Raccoons have been a nightly presence in my yard as captured by a motion-activated game camera.  So much so that I had stopped saving captured videos of them. 46 more words



What’s wrong with this makeup job? He’s got raccoon eyes. Guys, I know absolutely nothing about makeup, but I can certainly tell when it’s bad. When you apply it (or have it applied as I assume Donald does), you should always put base or powder on your eyelids, underneath your eyebrows, around the bridge of your nose and directly under your eyes. 37 more words

TV News

Sunset Zoo: Raccoon

While I often see these guys at home in the wild, it’s usually when they’re busy at night and I’m not equipped to capture them on film.   15 more words