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Sometimes raccoons pressure me into eating things.

I like to eat most of the things I find. Leaves, cans, unidentified animal parts, flowers, leftover human things in human tents, human tents, sticks, air. 638 more words


May Your Memorial Day Memories Bring You Peace

Today is “Memorial Day” in America…the day we remember all the heroic men and women who sacrifice their security so that the rest of us can enjoy security. 285 more words

Encouragements For Living

Character Development: Sheena

Hello Everyone, I would like to introduce you to Sheena. The above image is the most current version of her I have made for an animated walk cycle. 504 more words


Life on the Inside

My husband and I were sitting outside tonight looking at and old dead tree that sits just inside of the woods line in our backyard. The tree has been dead for as many years as we have lived in our house which is a little over 16 years. 199 more words

Just My Stuff

All Moved In

The girls are all moved in.  They got here a couple of weeks ago. Their furniture delivered on the same day as the pod.  We picked up two loads in the truck and Once the two beds and the couches arrived we spent the weekend shopping and organizing and finishing up the last of the projects. 129 more words

Home Repair

Systema Naturae


Carl Linnaeus (1707-1778) was born the eldest son of parish priest, and amateur botanist, Nils Ingermarsson Linnaeus, and Christina Linnaea.
The family name ‘Linnaeus’ was chosen by Nils as a requirement for enrolling at university, and was based on the Swedish for lime tree ( 300 more words



I’m not a fan of raccoons, but I tolerate them in the pasture.  That’s where they belong.  I hate them in the barnyard.

Gabby was pulled from her nest and killed.   25 more words