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Castor and Pollux (Raccoons)

Mom sent me to tell you that you have to vacuum your room before school or you won’t be allowed to dumpster dive for a whole week…  and she means it too.

Yarn Ends

Yarn Ends are small bits of yarn, often from a bigger project (or in this case, a big subject). I don’t have the time today to make full blog posts about each of these bits, but wanted to share some interesting stories and links regarding them. 1,160 more words

Event And Idea Discussion

Another grateful day in the forest.

My forest friends are on the porch and one is so tired. Little Miss Pinky is laying on the walkway sleeping. She is a wonderful raccoon who had three babies this year. 724 more words


2 am

Waking to the sound,
I know we are being robbed again.

Grabbing the flashlight, I race down the stairs
and onto the porch.
Shining the light into the night, 96 more words


To Catch a Thief

Yesterday, I put fresh suet blocks in our two backyard hanging suet feeders.  This morning, I found an empty suet feeder on the ground (Exhibit A) . 152 more words


RSOE Emergency and Disaster Information Service
Budapest, Hungary
2015-05-20 08:37:21 – Biological Hazard – USA

EDIS Code: BH-20150520-48295-USA
Date&Time: 2015-05-20 08:37:21… 1,757 more words


Say hello to my little friend … Ricky Raccoon!

Over the past several years, greedy developers—green-lighted by their equally greedy politico buddies—have claimed pretty much every square inch of green space in our municipality in order to overload it with conglomerations of bricks and mortar that, naturally, flow rivers of $$$ straight into their pockets. 411 more words