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What's Going On In The Amazing Spider-Man? January - April 2017

If you’re here to follow the most recent storylines in Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, and Alex Saviuk’s Amazing Spider-Man, the newspaper-syndicated comic strip version of the character, thanks! 1,233 more words


Long Ride to Deal Island, MD (Ap. 17)

I have fallen behind in my blog posts of our Eastern Shore trip. We have had some anomalies with our connectivity here at Janes Island SP. 1,749 more words


The Raccoon

Visiting the Metro Toronto Zoo, and this guy from the Canadian habitat caught our attention. Raccoons look so appealing in the zoo. They are less than appealing when I find them in my back yard trying to open the garbage bins.


A Recipe for Lettuce-Wrapped Snails and Other Delicacies Too Yummy to Describe...


One Abutilon in a standard one gallon pot*


Soil amendment

Organic All Purpose Fertilizer

Watering can or hose


Steel-toed boots


[*I had to learn the hard way. 658 more words


Raccoons in da' House

Apparently this is a video promoting an expose about corruption in the Major League Soccer team, DC United. It’s by a group called Once a Metro… 70 more words



Here in the U.S. we have raccoons pretty much everywhere there’s garbage, eating all the food out of the trash and making sure to leave all the embarrassing garbage on your front lawn, but apparently in Europe, they’re exotic enough to be in zoos. 16 more words