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Wind Flowers

By Molly Franklin

“Cooper, just shut up back there, will ya?”

“What am I even sayin’?”

“Just shut up.”

“Make me.”

“Why’d the kid have to come?” 3,219 more words


November 24, 2015

The raccoon problem is solved! For now.

The raccoons had moved into my front yard, and I was hunting them from my roof. I had bought a bow and arrow to try to shoot the little pests, but they were too quick for me. 292 more words

Happy Thanksgiving, Rufus!

Remember Rufus The Raccoon? He’s back for Thanksgiving…and he brought his appetite with him. Burp.

With thanks to Matt C.


Raccoons have been a nightly presence in my yard as captured by a motion-activated game camera.  So much so that I had stopped saving captured videos of them. 46 more words



The holiday crass comedy The Night Before, from writer/director Jonathan Levine–who also did Warm Bodies (which I’ve yet to see, even though I keep meaning to) and… 183 more words


My New Favorite Wikipedia Sentences Of All Time Of Today

I don’t know how long the thrill of this is going to last, but I was reading the “List Of Fictional Mustelids”. If you’re wondering why I went there, it’s because I thought I was going to the “List of Fictional Skunks” page. 99 more words


Stranded On Another Planet, I Come Across My Childhood Home

First thing stands out?
A penny.
Wide as a tractor wheel,
thin as the air,
hung on the wall over the bed,
Queen side out. 154 more words