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Rascally Raccoons

The first summer that we lived in our house, we knew there was an army of raccoons living in the neighborhood. There is plenty of woodsy habitat, but also plenty of garbage bins for them to get a meal from. 567 more words

Fun & Friends

How Raccoons Won the Night

It isn’t often that raccoons are spotted around town, but the humans knew they were there from the stray bit of garbage found on the lawn in the morning and left in the bin at night, and maybe they suspected the tiny bandits when their barking dogs woke them up in the middle of a deep sleep. 2,473 more words

Creatures Of The Night

Flannelboard: Five Little Raccoons

This is Five Little Raccoons flannelboard set I created for the Raccoon themed storytime crate I put together during the Fall of 2015.

Flannelboard: Five Little Raccoons… 90 more words



Some good news earlier this month, as a raccoon with a can stuck over its head was found by some officers for the Manatee County Sheriff’s Department… 61 more words


Is It A Raccoon Or A Dog? This Adorable 'Raccoon Dog' Named Tanu Is Taking The Internet By Storm

9.8kgになったタヌキ。まだ柿の木には柿が残っている事から、来月位から断食メニューを組み込もうと思ってました。お試し的に夜食を抜いてみたら、朝食前からランチョンマット代わりのシーツの上に、お座りしているタヌキの先が思いやられます。 pic.twitter.com/ZlxUp1n9LR

— ことり (@chibi_tori) November 26, 2015

Meet Tanu, the internet’s newest animal celebrity — despite the fact that the internet is also kind of torn on just what kind of animal he is.

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A Raccoon Grows in Brooklyn :(

Emerging from a hipster bar in Brooklyn the other night, I encountered a rodent. But not a rat, squirrel, mouse or other unwelcome, yet expected creature. 391 more words

A Day In The Life In NYC

When Something So Wrong Seems So Right

The place didn’t look like a florist shop.

It was back a ways from the main road. No real parking lot. Cars of all varieties parked haphazardly. 517 more words