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Refreshing Optimism

I’ve typically viewed the world around me in a positive light, but lately I’m finding it difficult to be that person I’ve always been.

I suppose that could be a good thing.   1,292 more words

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Raccoon (Multi-Photo)


A furry ball, with legs, 

mischievous, bandit-like,

omnivorous, curious, stalking,

walking in our area,

which is also his area,

our area,

his kind were here first, 32 more words


Toronto raccoon climbs 700 feet to 'crap on' crane

Toronto’s ongoing raccoon drama has reached new heights.

On Thursday morning, crane operator Rob Mac arrived to work to find a raccoon hanging out in his crane, some 700 feet (213 metres) above ground. 171 more words


15 April 2015. From the Russian Web… Raccoon Funnies: I'm NEVER Gonna Eat That Many Rosalie's Refriteras Ever Again!


Hoo boy, is my stomach ever talkin’ to me! I’m NEVER to gonna eat that many Rosalie’s refriteras ever again! I’m tastin’ ’em twice… boy, they was good the first time around… but now…



Back Yard Critters

Sorry I’ve been away for a while.  Busy packing.  As I’m getting ready to move across the country I realized my photo topics will change to things like horses, cows, pigs & so many other things found in Big Sky country.   1,301 more words


How Toronto’s raccoons could threaten your health

WATCH: Raccoons can be more than just a nuisance. They can pose a real health risk. Dr. Samir Gupta has the details.

TORONTO – With… 814 more words