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A couple of nights ago, the perimeter light came on outside our bedroom at 5 a.m. I leaped out of bed and peeked out the window. 336 more words


RACCOONS IN THE NEWS: Shape Browser Game

There’s a new browser-based from Filmcow, who is the person responsible for those bizarre Charlie the Unicorn animated shorts from years ago. This is a weird one, though: it’s about a raccoon spirit medium who communicates with dead … shapes … with faces. 93 more words


Trash cans in the night

Trash can photo by Aaron H Warren     CC-BY-2.0

I was about three years old and sound asleep on a summer night when my father woke me up and said, “Lorrie, come on.   408 more words


Chris Selley: Air thick with hubris as mayor unveils new front line in battle against raccoon nation

“Peace for our time,” Neville Chamberlain promised Britons in 1938. “I don’t need bodyguards,” Jimmy Hoffa told Playboy in 1975. “Mission accomplished,” read the banner unfurled behind president George W. 546 more words


Get Them Dirty Critters Out of My House

An interesting perspective on the Trump phenomenon.

Gingrich on Trump

Fresh idea by Newt Gingrich. Love Trump or hate him, a good reason
Understanding Donald Trump… 1,167 more words


City of Toronto rolls out raccoon-proof green bins

Raccoon-proof green bins are officially being rolled out in Toronto on Thursday.

Approved by city council last year, the bins are designed to keep those pesky rodents out of your organic trash. 62 more words