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cats and dogs go in
raccoons arrive for late shift
night belongs to them


Tadpoles and a Raccoon Party

I was surprised one morning to find that the waterhole in my front yard had a bazillion tiny tadpoles swimming about.  They are tiny and many in number.   84 more words


B & B (Optimists)

The twins Bobby and Betty performed the same ritual every night: the loser of their Wheel of Fortune game had to plumb the depths of the waters of the Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa natural pool in search of the fabled Koi.  34 more words

Campfire Tales: Mr. Raccoon Has His Day

Hey Gang!

I decided to go with some friends to this beautiful campground close by last year. We drove the 30 minutes or so to the lake where our campsite was. 701 more words

A short life

It’s past midnight. I’m on the second walk of the night with my dog, Jules, who needs to empty her bladder yet again – she’s been drinking a lot of water to cool herself – it’s been unseasonably warm and very humid lately – that, and the fact that she suffers from incontinence. 922 more words


Messing with critters is not cool

I’ve always liked to mess around with animals.

If a dog barks at me, I will imitate it. Same thing if it growls. If I see a cat walking up the street, I’ll make one of those low, growling, mating call meows. 1,151 more words



the pond tonight… waterfall is not running, not sure why, but my son-in-law is coming tomorrow morning to see if he can figure it out… 185 more words

Big Girl Pants