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Making Friends

“Mom, mom, mom, MOM! This is my new friend I was telling you about!”

“Yes Tiddo, who is this friend? Oh, I see!”

“Mom, is he a cat like me? 94 more words

Fun & Friends

Up Close & Animal

This weekend was a nature whirlwind, from the Jersey shore to Delaware’s National Park to  New York State parks.

Friday we drove down to Sandy Hook… 574 more words



A great day for spending some time in the woods. As the jennies and I were enjoying the breeze on the hilltop I noticed one of the oak trees seemed to have sprouted a face … I zoomed in with my little pocket camera … and then tonight … looking at these pictures … I’d say that raccoon was telling some little ones to stay put before she headed out to find some dinner!

Animal Friends

Our Furry Forest Neighbors

Hello World,

Alberto here. I know I’m only a kitten and there is much I don’t understand but this has me puzzled. Why is this… 32 more words


All aboard the coo-coo train....it's time for some musing.

Well it would be a black cat but who is who’s familiar?

“Yes, I have been drinking” and “You’re no better than me” in my best drunken voice. 282 more words


Rabid Raccoon

It was only about 5 o’clock in the morning and still dark outside, when my husband woke me up saying, “There’s a raccoon on the front porch, should I shoot it?” 1,034 more words