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When you have deadlines and actual obligations, lie on your floor and make a blog. 

I’m in a state of category 5 procrastination. My default stage is 2 because I’m generally capable enough to make the right sacrifices in order to do everything later than I should without failing completely. 169 more words

Can you imagine a Raccoon stealing a phone and recording itself? - Saira James

You read it right the raccoon named Stanley steals a man’s iPhone and records itself thereby making a grand Twitter debut
Not just humans its the raccoons too who are crazy about latest phones. 21 more words


What Is Going On With Mark Trail?

It was a strange interlude between two stories on Jack Elrod’s long-running, epically stodgy, nature-adventure strip Mark Trail. Mark’s son, Rusty, paused from being a homunculus to nap in the yard, and he dreamed of the tens of millions of years ago when dinosaurs roamed what would become the Lost Forest. 1,416 more words


Camera Trap Action

I recently set up a white-flash camera trap on the waterhole in my backyard.  The difference between this camera and other traditional camera traps is that it uses a white-flash, just like your camera flash, to capture the photo or video of the animals when the motion sensor is triggered.   173 more words


The Raccoon in the Tree: A Christmas Story

One of my favorite Christmas memories is of the time that we had a raccoon stuck in the Christmas tree.

We were visiting my grandparents in Massachusetts, and my uncle brought over a young raccoon. 211 more words


맹쿤 Raccoon Cafe

Korea’s cafe culture is next level. But it’s not just your standard coffee and tea fare that differentiate cafes in Korea. Cafes have themes. Cafes have animals. 605 more words