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The world was abuzz with admiration last week for Uni, a blonde raccoon (or cinnamon, as some people are calling him) in Taiwan. ┬áHis owner, Joyce Tai, took him to a chic place for his usual grooming and decided to adorn him with a rather unique pattern, even if it doesn’t really match the species. 51 more words


Reading in the Woods

As you all know, I was able to sell a second short story entitled Kitsune Tea,” using my pseudonym, E.A. Lawrence and it was published in the anthology ROAR 7 edited by Mary E. 1,430 more words


Working with Wildlife

So this summer I had the privilege of doing a wildlife internship. It was long, hard days with rooms at capacity and tons of animals that needed cages cleaned, weights take, food prepared and given, medication administered and daily enrichment but it was amazing. 137 more words


The Knock on the Head From Just Above the Sun Apocalypse

We rummage like raccoons in the garbage can night.
Waving our lit cigarettes around for punctuation.
You’re my favorite habit worn like a drunken nun. 194 more words


A mammal with a reptile dysfunction... ha... oh man... I crack me up...

So, while we were gallivanting around Old Town with our English relatives, I was standing outside a toy store when they all went in to poke around, and I spotted this lovely couple through the window… 153 more words


Something Different

This isn’t one of my usual bookish posts, but I felt the need to share. We have a lot of wildlife where we live and it’s not uncommon to see raccoons, rabbits, groundhogs, wild turkeys, and even the occasional deer. 164 more words

Mama? An Orphan Story....

Well, I had every intention of posting more about our adventures in Costa Rica; but I thought as we head into the weekend I would, instead, share a simple, old fashioned ‘ 400 more words