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Friendships can change lives

I’m thinking of a friend today — Clarence. He became my friend more than 30 years ago, and this relationship changed me.

Clarence is one of the neatest people I know. 754 more words

Martin Luther King Jr.

How to Retain Millennial Membership

The millennial generation overall has shown to be less religious than previous generations, a phenomenon that has not gone unnoticed by church leadership.

When asked earlier this year, the newly appointed First Presidency… 2,131 more words


COINTELPRO Continues As Documents Reveal FBI Surveillance of Black Lives Matter

As white supremacists commit acts of domestic terrorism and murder, the federal government is coming for Black Lives Matter. Specifically, the FBI has conducted surveillance of the Black-led antiracism movement, and the extent of the bureau’s monitoring and spying against Black activists was far more extensive than was previously realized. 1,020 more words


Remember Slavery: Say It Loud

In 2007, the United Nations General Assembly designated March 25 as an annual International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade. 129 more words


Weaponized Theology

While there are books upon books written about the confluence of American religion and American politics, a phrase that piques my ire is any variation of “Owning a gun is my God-given right.” Since the Constitution makes no reference to divine bestowal of the rights enumerated therein, this sentiment must be referring to the Declaration of Independence. 3,863 more words


March for Our Lives!

Students, children, and youth were the vanguard of the Civil Rights Movement and the Chicano Movement. Now the young people lead again!

The March for Our Lives-LA demanded gun control and an end to gun violence, not only at school, but in our SoCal communities (from San Bernardino to Seal Beach), and an end to the police killing of Black and Brown youth. 22 more words


Temple University: Displacement by Design

On November 11, 1966, John Coltrane gave his final performance in Philadelphia at Mitten Hall.

Mitten Hall will again be filled with joyful noise as the community tells Temple University: We Shall Not Be Moved. 486 more words

Civic Engagement