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Do You Know You Are White?

In looking for a way to share my sermon from last weekend, I came across this CNN piece from last February. Although I appreciate the stories shared in  423 more words



Motherhood. They say it takes a village, and let me tell you, ‘they’ were understating it. The truth is, it takes several villages, one for each child, and then one for each life stage your children will drag you through. 1,761 more words


Darwinism Produces Racism and Eugenics

The untold legacy of Charles Darwin

A bad tree cannot bear good fruit

Hank Hanegraaff delivers a scorching analysis of Charles Darwin.


Maaaan..if I hadn't read Zora Neale Hurston in HS, I woulda been even more of an asshole.

I was editing a fantastic blog entry for CREADnyc last week about the importance of Black female authors in Highs School. Please get your life, go there now and read it but remember to come back! 866 more words


Pembalap muda potensial binaan Yamaha Indonesia, Wahyu Aji comeback setelah mengalami cedera. Petarung yang membela tim Yamaha Yamalube Aspira Premio FSCM WJ72 HDS Racing ini sukses merebut podium juara pada race 2 Kejurnas Sport 150 cc dalam event IRS 2017 di Sirkuit Sentul, Bogor (12 November). 313 more words


Black cadet admits to writing racial slurs outside Air Force Academy dorm room

I beg to differ with Lt. Gen Silveria: The circumstances ARE the point that needs to be addressed. Knowingly submitting false statements is what is needs to be emphasized, not political correctness. 423 more words

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