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Nothing says "badass" like a feminist coloring book!

Huffington Post: Feminists of the world, you know how tiring it can get dealing with the oppression, discrimination and hate that’s all too rampant in our everyday lives. 780 more words


It will always be who we are

I’m not as good of a student of history as some future me who sees certain things with a certain perspicuity, and, so, I come to you with a few questions (but really only one query): how is it not us who both screamed and sung, but according to certain, or some, only one? 2,045 more words


Why I Am Glad I Am Leaving America | Alternet

Author Gary Younge bids America a fond farewell, just in time to escape what he describes as the summer of rage. White rage, Black rage, Gender rage, economic rage РYounge predicts it is all coming to a head in the summer of 2105. 303 more words

African American

I Can Still Enjoy It

WHY must we make this day about race? I mean, yeah it is but no it isn’t. I understand that black people were still slaves during this point in history, but this is still a day of celebration. 281 more words


White Friends: Here's Your Bill for My Racial Labor

Dear White Friend,

Thank you for choosing me as your consultant for your recent questions and concerns about racism and/or racial reconciliation. I trust that your needs were met and you were satisfied with the level of grace, thoughtfulness, and honesty with which I responded to your inquiry. 660 more words


The time is now....

The time to remember is now. The time to speak a counter hegemonic race talk that is filled with the passion of remembrance and resistance is now. 41 more words


Two months and two days.

The massacre in Charleston has made it hard for me to write. As has the continuation of this campaign; the horror of the burning churches. I have been in the land of milk stains and breasts and this tiny baby boy and sleep and burps, but what do I say about the world that is happening…because though this began as a very private space I can’t help knowing that there are people out there reading. 602 more words