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Name: Ruth*

Age: 20

Year in School: Junior

Race: White

  • “If I were to be another color on this campus I would not like it, it would be unfavorable…”
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Race And Diversity


Session 1

Caitlyn: How old are you?

Ruth*: 20

Caitlyn: What year in school are you?

Ruth: Third-year so, Junior.

Caitlyn: Where are you from originally? 2,956 more words

Race And Diversity


Name: Roni*

Age: 18

Year in School: Freshman

Race: Mexican

  • “I would say, maybe, at first it was a little harder for me to find friends because it’s predominantly white.”
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Race And Diversity


Name: Erica*

Age: 23

Year in School: Senior

Race: Black

  • “I wish we would have more race conversations on campus. I think some professors are…not scared but, I mean just a little apprehensive about discussing it in class or anything like that….
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Race And Diversity


Name: Spencer*

Age: 18

Year in School: First Year

Race: Hispanic

  • “I’m half Hispanic and half Irish and so, I look really White. So, I think that helps me a lot around campus…I don’t get the dirty looks and the, like, nasty things said about me and stuff.
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Race And Diversity


Name: Dara*

Age: 19

Year in School: Sophomore

Race: Filipino

  • “I entered college…I started noticing more like “Oh, I’m like one of the few people of color in a room…””
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Race And Diversity