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Michelle Obama on 'old white men'

*Former first lady laments that the Republican Party is a bunch of ‘old white men.’*


The Cat-In-The-Hat and Racism

Popular dictionaries define racism as a belief that people’s characteristics, their qualities and faults, are determined by race (or ethnicity).  It was behind Hitler’s murder of millions of Jews and countless lynchings and shootings of blacks in the American South.  611 more words

News Commentary

Playing the Toe Card

Dear White Folks,

Let’s clear up one thing. Black folks don’t like talking about racism any more than you like talking about athlete’s foot or hemorrhoids. 198 more words


Playing The Un-American Card: America's Real Race Card

 Let us cut to the chase, at the heart of this diatribe regarding the “un-American” and the “foreigner” is what is actually being said to the American-born person of color or the recent non-white immigrant: You are not white; therefore you are not and cannot be a real American. 2,030 more words

Human Rights

Race Card Recursion: A Game of Social (In-)Justice

The deck has been dealt and we all have our hands,but why are some players holding a race card ?

So,what does a race card mean to you and how can the joker be laffing ? 25 more words

Time & Energy

Playing the Race Card

What if I told you I was about one race of people? Would you judge me? Would you immediately discredit me? The events of the last few days have ripped at the core of who I am. 1,032 more words