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Black Lives Don't Matter: No Lives Matter When Life Is Not Sacred

By Star Parker ~

No people in America have suffered more as result of turning moral standards over to the nation’s political class than blacks. 695 more words

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'Keep it classy': Rep. Gwen Moore blasted for 'noose' warning about Scott Walker

To denote a policy difference, @RepGwenMoore thinks it's appropriate to invoke lynching. https://t.co/kIkTJntKGG

— Collin Roth (@collinroth) August 24, 2015

Really? Yes, really:


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How to campaign for elections in Trinidad and Tobago, an unofficial guide.

General elections have come upon us again. Political parties have begun to vie for leadership and power over our tiny nation, while some have started maybe a year or two ago, reminding us that they’re Working for Us. 817 more words

Claim: Black Lives Matter Activist Not Black

By Andrew Bolt ~

This article from the U.S. is making news even here in Australia, where we have a similar problem with people who identify as having black origins, and using it to their advantage, even though they have been proven to be white…..TonyfromOz.

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Pulling the Race Card- An Issue in Motivation

Let’s face it. The United States is in the midst of a race war right now. It is all you see on the news and all you hear about on the radio. 622 more words


So Let Me Get This Right...Because I'm White...I'm A Racist?

America seems to be in some type of weird transitional phase into stupidity, ever since Obama was elected the term Racist has been thrown around way too often, and according to the Left everyone who is White and not part of the Left is probably a Racist. 1,603 more words


Can not talking about race can make racism worse?

Q: In discussions on race & current events like Charleston, I keep seeing conservatives accuse the media and people of color of race-baiting. I know that is not what the term originally meant, and that it’s used in this context to shut down discussion and silence talk about racism that doesn’t benefit the racist power structure, but how do I explain that to the average white conservative? 455 more words

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