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Al Sharpton Opens Music Store Selling Only Broken Records

CHICAGO (The Barbed Wire) – Al Sharpton opened his first ever music store in the windy city this month and the shopping experience for audiophiles is sure to be interesting. 306 more words



I don’t like Starbucks’s coffee. Like so many west coast coffee purveyors, they use over-roasted beans. I don’t mind some of what I refer to as their “candy drinks” where the bad coffee is buffered by other flavors. 85 more words

Political Correctness

Starbucks , How About Those Muslim Extremists ?

The Week In Starbucks

” As John noted yesterday, without question the most obnoxious story of the week was Starbucks proposing to have its baristas engage customers in a “conversation” about race, even though all such “conversations” amount to “agree with us or shut up.” I suspect underneath this is confirmation of my thesis that most majors in ethnic & gender studies find that Starbucks is their best employment opportunity with said degrees, so why not.  

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GIVE IT UP: LENT 4 (Playing the "White" Race-Card)

(NOTE: This post is for white-folks – but others are welcome to read and reflect)

How many times have you heard someone claim, “he/she’s playing the race-card!”?   1,109 more words

What Is a Victim Entitled To?

2015-03-19 – Someone hurts you. What now? What are you entitled to?

If you can get your assailant into court, you are entitled to be “made whole,” as they say in the law biz. 424 more words

'BEASTMODE': John McCain wallops Dick Durbin over shameful 'back of the bus' remark [video]

It’s not often you’ll find us agreeing with that sentiment, but every once in a great while, McCain actually musters the cojones to stand up to Dem asshattery. 305 more words

US Politics

Liberal Use Of The Race Card And The Consequences *Open Thread*

Oh, great – more outrage over a police action involving a young black man, this time a UVA student who was bloodied during his arrest. 1,092 more words

Open Thread