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Celebrating Diversity

If you wish to learn about Australia, talk first to Australians and those who’ve actually been to Australia; if you wish to learn about war, talk first to people who’ve actually been to war; if you wish to learn about parenting, talk first to people who actually have kids; and if you wish to learn about racial profiling, talk first to people who’ve actually experienced it. 343 more words

Political People & Politics

Minorities outside the spotlight

By Ji-Ho Lee

From protests in Ferguson and Columbia to more recent shootings in Minnesota, Louisiana and Texas, tensions between white and black Americans have dominated the national conversation about race and inequality. 661 more words

Race & Ethnicity

Police, activists: Black Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter should not be mutually exclusive

By Rachel Martin

On her business card, there is a picture of a six-fingered fist colorfully decorated with symbols of social movements, such as the rainbow flag for LGBT pride. 519 more words

Race & Ethnicity

Differences in income, education and voting habits divide city

By Ji-Ho Lee

Legal segregation may have ended with the Civil Rights Act of 1964, but even in a relatively diverse university town like Columbia, where a person lives still affects the experiences and opportunities available to them. 615 more words

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News coverage, social media contribute to sense of division in U.S.

By Rachel Martin

Media coverage of political parties, terrorist attacks, health care, immigration and police shootings are about the most controversial issues in America.

And some media experts say the messenger has been caught in the middle. 679 more words


Perceptions toward Black Lives Matter change as a result of recent violence

By Tatyana Monnay

Recent violence against African-Americans in the U.S. has drawn attention to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Some who hear Black Lives Matter assume it is an exclusive term that prioritizes black lives over other races. 372 more words

Race & Ethnicity

Social media creates forum for tough discussions

By Mandy R. Clark

People expected loud noises on Independence Day. But in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the next day, the shots from police officers’ guns were unexpected. 481 more words

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