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U.K. Research | Ethnic Minorities

Sports Participation Among Minorities in Wales

Sports Wales recently conducted a study of Black, Asian, and ethnic minority participation in sports in Wales and found disproportionately low levels of engagement. 118 more words

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Israel & Palestinian Territories News | Israelis

Four Israelis dead following dual attacks in the West Bank and Jerusalem
  • An Israeli couple was killed in the West Bank near the Israeli settlement of Itamar while their three children remained unharmed in the backseat.
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Sri Lanka News | Tamils

Sri Lanka announces reconciliation measures to facilitate civil war resolution
  • As part of the reconciliation process following the country’s 26-year civil war, the government will provide certificates acknowledging the forced disappearance of thousands, many of whom were ethnic Tamils abducted by security forces.
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Alabama, Goddamn!

As Chuck D. once rapped, I’ve got so much trouble on my mind. All I can says is Alabama, goddamn. You can not help but learn about privilege very quickly when you move to Alabama. 833 more words

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Hungary News | Muslims & Roma

Muslims and Roma bear brunt of anti-immigrant rhetoric in Hungary
  • Anti-immigrant sentiment fueled by xenophobic government rhetoric has led to harassment and assault of Hungary’s established minority populations, including Muslims and Roma people.
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Jamaica News | Jamaicans

Jamaican leaders find no traction on reparations issue with U.K. PM
  • British PM David Cameron rejected calls from Jamaican PM Portia Simpson Miller and other Caribbean leaders for reparations and an unconditional apology during his recent visit to Jamaica, the first by a British PM in 14 years.
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Germany News | Arab Immigrants

Germany prints constitution in Arabic for new arrivals
  • Germany has printed an initial 10,000 copies of an Arabic translation of the first 20 articles of its constitution to help support the integration of the more than 800,000 expected to find refuge in the country by year’s end.
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