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Fragmented thoughts

A time a season where people’s hearts and minds

will change division of race diminishes

unity of all mankind seen as human beings

the great finish-white, black, red, and yellow, 32 more words


Summer Reading on Black Women's History

From historian Keisha Blain, here are some recommendations for summer reading on Black women’s history. She explains:

Published within the last few months, these notable new books offer valuable insights into how black women have shaped U.S.

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Child's Perspective

Children of all race and creed playing friendly games sharing childhood dreams

color does not matter in the mind of the child small minded to think in terms of race to complex the world obstacles we face dare to dream outside the race box


Fragmented Thoughts

The beauty in every ethnicity is like a

rainbow that glistens and glows,

after great thunderstorms and

hurricane winds blow

all my splendor vibrant colors… 14 more words


We Are One Body

We live in a global world in which diversity is shunned and exclusivity is sought. In order to live peacefully among fellow citizens it is necessary to understand how the other half lives.  70 more words


We Dated 9 Days

It has been a while since I posted on my dating experience.  This story is by far the most embarrassing and outrageous stories of my 34 years of life.  332 more words


Believe In Me

Believe the words you speak uplift me daily,

your honesty covers all my enemies shroud of hatred

love ever embracing, looking upon me I know you will… 29 more words