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Popular Culture Fatigue

There’s a kind of fatigue on display in social media these days, at least among the circles that I follow, that suggests people are tired of parsing the deeper meanings and dangerous discourses of popular culture, and it’s manifested in a malaise and backlash to the criticism surrounding Kanye West and Brooklyn Nine-Nine specifically. 1,378 more words

Class-Race Reductionism

There’s an ever waging war, in academia, activist circles, and lest we forget the most important, on Twitter, on whether or not it is class or race that is most significant. 1,106 more words

Theme Overview: Race & Ethnicity- Division, Representation, & Hope

Charlottesville. Ferguson. #BlackLivesMatter. “No ban, no wall.” These are just a few of the places and names and phrases that surface in our social media feeds and headlines, highlighting the deep divides that exist in the United States of America and the reality that this “American melting pot” is also a place charged with tension over issues of race and ethnicity. 61 more words

Theme Overview

There is Hope for New Beginnings

Easter, a holiday and time associated with the celebration of new life and new beginnings. Today is a source of joy for many, but not for all. 1,416 more words


History of Me, Part 7: Slovakia - Survival and Self-Determination

In this edition of History of Me, we take a brief trip to the land of the Slovaks to learn about 1/4 of my ancestors and their struggle to survive. 2,016 more words


"I Don't See Color" - Yes, You Do.

“I don’t see color.”

Oh, really? Huh…

There is a segment of the population that has color blindness, but the individuals that boldly state this sentence are not discussing the diagnosable medical condition. 600 more words

Race & Ethnicity