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Like Martin Luther King Jr., I Have A Dream

AUTHOR: Ashley Benedict

This coming Monday, January 16, is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Here on GVSU’s campus, we are taking an entire week to commemorate MLK – both his memory and legacy. 370 more words


The Colonisation Of British Cities, Part 1: Birmingham

The changing face of Great Britain, which is a part of The Great Replacement™ taking place across Europe, has for some time been a major talking point of our politics. 981 more words


The Minority Among Minorities: Filipino-Americans and the Immigration Act of 1965


Filipinos are the first documented Asians on U.S. soil.[1] They comprise the fourth largest immigrant group and second largest Asian American group. Yet, sadly, Filipinos are sometimes regarded as the “forgotten Asian Americans” and the “Invisible Minorities” 1,527 more words

Public Policy

Bail Access Disparity & the Privilege of Purchasing Freedom

In this paper, I argue that there exists a bail access disparity in our justice system. This disparity imprints a privilege likened to the purchase of freedom for those who can afford it, and the lack of this privilege for those who cannot. 2,421 more words

Public Policy

Why I Don't Date White People

White people talk about racial preference when they say they “prefer Asian women” or they “usually don’t date black men,” as though either of these statements aren’t compliments. 1,406 more words


Somali Immigrants: IQ, Education And Welfare Dependency

This week, Somali immigrant communities across the west have been under the spotlight, since one of them went on a spree of violence at a university in Ohio, injuring multiple people in a car and knife attack. 1,486 more words


A question for the pollsters: is anyone at home?

A few posts ago I wondered if pollsters underestimated votes for Brexit and Trump because respondents were scared of vocalising their support for the un-PC side. 254 more words