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Race & Ethnicity in America

This page is going to focus specifically on issues of race and ethnicity in the US. Because of intersectionality, there will likely be mentions of lgbt+, religion, and politics, but all posts here will fall primarily under race. 6 more words


Somali Immigrants: IQ, Education And Welfare Dependency

This week, Somali immigrant communities across the west have been under the spotlight, since one of them went on a spree of violence at a university in Ohio, injuring multiple people in a car and knife attack. 1,486 more words


A question for the pollsters: is anyone at home?

A few posts ago I wondered if pollsters underestimated votes for Brexit and Trump because respondents were scared of vocalising their support for the un-PC side. 254 more words


Counter White Supremacy With Black & Brown Supremacy (For A While)

Did you know that white supremacy reigned even before dooms day November 8th, 2016?  Yes, even with a (half) Black man in the White House, our country continued its legacy of white supremacy — one of many things that remain constant no matter the political party or race (or gender) of the sitting president.  1,377 more words


Ethnogenesis in the Great Dismal: The Trummell Family

The Great Dismal Swamp and its surrounding communities have an incredibly diverse history. As a near coastal region with numerous inland waterways, many different types of people traveled through, settled in, and migrated out of the area—including multiple indigenous groups and people from throughout Europe and Africa. 2,530 more words

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Effectively supporting first-generation students

Like many, I was a first-generation college student whose family lacked the economic means to send me to college. With a state tuition scholarship from high school, loans, campus jobs, and help from my friends, I was able to attend and graduate from Eastern Illinois University (EIU). 960 more words

Student Affairs

Tope, D. et al. 2014. "Othering Obama: Racial Attitudes and Dubious Beliefs about the Nation's First Black President."

Tope, Daniel, Justin T. Pickett, Ryon J. Cobb, and Jonathan Dirlam. 2014. “Othering Obama: Racial Attitudes and Dubious Beliefs about the Nation’s First Black President.” Sociological Perspectives VOL(X): 1-20. 1,154 more words

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