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Four Sparrows, Chapter 2, Scenes 2+3

Felipe tipped him off about ships sailing east, allowing him to rendezvous with a ship that still had space. Would they take him with so little money? 4,373 more words

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U.S. News | Black Trans Women

Trans woman of color in killed in Florida, tenth in 2015’s increase in violence against trans individuals
  • India Clarke was found murdered in Tampa by blunt force trauma to the upper body.
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The March of Impropriety in the Arrest of Sandra Bland

The New York Times has published a multimedia feature breaking down the legality of the police interaction with Sandra Bland, a black woman with professed mental health afflictions found dead in a Houston-area jail cell under contested circumstances three days after her arrest.  64 more words

Race + Ethnicity
Research: One major migration from Siberia led to American settlement no more than 23,000 years ago
Race + Ethnicity

The Life and Love of Black Women in Japan

Part of her “Black Eye” series in The Japan Times examining life in Japan for black immigrants, this Baye McNeil piece shines a light on the hardships of romantic life for black women in the country.  44 more words


Who Votes? Congressional Elections and the American Electorate: 1978–2014

Who Votes? Congressional Elections and the American Electorate: 1978–2014 (PDF)
Source: U.S. Census Bureau
This report’s first section, “Historical Turnout in Congressional Elections, 1978–2014,” presents reported turnout rates, both overall and by race, Hispanic origin, and age, for each congressional election year from 1978 to the most recent election held in 2014.3… 205 more words