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History of Me, Part 7: Slovakia - Survival and Self-Determination

In this edition of History of Me, we take a brief trip to the land of the Slovaks to learn about 1/4 of my ancestors and their struggle to survive. 2,016 more words


"I Don't See Color" - Yes, You Do.

“I don’t see color.”

Oh, really? Huh…

There is a segment of the population that has color blindness, but the individuals that boldly state this sentence are not discussing the diagnosable medical condition. 600 more words

Race & Ethnicity

A Letter to My Grandparents

Dear Luis and Dixie,

Thank you.

Thank you for being my grandparents, and thank you for loving me so much. My parents tell me, because I was too young to remember this, that you guys endlessly loved and adored us when my brother, sister and I were born. 867 more words

Race & Ethnicity

We Need Unity, Not Uniformity

“Most segregated time of day is Sunday service / Now what you think that say about the God you worship?” “Dirty Water” by  1,126 more words

Race & Ethnicity

The Arab Slave Trade of Black Africans

The brutal dehumanisation of slavery in a non-detachable tragedy in the history of the African history. Contemporary Africans will certainly be aware of the atrocities of the Wests in orchestrating the trans-Atlantic slave trade.  251 more words

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Little Einsteins

Plotline Emphasis: Educational tasks

Gender Breakdown: Evenly mixed

Gender Roles: Traditional males and females

Main Character: Leo, Traditional male

Diversity: race/ethnicity… 1,145 more words

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