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Ukraine News | Black

Ukraine football team faces sanctions, assailants face charges after black fans attacked at Ukraine football match
  • At least four black individuals were attacked during an Oct.
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U.S. News | Racial & Ethnic Minorities

Students lobby Portland school board for ethnic studies class
  • The Asian Pacific Islander Leaders for the Liberation of Youth (ALLY) have lobbied the Portland Public Schools Board of Education for the creation of at least one ethnic studies class in all 10 of the public high schools in Oregon’s largest city.
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Notes on "Urban Geopolitics and the Spectacle of Tourism," a talk by Dr. Vincent J. Del Casino, Jr.

Tourism as a (re)production of geopolitical (yet mundane) tensions — the use of race, class, gender, and sexuality as signposts of difference, statecrafting – and resistance to —unreadable—- processes. 140 more words

Pop Culture

Mixed, passing for white

Maya Cueva’s dad is Peruvian and her mother is Jewish. Because her skin is white, she feels she has to prove her racial identity out in the world, by emphasizing her Latina heritage.  57 more words

Youth Radio

Authenticity: Why Obama's not Half-Black

In a recent article for the National Review, senior editor Jonah Goldberg discussed the popularity of Ben Carson amongst the GOP (at least based on recent polls). 814 more words


UK News | Racial Minorities & Women

British PM announces name-blind admissions and hiring measures, new gender pay equity policies
  • PM David Cameron announced that the UK’s University and College Admissions Service (UCAS) will switch to name-blind applicant evaluation in 2017 to reduce racial bias in college admissions.
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Law & Politics

Memoirs of invisible black women

There’s a growing national awareness about racial injustice in American, with the attention centering on black men. These young African-American women talk about the issues that evade the public discussion, leaving them feeling like misunderstood in school and disregarded in society.  63 more words