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Is it Mandatory to Stand for the Anthem?

Relevance demanded I hash out a quick piece on this whole Colin Kaepernick issue. It has begun to irritate me that so many people are quick to condemn someone else for not being unflinchingly nationalistic at all times. 363 more words


The Real Legacy of Rudy Giuliani

Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with Rudy Giuliani, he has been all over the news media of late as the go-to Trump surrogate on terrorism.   849 more words

Good And Evil

On Being Gender Agnostic

Academics, raise your hand if you have trouble sitting down to write in the morning?  Now, how many of you find that your procrastination stems from trying to figure out who you are in this world?  1,673 more words


I Can't Save You... I Can Barely Save Myself

It’s 11am now — typically the 2- or 3-hour mark into my work day.  But, on this day, like many of the days over the past two weeks, I have been awake and working in some capacity for 6 hours now.  1,221 more words


Stories about people who clashed with police and survived (somehow, never with the police's help)

People killed by police, 2016. 648 and counting.

The list of young people burdened by these tumultuous times includes Tamir Rice’s teenage sister, who lost 50 pounds after watching the police shoot him in 2014; the daughter of Oscar Grant III, killed by a transit officer while lying down on a California train platform in 2009, who as a 5-year-old would ask playmates to duck when she saw the police; and the 9-year-old nephew of Sandra Bland, who began sleeping in his mother’s room after Ms. 289 more words

News Roundup

Celebrating Diversity

If you wish to learn about Australia, talk first to Australians and those who’ve actually been to Australia; if you wish to learn about war, talk first to people who’ve actually been to war; if you wish to learn about parenting, talk first to people who actually have kids; and if you wish to learn about racial profiling, talk first to people who’ve actually experienced it. 343 more words

Political People & Politics

Minorities outside the spotlight

By Ji-Ho Lee

From protests in Ferguson and Columbia to more recent shootings in Minnesota, Louisiana and Texas, tensions between white and black Americans have dominated the national conversation about race and inequality. 661 more words

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