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Myanmar News | Rohingya

Rohingya politician barred from re-election as hundreds of thousands find themselves struck from voting rolls
  • Lawmaker U Shwe Maung, a member of Myanmar’s governing party, was informed by the country’s electoral commission of his ineligibility to run for re-election.
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U.S. Feature | Undocumented Asian Immigrants

Undocumented Silence

With only 21% of the estimated 87,000 undocumented Asian immigrants having applied for deportation relief under the Obama administration’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, the U.S.’s undocumented Asian community has largely existed in the shadow of the more politically vocal Latino community in immigration activism. 44 more words

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Mali News | Fulani Muslims

Fulani Malians face vulnerability to radicalization as marginalization and Islamist conflict persist
  • Spread throughout West and Central Africa, the semi-nomadic ethnic Fulani are being targeted in Mali by Islamist groups like the Massina Liberation Front (MLF).
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Israel News | Incarcerated Palestinians

Israel looks to release Palestinian hunger-striker after months of charge-less detention
  • Israeli authorities have offered release to prisoner Mohammad Allan on the condition that he be exiled for four years.
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Life Round Where

It’s been a while since I’ve done an update post. I was reminded/inspired to do one of these after catching up on two of my favorite blogs, … 1,052 more words

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5 facts about America’s students

5 facts about America’s students
Source: Pew Research Center

In a few weeks, America’s roughly 53.5 million K-12 students will head to the classroom. Trading in swimming pools and summer jobs for math problems and history homework, these students will hit the books at one of more than 129,200 schools across the country, including about 5,700 charter schools and 30,900 private schools.

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Marsh, C. 2015. "Osheaga's Headdress Ban Shows Festivals Zero Tolerance for Cultural Appropriation."

Marsh, Calum. 2015. “Osheaga’s Headdress Ban Shows Festival’s Zero Tolerance for Cultural Appropriation.” The Guardian (July 17). http://www.theguardian.com/culture/2015/jul/17/osheaga-music-festival-headdress-cultural-appropriation

Included in the FAQ of banned items at Osheaga Festival was First Nations headdresses, with the consequence of confiscation or barring from the festival until it can be removed. 228 more words

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