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Deconstructing the Gender Binary & Identity Complex

For this week’s edition of #TellItTuesday, where we’re discussing all and any thing about the topic of gender, I am take a stab at beginning the process of deconstructing gender binary. 660 more words

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#MotivationalMonday Film Focus: 'The Black Power Mixtape'

The Black Liberation Army was more than an organization. It was more than even a movement. It was a cataclysmic development resulting in the galvanization of collectives of the masses for one common goal. 836 more words

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And The Versatile Blogger Award Nomination Goes To.... EVERYTHINGSHAQUANA!!!

The blessings just keep rolling in. I am so humbled and honored to acknowledge and accept EverythingShaquana.com’s Versatile Blogger Award. First and foremost, I am filled with humble gratitude toward the amazing blog, 717 more words

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The Power of Afeni Shakur: Reading "The Evolution of a Revolutionary"

“To be able to go through life knowing that a man in the street ain’t gonna beat you up. Having a man watch my back if I needed that. 3,957 more words

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Kwanzaa Day 6: Kuumba

Happy Extended Kwanzaa ❤️❤️!!

Today’s principle is “Kuumba.”

It means, ‘Creativity.’ The word. The action. The reality. Fantasy. And the works.

Do it! Believe it! Be it! 40 more words

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MommyFiles: Ten Strengths I've Acquired As A New Mom

1. Truth

2. Migraines that I can survive.

3. Hunger pains that heal.

4. Love beyond knowledge or wisdom.

5. Humility.

6. Forgiveness.

7. Forgetfulness. Of irrelevance and… 43 more words

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Celebrating Kwanzaa In July: Decoding Day 5's Principle Called 'Nia'

Happy Late/ Continued Kwanzaa ❤️❤️!! Today’s principle is “Nia.” Which stands for, ‘purpose.’

Defining your purpose, in such a way that it flows directly into your ability to make a lifestyle… 231 more words

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