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Perceptions of Racial Reality in Media

On the way to school this morning, I asked my son to name one of his favorite shows (which are mostly cartoons) that had a girl or woman of color as the lead. 519 more words


What Makes A Woman?

This is not a question I thought anyone needed to address, but Facebook this week has shown me how wrong I am. Because wow, there was so much anti-trans bullshit happening among Black people, especially Black women this week. 555 more words


Trevor's interview shows ignorance is not bliss

I’m often inspired to write from conversations I have with friends. And memories of my childhood. Often it is hard for me to get the words from my head to screen or paper but they find their way out. 570 more words

How to Appease Anger and Frustration

It was the same routine. This morning, my lovely darling didn’t agree with the clothes that I picked out for her to wear to school. This… 929 more words


She posted an N-word-filled rant on Facebook, and now this substitute teacher is out of a job

People continue to learn the hard way that making racist statements on social media can and will have serious consequences — like losing your job. 259 more words

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Angry Asian Nation

“A daily must-read for the media-savvy, socially conscious, pop-cultured Asian American.” -The Washington Post

Phil Yu’s blog Angry Asian Man has been around since 2001, meaning most of my life, and growing up, it was something I was introduced to by my mom to become more culturally aware of my own background. 296 more words

Race In America

What is Whiteness?

I’ve been thinking about this question a lot. As some may know, I run a blog on mixed race identity called I Am Hapa (“hapa” being the Hawaiian word for half) and while I haven’t been posting on it much, my friend… 856 more words

Race In America