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The day the riots stopped

The sad truth..

While we have witnessed endless protest, riots, and even random assasination style killings against police officers over the last few years, we have repeatedly been told that these actions were a reaction to the unchecked power of the police. 1,182 more words

Current Events

An Absolute Must-Read!

I can’t say enough about this book. It’s been on my to-be-read list since it came out. However, I knew I needed to give it my full attention. 608 more words


Transforming the Way We Teach Math

A non-profit organization called the MIND Research Institute is looking to change the way we teach math.  Matthew Peterson in this TED talk discusses how all students, especially students whose first language is not English, benefit when math is taught them through a game format with no language or instructions and immediate informative feedback.   26 more words

Race In America

We Can’t Get Out: The Untransferrable Birthright of Black American Pain

The first time I learned about Emmett Till I was in fourth grade, which is now thirty years ago. I have never once stopped feeling a slight cold wave over my chest at just hearing his name. 569 more words

I Burnt Out Because We Keep Pretending Black Activists Are Made Of Steel

Featured on Affinity Magazine

Trigger Warning: There is discussion surrounding mental illness, specifically depression, anxiety and PTSD. There’s also mention of racist and transphobic violence. Please practice self care. 2,757 more words

Race And Society

Black America Does Not Want Ice Cream. We Want Justice.

Featured in Affinity Magazine

Today America’s law enforcement officers offered up yet another tone-deaf response to the issue of state-sanctioned violence while continuing to uphold white supremacy by cooperating with the devaluing of our bodies and enabling of race soldiers to slaughter us. 902 more words

Race And Society

Race In America: the results of my survey.

Thanks to all 49 of you who participated in my survey! Below are the results.

and as for the responses? For now, either you’re tired of racism, you don’t care, you wish you could do more, or you don’t know what to do. 838 more words