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The Laziness of All Look Same

As an Asian American growing up in the New York area, I love Jeremy Lin. I don’t even like basketball, but it was exciting to see someone who looks like me on television in any capacity, let alone sports. 557 more words


R.I.A: Let's Talk About White Privilege (Part One)

Recently, I attended a white privilege seminar held at my university. I had seen the event be advertised around the campus for the last week and had full attentions on being there for the entire thing, but prior engagements got in the way and I was only able to be there for the last 15 minutes. 781 more words

Prelude to a President

What’s the difference between reality and perception? Well that depends on who is taking your picture or if they’re writing your obituary. Those individuals who have actually met or befriended Donald Trump overwhelmingly share the same opinion of the New York native. 849 more words

Freedom & Faith

Voter Intimidation is Illegal, Yet Trump Still Calls for it

Let’s play a game! If you can successfully answer the following direction, you get to vote in this upcoming presidential election. If not, too bad. 649 more words


Regarding the Recent Shootings

What are we here for? It’s the question that we have contemplated since the beginning. We can fool around with different ideas or just go through the motions without ever considering the consequences of our decisions.  454 more words


Punctuation Matters, Period.

Breaking news: Ben Carson is NOT the only Black doctor in the United States. I repeat, Ben Carson is not the only Black doctor in the United States. 557 more words


Topher Sanders: "Only White People," Said the Little Girl

Few things are more awesome than listening to kids playing on the playground. There’s magic in that mix of laughter and exhausted breaths — giggle, pant, giggle. 1,636 more words

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