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I’m a white middle-aged male


I do not feel that I have had in the past

or currently

any white privilege


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Human Condition

Don't Rebuild on Rubble

Acts 16:12-40

A sermon preached at Southminster Presbyterian Church in Boise, Idaho

April 22, 2018

Last week, we heard the story about how Saul, or Paul, as he’s called here, had an encounter with the risen Jesus, and turned his life from being a persecutor of Jesus to an evangelist for Jesus. 2,121 more words


Well we’ve certainly had a lot of fun talking about Starbucks.

After listening to the call placed to the police,

After watching the interview of the two men arrested,

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Effective Living

George Yancy: Should I Give Up on White People?

You deserve to be punished with several fists to your face! You’re nothing but a troublemaker! I’ve had enough of your Racist talk! You’d better watch what you say and to whom you say it! 1,857 more words

Opinion Leaders

Training for a Better Life

Every four years pandering politicians decry poverty and invoke income inequality to raise the ire of voters by demonizing capitalism and the so-called existence of “white privilege”: all despite the fact Caucasian children represent the largest impoverished sect in America. 677 more words

"Unarmed black man killed by police" -- Words spoken too often -- Police vehicle strikes protester at call for justice for Stephon Clark

Al Jazeera

The incident occurred as demonstrators marched to demand justice for unarmed black man killed by police.

April 1, 2018 676 more words

Ivy degree – now what? Low-income grads struggle with careers, status

Many low-income students who are the first generation in their families to go to college feel pressure to succeed and grapple with one of the most difficult transitions in a modern, developed society – moving from one socioeconomic class to another. 3,178 more words