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Hats Off to Erich Nikischer

For taking a stand — Longtime Bills stadium worker quits job and walks out after players’ anthem protest.

The report states that “he further voiced his displeasure by vowing to ‘never step foot in the that place again’ and boycotting the NFL completely ‘until this ends.'” 67 more words

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Upstate "Hate"

The so-called Southern so-called Poverty so-called Law Center has created a “Hate Map.” In these parts, we have the Most Holy Family Monastery… 104 more words

Rectification of Psychological Names

Rectification of names, that age-old Confucian project, is being undertaken today in a “paper aims to improve the psychological literacy of psychology students as well as the broader public,” we learn in a… 273 more words

AmRen Blocked at My Daughter's Orthodontist

I tried to access American Renaissance while waiting for my daughter’s braces to get tightened at Get It Straight this morning, and encountered this message from an operation calling itself… 194 more words

Roof Koreans

This article lets us know they’ve been elevated to memehood — The Roof Korean Option: A Response to Rod Dreher.

Author Jesse Russell, after eviscerating the annoying Internet personality who “has made a living vacillating between liberal and conservative positions and has mastered the art of penning gushing, effeminate blog posts for consumption by equally neurotic, left-leaning conservative Christian women with secretly gay husbands,” writes:

150 more words
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We May Not All Be African After All

“Newly discovered human-like footprints from Crete may put the established narrative of early human evolution to the test,” we read here — Fossil footprints challenge established theories of human evolution… 50 more words