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* Poverty, the brain, and race

In the current issue of Brain in the News, researchers have once again linked poverty and neural development.  I am adding race to that equation.   238 more words

Race Matters

Who are You?

Great leaders are always growing and learning. They read regularly. They watch attentively. They ask important questions and they listen to wise counsel. I’ve always been a student of great leaders, and have allowed the wisdom and paths of those leaders to shape me personally as I lead and mentor others. 1,141 more words


"And we said no." - Why we need to start saying yes.

BrightSide and I were driving home from a family vacation last week.  We stopped for sandwiches close to home, and it was during this last leg of the trip that we stumbled onto a story on NPR. 1,516 more words


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And you thought that Ruby Bridges had a fight.... How come I never heard of this before now?

An Invitation to Chat with Leaders about Ethnicity and the Church

Hi Folks,

I am coming off a spring and summer season that was filled with travels, speaking engagements, training seminars, leadership opportunities, and writing. I am slowly getting back on the saddle now, and can hardly wait to share what I have been learning. 173 more words

Race Matters

Wilmore - Pop Tarts, Republican Debate, BlackLivesMatter

Answering the mind bending question – Is it possible to toast a Pop Tart in the time dedicated in the Republican Debate to race?


Another Black Man Killed, Tonight on "Conversations Of A Sistah"

On July 19, 2015 Samuel DuBose was shot in the head point blank range by a University of Cincinnati police officer during a routine traffic stop. 123 more words

Conversations Of A Sistah

Guide For Men On Becoming 'Allies' To Muslim Women Feminists

Last week’s post debated the continuous problems that Muslim women and feminists face in the name of solidarity and alliance support. Those who missed it can click… 1,194 more words

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