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Let's Talk Race - Through the Lens

Right now, Iggy’s worldview consists of one person: Iggy. It is all about Iggy’s needs, Iggy’s wants, Iggy’s plans, and Iggy’s power(lessness). Eventually, he will grow. 674 more words

Foster Care

Let's Talk Race - Critical Moments

I remember the moment his hand slipped into mine. The warmth of his skin jolted me out of my boredom, and my head jerked in his direction to see his bright white smile. 643 more words

Foster Care

A night at the detention centre

You may write me down in history

With your bitter, twisted lies,

You may trod me in the very dirt

But still, like dust, I’ll rise. 2,472 more words

Leadership Issue: Hello! Millennials are Leaving the Church

Millennials are leaving the Church. That’s the conclusion that is drawn from much of the recent readings. The statement is only partially true, however, and it presents a great opportunity for the evangelical church to reconsider how she approaches the millennial generation, makes disciples, and views diversity. 175 more words


* Color your world BLUE, marred by racism

Caution: This post may cause you to gag.

Here is a beautiful blue sky in Virginia, marred by a Confederate flag.  No, I don’t think that this flag represents anything but hatred and shame, as in “Shame on you for flying a flag like this!”  If anyone doubts that racism is alive and well, and I’d guess only white folks might feel that way, here is more proof that we are not living the dream. 18 more words

Blogging Challenges

Diversity Matters

Diversity Matters was launched in April 2016, however was initially the hashtag of UAL ACS society 2014/15. Since launching in 2016 with Diversity Matters Awareness Week, the platform which started out in UAL (University of the Arts London) rapidly continues to grow. 51 more words

Diversity Matters

“This Land Is Our Land”

We all have a part to play in how our world operates. The interconnectivity of our lives can no longer be ignored. Beloved, justice-loving President John F. 726 more words