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Did "Souls to the Polls" Defeat Judge Roy Moore?

We know the results — Doug Jones Wins Alabama — No Thanks To White People.

We learn that “Jones’s campaign made the decision to fund… get-out-the-vote efforts” such as “grills outside polling stations” and “[b]uses, minivans, and taxicabs… taking people to the polls” — … 62 more words

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White Genocide Stalled

A report on a study finding that “Trump was more likely to win counties where the middle-aged white death rates increased significantly from 1999 until 2016 than his Democrat opponent, Hillary Clinton” — … 7 more words

Google Doodle Honors Three Dead White European Males!

I was surprised to see Jan Ingenhousz, pictured at the top, a couple days ago, and then even more surprised to see him followed by…

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America's New Religion

From a Roissian post on “the numinously accessible black mascot adopted by 115 IQ SWPL shitlib sanctimony-addict Whites who want to prove their moral righteousness to wine party circuit peers” borrowing from “Anon at Sailer’s” — … 177 more words

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"America’s Foremost Public Thinker"

Steve Sailer ponders his “genius” — Ta-Nehisi Coates: “All Is Fog”. Asks Mr. Sailer:

Which trait most accounts for the spectacular career of Ta-Nehisi Coates, …

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