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"Democrats Were Quick to Issue Outrage"

Observes this report from Down Under, in their reaction to our president’s speaking a rather simple and what should be unifying truth to the powers (and principalities) that want us divided — …

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The Trumpening

"Have Conversations"

These two words, as used by the left these days, must be the most Orwellian phrase being thrown around. Conversation implies the exchange of ideas, but I picture these “conversations” taking place in windowless rooms, with one of the participants bruised and bound to a chair with electrical cords. 249 more words

America The Beautiful

"There Is Only One Side" and the Tacit Endorsement of Leftist Political Violence

In reckless disregard of our time-honored republican traditions of transition of power and ex-president’s leaving governance to their successors, the two top figures from the former… 283 more words

America The Beautiful

I read a Facebook post this morning from a woman who has adoptive children from Africa. In it she shared the sort of evil, hateful messages she received about her family.

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Race Matters

P&G's, "The Talk"

Proctor & Gamble’s newest commercial shows black mothers sharing truths about bias and racial stereotypes likely to be encountered while growing up in America.

The ad is causing quite a stir. 12 more words

You Can Change It

Carnival as a Vehicle for Social Justice Advocacy

Summer is upon us once again, and one of the many activities Caribbean people anticipate during this time is carnival. Many of us will be vacationing to our respective home countries to participate in the many carnival celebrations that will engulf each nation. 1,742 more words


* Belief: a lesson from my friend

“I am an A student.”  My friend told herself that after failing her freshman year in college.  She never studied and wasn’t sure what “A students” did.   276 more words

Race Matters