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White People Making Racist Mistakes

Recently, we’ve had a slew of high profile examples of privileged white people acting like, well, privileged white people. Setting aside Iggy Azalea being willfully oblivious to her… 1,010 more words

Finding a New Perspective: Reconciling Privilege with Empathy

I think a lot about poverty and low-income families. Reading this report from the Children’s Defense Fund about ways to reduce child poverty made me want to do more to advocate change. 723 more words

A Look Into Race As A Social Construct

Sometimes a picture is truly worth a thousand words.  For those of us from the “multiracial” or mixed race community, photos of our population – our people, our families, our children, – aren’t as shocking as they are an affirmation of what we have already known: … 672 more words

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Black Christian Leaders Changing the World

My friend, Rev. Mae Elise Cannon, is senior director of advocacy and outreach for World Vision USA. She is also author of several books, including her most recent release, … 110 more words

Race Matters

Adventures in...Desegregation

Okay, that title might be a little misleading. I didn’t actually desegregate anything. I did, however, go to a talk about the history of school desegregation in our county.  660 more words

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Nerd In The Brain shares her participation in a local discussion of the desegregation of her town. I think it's a great idea for all of us to to research our local history of racial injustice. Schools can invite black members of the community (ideally, relatives of students) to share their experiences. We all need this history with its passion and truth.

Worship in a Dynamic and Diverse Culture

An interview with Nikki Lerner, Worship Director at Bridgeway Community Church

Nikki Lerner serves as the Worship Ministry Director at Bridgeway Community Church in Columbia, Maryland, under the leadership of Dr. 354 more words

Race Matters

New Book: My Grandfather Would Have Shot Me...

“I am the granddaughter of Amon Goeth, who shot hundreds of people – and for being black, he would have shot me, too.” – Jennifer Teege… 441 more words

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