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You Can Do Hard Things

So, I have a race this weekend! And it’s just about my one year anniversary of when I started running, so I’m feeling a bit nostalgic. 548 more words

Half Marathon Training

Race Week

3 days until the half-marathon! I always read/hear people talking about how hard it is to taper back your mileage race week, but I’m not gonna lie, it has been a MUCH needed break, especially for my poor feet. 370 more words


Week 4- A Little Early

I am kind of liking these weekly recaps.  I feel like they are helping keep me on track.   Particularly this week, I ran the gamut of craving a run to feeling like doing nothing but stuffing food in my face.   668 more words


Triathlon training - race week!

Just a very quick sum-up of what I got up to this week… race recap will come as soon as I have some energy back because I am still wiped out! 415 more words


Pre-Race Feelings: Part II

It’s here!! As you are reading this I am already in the car, cruisin’ up Wisconsin, on my way to Duluth to run Grandma’s Marathon! 735 more words


Pre-Race Feelings: Part I

WARNING: if you are in a really happy mood today and you are particularly susceptible to other people’s bad moods salting your mellow, I suggest skipping this one. 1,233 more words


Race Week: My First Ever Running Race

Picture it: March, 2012 in Princeton, New Jersey, a girl mails in a race registration form after seeing a flyer advertising the race on a supermarket bulletin board. 538 more words