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My Taper-Race-Taper-Race January

I am supposed to be tapering for Miami Half but I couldn’t stand it anymore! I had to run tonight! So even though I got home late-ish tonight, I jumped directly on my treadmill and cranked out a 4 mile run before I started my school work. 436 more words

Races - The Ultimate Motivator

Walt Disney World Marathon 2016 - Race Recap Part I

I keep thinking I’m having a dream and will wake up in my Disney hotel room in the dark the night before the race. That’s how good I feel right now. 1,407 more words

Races - The Ultimate Motivator

Disney's About To Get Real

Gotta admit, I’m sort of in denial about this race coming up. My better half keeps saying things like “… we can just get that in Orlando this weekend… 647 more words

Races - The Ultimate Motivator

Hot Chocolate 15k Race Recap

Spoiler Alert – GREAT race!

I will be 100% honest, I was not entirely thrilled about doing this race. The only reason being I was just tired of racing. 822 more words

Post 9RunRun Post

To be honest, the title of this blog was an accident, but when I realized it made sense I decided to leave it.

I’m a week and a few days post 9runrun and I thought I’d post my splits and some of the race pictures. 331 more words


Tapering: MCM Style

How many times, and how many ways, can I say that my third marathon has been drastically different than my past two? In my past two marathons, tapering has been accompanied by a marked increase in fretting, nervous energy, and an inability to stop talking about anything but my upcoming marathon (which is always a problem anyway, but significantly more so in the days preceding a marathon). 327 more words


I'm alive!!

Hey folks. Sorry about the month long hiatus. I’ve been pretty busy and blogging hasn’t been on my mind!

First update: I am back at school! 789 more words