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Hot Chocolate 15k Race Recap

Spoiler Alert – GREAT race!

I will be 100% honest, I was not entirely thrilled about doing this race. The only reason being I was just tired of racing. 822 more words

Post 9RunRun Post

To be honest, the title of this blog was an accident, but when I realized it made sense I decided to leave it.

I’m a week and a few days post 9runrun and I thought I’d post my splits and some of the race pictures. 331 more words


Tapering: MCM Style

How many times, and how many ways, can I say that my third marathon has been drastically different than my past two? In my past two marathons, tapering has been accompanied by a marked increase in fretting, nervous energy, and an inability to stop talking about anything but my upcoming marathon (which is always a problem anyway, but significantly more so in the days preceding a marathon). 327 more words


I'm alive!!

Hey folks. Sorry about the month long hiatus. I’ve been pretty busy and blogging hasn’t been on my mind!

First update: I am back at school! 789 more words


Race the Night at Suntec

Event Name: DCD F1 Networking Dinner

Nature of Event: Networking Dinner

Overview: Over the F1 Race Weekend, the client booked Room 331 for their private networking dinner, where their guests could enjoy an unobstructed view overlooking Turn 7 of the Singapore F1 GP. 186 more words

Customised Themed Experiences

Preservation or Preparation: same thing

Race weekend preparations are stressful. For all of us.

Here’s the Coles Notes version:

  • The race car isn’t working.
  • It needs to be track ready in less than two days.
  • 559 more words

Citizen Spotlight

 Citizen Spotlight
Last week I met Armando at my weekly spin class. We chatted as fellow NAU alumni lumberjacks and told him what I was training for. 435 more words