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Understanding the City as a Settler Colonial Structure

Much of the scholarship within American urban sociology has concerned itself with the various forms of inequality that have developed in and around US cities throughout its history. 4,736 more words


​Understanding Eurocentrism as a Structural Problem of Undone Science

(Derived from a course paper for Politics of Knowledge taught by Steven Epstein at Northwestern University)

The tiles of the landmark volumes The Death of White Sociology (Ladner, 1973) and White Logic, White Methods (Zuberi and Bonilla-Silva 2008) highlight a particular truth about sociology, its methods, and theories which is that they are heavily influenced by European and colonial social thought. 5,770 more words


The Transition from Blackness as Property to Blackness as Pathogen in the United States

(Derived from a course paper for a Historical Institutionalism class taught by Jim Mahoney at Northwestern University)

One of the central stories within United States history is that of the development of its racial regime. 3,160 more words


Musaman TriDavNor inaugural race

A couple of months ago, we got invited to race the inaugural Olympic Distance Triathlon in Davao, the Musaman TriDavNor. We happily accepted the invitation, and looked forward to the racecation. 721 more words

Mapping LA-tinx Suburbia

Genevieve Carpio
Andy Rutkowski  

One of the most famous attempts to describe Los Angeles depicts it as an enclave of communities without a focused core; a collective search for a pulse that does not exist. 5,909 more words


Blog Ambitions

Why do some people believe that ethnicity constitutes the “right of way” to the subjugation and domination of “subordinate” or “inferior” ethnicities? What are the dangers of using the term “racism” too loosely? 104 more words


The replies are in - see what we had to say to Frontier re: Resolution T-17525.

We want to “Gigafy Phelan” – and we are doing what we can to ensure that the CPUC will vote “yes” on resolution T-17525 on Thursday 6/29/2017. 185 more words

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