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An Unnecessary Attack on Christmas

It appears that one of the major goals coming out of the recent Million Man March, labeled “Equal Justice or Else,” was a call for Black America to boycott Black Friday and every shopping day throughout the entire Christmas season. 819 more words

Black Culture

No, the SAT doesn't just "measure income"

The SAT is certainly modestly correlated with parental income, but it is simply not true that the SAT is nothing more than a measure of family income. 3,164 more words


Why Diversity

“Diversity” became the announced goal of schools and employers and liberal activists once American voters and courts turned against “affirmative action” for black Americans (never mind the idea of… 1,093 more words

The Confederate States

The confederate flag originated in 1861 and on May 1, 1863 it was adopted as the official flag to represent the confederate states. The confederate states included Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Louisiana, and Texas. 227 more words


thanksgiving dinner

When I got home tonight, I watched a video of police leaving Laquan McDonald, a black kid, to die in the street. Then I read that the cops shot him sixteen times in fifteen seconds, and that a prosecutor took over a year to decide that the murder of this kid might be a crime. 426 more words