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Geneva Roundup!

One of the biggest dates on the automotive calendar, the Geneva Motor Show, took place this week. With it came some of the most important releases from the largest car companies, along with some pretty awesome ones from smaller companies too. 562 more words


My dog is not a racist.

My dog is not a racist.

My dog does not like black dogs. Specifically those that are bigger than he is. Every dog who has ever jumped him or been let out without a leash by some idiotic woman who doesn’t understand her dog is a criminal at large.. 524 more words


What Did Happen In Ferguson And What Should

Feel free to file it under the heading “Tell me something that I didn’t know.”


That is how I feel about The Department of Justice’s… 975 more words

Darren Wilson

Archaeological Find Pushes Origin of Homo Genus Back by a Half Million Years

In a rare congruence of new evidence, two fossil jaws described Wednesday cast a fused beam of light on one of the darkest mysteries in human evolution: the origin of our genus… 1,278 more words


Kim Nelson: On Being An "Other"

My mom was born and raised in the Philippines, and my dad is white (of Irish and Swedish heritage). When I fill out a form and come to the race question, I usually check “Other.” My siblings and I run the gamut of varying shades on the ethnic-looking scale from “white-ish” to “definitely mixed something-or-other, but can’t tell what exactly.” In person, I’ve been mistaken for: Latina, Hawaiian, Native American, Italian, and Inuit. 746 more words

Kim Nelson

Chico Stage Race Report

The VuMedi Cycling Team left for the Chico Stage Race early Friday morning from director AJ’s home. There was an apparent sense of nerves and excitement among the riders as this would be our first real objective for the season, and nobody knew what to expect. 879 more words