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Can Baltimore Police Change One Year After Freddie Gray's Death?

From his fourth-floor window, Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis can see both the city’s humming downtown and its scarred west side, where a series of events set off by a black man’s death in police custody just over one year ago led, among many other things, to Davis sitting in this office right now. 2,009 more words

Curley's Fishery 5K Trail Race (3rd of 3)

It is always pleasing to feel that you have made progress; more so when the data tells you so.  That was just one of the things that I thought about after the last in the series of Curley’s Fishery Trail Races. 319 more words


Black Lives Matter Co-Founder: The Immigration Challenge No One Is Talking About

Immigration is a hot issue this election season. Unfortunately, despite the attention that news outlets and presidential candidates are giving the issue, the most devastating policies immigrants face—the 1996 immigration laws—are barely on the radar. 840 more words

Race, Family Income, and Test Scores: A New Study

The New York Times features a new study of the intersection of race, family income, and test scores by Sean Reardon, Demetra Kalogrides, and Kenneth Shores. 631 more words


Scavenger Seattle: The Seattle Challenge

For something closer to home, but just as invigorating, check out the Seattle Challenge website! This weekend they have a scavenger race that challenges your mind as much as your legs! 41 more words


Beyoncé - Lemonade.

Last week, Beyoncé’s latest and hour long visual album LEMONADE premiered on HBO (later released on Tidal, iTunes, etc) and it felt like the world collectively lost their shit. 303 more words