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As a woman, I am only skin deep

These days, I find myself more and more annoyed when random people (mostly of the male variety) ask me where I’m from. There seems to be no genuine interest in inquiring about me as a person. 321 more words

Immigration Undermines Social Trust, Part IV: Political Consequences of Mass Immigration

“The safety of the Republic depends essentially on the energy of a common national sentiment…The influx of foreigners must, therefore, tend to…corrupt the national spirit…”~~~Alexander Hamilton…

2,216 more words

A Libertarian Case For Trump

The fate of the Republic hangs in the balance. If the wrong candidate wins the presidential election, the scope of the nation will be permanently transformed, politically and culturally. 612 more words

More straight talking British Pakistanis

Having studied the idea of identity and culture, four British Pakistani students discuss race, cricket, families, religion and career ambitions. The result is an honest account of young British Pakistanis, touching on how they see themselves and how others may perceive them. 48 more words

Straight Talking British Pakistanis

Female students from Luton Sixth Form College discuss culture, race, religion identity and their ambitions. A series of questions were firstly put to them, and then to other groups of British Pakistani students. 64 more words

"Where Are the People of Colour?": What Interactive Media Should Do About Race Representation

Above – The Get Down Brothers from The Get Down. Source: imdb.com

Being a first-world millennial, I have been consuming digital media more or less my entire life and, needless to say, it has shaped the way I perceive my immediate environment and the rest of the world. 971 more words


Linguistics and White Priviledge

Every once in a while a question will be posted to Quora about White Privilege that questions the validity of the term and concept based on personal experience with hardship.   1,057 more words