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If You're the Expert, Why am I the One Fighting?

Some combat- and story-related spoilers for Mass Effect: Andromeda


Some random thoughts I don’t want to forget:

Jaal and hope. Did you get the email from Lexi? 1,733 more words

PMBA Hopetech Womens Enduro - Riding bikes & having fun!

Get involved or Miss out

There is a real buzz and momentum behind getting more women involved in biking at all levels at the moment. It’s often in the more social form with group rides popping up left, right and centre, which is fantastic. 3,430 more words

Black Superheroes Matter: Why a 'Black Panther' Movie Is Revolutionary

Standing in the bay of a speeding Wakandan jet, a member of the African nation’s special forces unit – the Dora Milaje – advises their king, T’Challa: “Don’t freeze.” Calmly, the leader replies “I never freeze.” He’s assured, regal, radiating a near subzero-temperature sense of cool. 9 more words


The Care and Feeding of Black Children's Souls pt.4

As I’ve said before, some of my favorite people in Unitarian Universalism are religious educators. So I think about them when I read stories about children; children of color in particular. 307 more words


One of the most controversial issues facing law enforcement and security officials in today’s society is profiling. Criminal, racial, and ethnic profiling being among the most controversial.

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Some St. George Extra and What I'm Doing Now

I mentioned in a previous post about St. George how I was excited about the race because of friends running it.

My friend Jenna, who also used the same coach as me, was running to Boston Qualify, and I had no doubts she would do it. 517 more words


Checking In and Classic American Literature

I’m a highschool student right now, and as the system dictates (or requires of me with the threat of “throwing my life away”), I show up to each of my seven classes every day from eight in the morning to a quarter after three, get my eight hours of sleep, and most days, work part-time. 1,805 more words