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Supreme Court Fair Housing Decision Means More Than May Appear

Quite a morning at the Supreme Court last Thursday. As you all know, a six-member majority preserved affordable health insurance for low and moderate-income people — and not only the 6.4 million whose subsidies were at immediate risk, for reasons I… 721 more words

Race/Ethnicity Gaps

Low-Income Children Can Move Up If They Grow Up in a Good Place

We know you’ve got to choose the right parents if you want to wind up higher on the income scale — or so the research tells us. 1,075 more words


Some College Education Not Enough in DC's Economy

As you may have noticed, this recovery that’s suppose to be more than five years old now hasn’t been one of those rising tides that lifts all boats. 944 more words

District Of Columbia

DC Poverty Rate Rises to Nearly 19%

I was all set to write that the poverty rate for the District of Columbia dipped down last year, just as the official national rate… 923 more words

District Of Columbia

Official U.S. Poverty Rate Finally Ticks Down

The Great Recession officially ended more than five years ago. Data from various sources indicate that the recovery has actually taken hold, even in the labor market… 390 more words


More Seniors Facing Hunger Nationwide and in DC

Somewhat belatedly, I’ve come upon the National Foundation to End Senior Hunger and its latest annual report on (what else?) hunger among seniors in the U.S. 875 more words

District Of Columbia

DC Poverty Rate Ticks Down (Maybe)

Hard on the Census Bureau’s Income, Poverty and Health Insurance report come results from the American Community Survey. And, as the headline indicates, the overall D.C. 827 more words

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