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Same Personal Choices, But Lesser Results for Blacks

As my recent post on black homelessness suggested, we’ve got various substantive explanations for the disadvantages so many blacks face in the labor market. These basically boil down to the qualifications employers look for — and past experiences that turn them off. 900 more words

Race/Ethnicity Gaps

Black Homelessness a Sign of Where History Still Needs to Go

Well, we’re still In the midst of commotions created by our President and his choices for some top-level officials.

We’re also in the midst of Black History Month — a time when we’re supposed to pay more attention than we usually do to important people and events that brought blacks in America and thus America itself to where we are now. 1,096 more words


Yawning Opportunity Gap for Our Kids Because We Don't View Them All As Ours

A recently-published book by Professor Robert Putnam warns that the American Dream is in crisis. We’ve had ample evidence of the symptoms for some time. But the fundamental issues Putnam raises seem to me more relevant than ever. 1,076 more words

Race/Ethnicity Gaps

Election Rigged, But Not As He Says

I’m thinking, as I’m sure you all are, about the election. Hard, in fact, to think about anything else today. This much we know. It’s rigged, though not as one prospective sore loser has said. 758 more words

Race/Ethnicity Gaps

Total DC Poverty Rate Ticks Down Again (Barely). Rates for Blacks Rise.

CORRECTION: The overall poverty rate change for DC falls within the margin of error. A preview table I saw indicated it didn’t. But I should have verified. 959 more words

District Of Columbia

Income Growth Did a Lot to Push Poverty Rates Down

I think my quick-off-the-dime post on the new official poverty rates didn’t give enough credit to household income increases as a reason they virtually all declined. 704 more words

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U.S. Poverty Rate Slides Down

The Census Bureau has just reported that 13.5% of people in the U.S. — about 43.1 million — were officially poor last year. One wouldn’t pop a champagne cork over numbers like these. 502 more words