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Rachel Maddow's boss and fans upset with micro aggression by Brian Williamss

It’s fun seeing MSNBC eat their own. Why they keep Brian Williams around, the serial misrememberer, is a puzzle. Apparently he hangs around the break room just in case there really is so called breaking news. 262 more words

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Venezuela: It's Trump's Fault

No matter how bad the decline of a socialist state might be, there are always American fellow travelers helping out. I’ve been following the rapidly declining fortunes of Venezuela for some time now. 1,391 more words


Gutfeld: Maddow falls for Trump's baited trap - video

This is one of the more hilarious pieces Gutfeld from “The Five” has put together. It takes a lot for my funny bone to get tickled, but for anyone who endured Madcow’s great reveal, I am sure will enjoy this. 23 more words

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