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Picking On Minutia To Avoid The Truth...

Auntie was a Lithuanian. Over time, so many countries occupied and then absorbed Lithuania into their own countries that one might think that Lithuania would eventually lose their identity. 2,354 more words


Real Problems with Fake news

Whether you are a conservative or a liberal it is unfathomable that you have not heard the term ‘Fake News’.  Indeed since the 2016 presidential election fake news has been used so much that if you gave me $0.000000000001 for every time it appeared audibly or written from January 1st, 2016 to today I could buy half of Austrailia, including some of the good parts and still have plenty left for every super fast car and luxury yacht I could ever want.  2,176 more words

Rachel Maddow's boss and fans upset with micro aggression by Brian Williamss

It’s fun seeing MSNBC eat their own. Why they keep Brian Williams around, the serial misrememberer, is a puzzle. Apparently he hangs around the break room just in case there really is so called breaking news. 262 more words

Liberal Loonies

Venezuela: It's Trump's Fault

No matter how bad the decline of a socialist state might be, there are always American fellow travelers helping out. I’ve been following the rapidly declining fortunes of Venezuela for some time now. 1,391 more words