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The eSports player and the writer

Hi readers, are you there? It’s me, Denisha.

I’m not sure what this will end up becoming. I won’t even have titled this until I finish writing it. 1,346 more words


News: Plagiarism of Self-Publishing Authors

I certainly don’t intend on making it a habit to post things I have read on the internet, but I felt this was something worth sharing.  173 more words


It Takes a Thief--Part 2

This woman goes through fake identities like I go through donuts.

I’m referring to Sam Taylor Mullins, the fake name of a plagiarist who stole the book… 388 more words


Plagiarism: How To Make Her Story Yours

First, let me plagiarize a few passages about plagiarism and make it sound fresh and original — in a word, MINE.

I’ll take a phrase “Plagiarism is a species of intellectual fraud that an author claims is original but has been copied from another source without permission or acknowledgment, thus deceiving and harming the reader.” Never mind the source. 869 more words


Sweet Justice

Rachel Ann Nunes had something done to her book A Bid for Love that, in my opinion, is far worse than piracy. Some jerk-wad took her wholesome book, threw in some dirty scenes, and packaged it as her own. 293 more words

Random Musings

Stop, thief!

Plagiarism.  It’s not borrowing.  It’s not expounding.  It’s theft.

Fellow author Rachel Ann Nunes discovered something no writer ever wants to see: her work, slightly embellished, being passed off as another’s.  518 more words

Other Pens

Plagiarism and Petulance

In the most recent display of mind-boggling dishonesty, one indie author who goes by the pen name of Sam Taylor Mullens has been caught plagiarizing… 240 more words