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Student fascism at Evergreen State College

Founded in 1971 and boasting an acceptance rate of 98.9%, Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, has welcomed fashionable radical thinking from the outset. Its official motto (we kid you not) is that tired Sixties mantra “Let it all hang out” (in Latin, Omnia Extares). 570 more words


A tribute to Rachel Corrie

For justice I crossed seas and lands;
A voyage to the land of modern slavery;
Armed with nothing but these hands;
And a mountain of bravery; 150 more words


The Young Who Teach Us

Jim Zwerg left Madison Wisconsin
To be part of an intensive seminar
In American satyagraha
In Southern viciousness
In the ways power twists the human soul… 259 more words

No Time For Poetry But Exactly What Is

Rachel Corrie

Let me lie alone on my back in tall grass and see the sun and the water droplets on the branches and the red tree trunks through my own eyes. 48 more words



Now for more than ten years we have been commemorating Rachel Corrie’s martyrdom at the hands of Israelis, and- as happens with heroes- the more we read about Rachel the more we learn about her and how she has chosen to fight for this cause to the end , and at whatever price. 1,875 more words