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When We Rise: Chronicles of Personal and Political Struggles

When We Rise,” a new miniseries being filmed for ABC, is meant to be a chronicle of the early days of the gay rights movement, beginning with the… 233 more words


Burning Man review trailer

From the opening set of scenes that show Matthew Goode, as Chef Tom at the hospital, in a car crash, and receiving a phone call it is very clear to viewers that he is going off of the rails and struggling with his drinking. 463 more words

Movie Trailer

I think a big part of our attraction to sport movies are the stories contained within the sports. – Rachel Griffiths http://ift.tt/21JC2rt

Rachel Griffiths

I’m pretty ruthless about that; I think when you sign over your story, you sign over your story. – Rachel Griffiths http://ift.tt/1SUnsLz

Rachel Griffiths

Six Feet Under

My wife had been on at me for years to watch this series with her and I tended to respond in quite an unenthusiastic fashion. I thought it would be just a little bit too weird and melancholy. 761 more words

Pawno goes from strength to strength

Mind Blowing World  has announced that the new Australian feature Pawno, opened nationally on Thursday 21 April to fabulous reviews and solid box office on its opening weekend. 428 more words


The Scene and the Song // Muriel's Wedding

You’re terrible, Muriel.

If you’ve never actually seen Muriel’s Wedding you could be forgiven for assuming it’s just your typical romantic comedy. And in a way, you’d be right, except that the ‘romance’ is the friendship between Muriel (Toni Collette) and Rhonda (Rachel Griffiths), and the ‘comedy’ is often pitch black. 694 more words

The Scene And The Song