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Don't compromise your style

My last post was on wearing orange. Now let’s take it a bit further… (I really did not necessarily saw this post becoming what it ended up being but I will confess, I let the muses guide me and well, let’s hope you get to the point) 638 more words


mean girls


This has to be the most quoted movie of all time, right?

I’m pretty sure I could quote it word for word, and I know I’m not the only one. 264 more words


Doctor Strange (Scott Derrickson, 2016)

I’ve Seen Stranger Things

Like Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins, Stephen Strange went to Asia looking for the cure (unbeknownst to the former doctor, the band resides in England—y’know, … 631 more words


'I'm fluent in Google Translate' - Dr Strange, 2016

I’ll be the first to say it, I struggle to keep up with Marvel’s films. I wasn’t really into comics when Iron Man came out, so in my head the character is a bit over-rated. 499 more words


This has been staying with me.

You shall love whether you like it or not. Emotions, they come and go like clouds. Love is not only a feeling; you shall love. To love is to run the risk of failure, the risk of betrayal. 42 more words

About Time - Film Review

Time travel rarely makes sense in movies. And in a film that’s more about love and comedy than science fiction, of course it’s not going to make loads of sense. 516 more words