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This my favourite ice-cream in Japan. It is a miso-flavoured ice-cream, but do not be turned off by that, because it is really delicious. Located in Okazaki city in Aichi prefecture, it is a once in a while indulgence for me. 330 more words


Anthony Trollope's Rachel Ray & Soho Passport to Crime Series

There is one way to cope with the excessive heat: get up early in the morning.

I’ve heard of morning:  sunrise, dew on the grass, and rabbits and squirrels nibbling on grass blades. 965 more words

Should EVERY Kid At School Be Entitled To Free Lunch? Rachel Ray Thinks So!

Rachel Ray thinks that every child should be entitled to a nutritious meal at school, regardless of how much their parents make! See what she’s doing to try to make it happen… 95 more words



Recently  I attended the taping of the Rachel Ray show.  Prior to the taping of various segments, we were coached on how to be a good audience, on how to show we were having a good time.   381 more words

Rachael Ray And Rachel Roy Exchanged Gifts After ‘Becky’ Mixup

Rachael Ray found herself in the middle of a ferocious, yet unwarranted Beyhive swarm last month — and lived to tell the story.

The celebrity chef was mistaken for model… 197 more words

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Becky, Is That You?

So unless if you’ve been living under a rock for the past 2 weeks, you would know that Beyonce finally released her sixth album, Lemonade. 430 more words


Blog About It: The Adventures of MEL: A Mile A Day In May

If you didn’t wake up this morning with *NSync’s “It’s gonna be me” stuck in your head, which of course, sung just like Justin Timberlake is actually, “it’s gonna be May” then you either are not in your thirties, or you missed that whole boy band thing in the late 90s/early 2000s (and more power to you) better yet, maybe you forgot it’s May? 842 more words