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You can be a squish or you can be a squash

Cody has been called many things. Squishy, squash, baby doos, pumpkaroo, munchkin….you get the idea. Lots of parents have nicknames for the kids. (I was once  – and still am to my dad – Rugrat) I got that moniker because apparently I never crawled, I would just push myself along the carpet with one leg. 512 more words

The Votes Are In! Tony's Dish is a Winner!

It is very hard to balance a career when you are a tv star and a family man, but “Scandal” star Tony Goldwyn manages to do it. 485 more words

I Thrive in Chaos

Here comes a quirk ball: 

Let’s cut right to the best part of this post – the Rachel Ray reference. That was my LIFE, I tell you! 387 more words

Rachel Ray - Satanic whore


Rachel Ray is one of the most popular women in the world today. Millions of women buy her cookbooks, kitchen appliances and merchandise. She is also one of the highest paid people on television. 357 more words

Kitchen Science: Hard Boiled Eggs

We can’t be the only ones who have this problem: we love hard boiled eggs for breakfast or for a healthy snack option, but every time we boil up a dozen we never know if they will be easy to peel and eat or if they’ll be a big battered mess of shells and whites. 851 more words

Jennifer L. Cowart

'Share' This Family-Style Cookbook

Family-style dining champion Chef Chris Santos was feted by some big names in the food business this week for the release of his cookbook, “Share.”Those who showed up to celebrate Chef Santos’ achievement at Stanton Social in Manhattan included Chef Marcus Samuelsson and Ted Allen. 206 more words

Chinese New Year weekend and a kitchen adventure

I busted out my baby belling last Thursday, after years of hibernation and I decided to make the most of my long weekend. I got off my bum and searched for a recipe: easy chocolate chip cookies and my my… I am very impressed with Google. 718 more words