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The Dichotomies of Labour

I am a traditional Labour supporter. I believe in fairness and equal opportunities for all. Just last night when interviewed by a market research company carrying out polling, I gave Labour maximum ratings as the party I am most likely to vote for in the General Election. 1,030 more words


Rachel Reeves & 'THAT' Quote...

Like many, I was shocked and outraged when I first saw the quote from Rachel Reeves in the recent Guardian article, bearing in mind that we had discussed benefits, disability and welfare generally when she visited us in November 2014. 441 more words


Labour and the battle on social security

I’m not sure at what point the Labour party decided people on benefits weren’t equal citizens. Perhaps Rachel Reeves can pin it down. This week, the shadow work and pensions secretary was quoted in… 331 more words


Rachel Reeves shows how intellectually and morally bankrupt Labour are

This is a quote from Rachel Reeves, Labour’s shadow work & pensions“ secretary taken from a recent interview in the Guardian“We are not the party of people on benefits. 440 more words


An Open Letter to Rachel Reeves: you don't need to work to be working class

Dear Rachel Reeves MP,

I have been a Labour member for four years now. I’ve got no idea how and why I’ve lasted for so long but I think I’ve got friends and comrades to thank for that. 909 more words


Rachel Reeves doesn't think Labour is a party of the welfare state

I’ve just seen this extraordinary interview in the Guardian with Labour’s Rachel Reeves, the shadow work and pensions secretary. It starts out ok with Reeves saying the right things… 597 more words


"Hard Labour", as I was saying.....

I posted this just a short time ago, relating to Miliband, which I stand by.

he has stated numerous times now that he sees “benefits cheats” as no different than “tax dodgers” (seeing them as equal, when there is no equality between the 2 positions at all, in terms of status, or privelege – Where working class Marxists would perhaps disagree) we can say for certain that if you are currently unemployed, sick or disabled, then watch out for “Hard Labour”, because unlike the Cons who will attack you from the front, and tell you what they think of you, Miliband’s middle class Marxist mob will stab you in the back, while smiling at you if they feel you are of no “value” and you cannot provide “labour” to appease their target voters in “middle england”.

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