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Even Remainers Who Accept The EU Referendum Result Are In Denial As To Why People Voted For Brexit

The EU referendum was not a question of “head vs heart”. When Remainers pretend that they occupied the intellectual high ground, they only delay their necessary and inevitable reckoning with the will of the British people… 1,006 more words

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A different kind of Labour

Today I joined the Labour Party in disgust. Here is a copy of a letter I sent upon my membership to the party, to Jeremy Corbyn and to my MP Rachel Reeves. 771 more words

Is the UK is better off inside or outside the EU ?Leaving the EU is necessary to protect the NHS from interference and stop the spread of market forces

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Lord Owen suggested the EU was a catalyst for entrenching competition in the health service. EPA photo

Former Labour Foreign Secretary Lord Owen says leaving the EU is necessary to protect the NHS from interference and stop the spread of market forces. 744 more words

The Duncan Smith resignation: fundamentally shifting the economic debate

With the departure of Ian Duncan Smith from the Cabinet, commentators are spending much time and effort analysing how the balance of politics within the Conservative Party has changed.  607 more words

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Rachel Reeves' alternative budget: taking the politics out of economics?

Rachel Reeves, former Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, has published her own “alternative Budget”.  It sets out a set of six proposals which, she argues, George Osborne should follow later this month. 481 more words

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White Mountain Roundup & Spaying Scoping – The More You Know

“I know this is a bad plan.  If you found my blog, then odds are good that you know this is a bad plan too.  It cannot be allowed to happen.   611 more words

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Marshalling for the ‘missing million’

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The priority of every Labour politician on television, radio and local media must be to make clear that the government has made a choice on tax credit cuts, that there is still time to change their minds, and that just a two year delay –  704 more words

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