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On the Eve of My Exhibit...Delicious Words From Rachel Resnick, Writer On Fire!

ART IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND. That’s what the Fabulous Beekman 1802 Boys say. My friend Vicki Whicker is more than a trendsetter. She’s a movement. 291 more words

Notes From The Field...

Forging Real Relationships in a Writing Class

Any writer worth her salt at some point grapples with the idea of whether or not to take a writing class, course, join a critique group, or spend all their money on an MFA course. 966 more words

Writing Life

Love and Sex Addiction: It's the New Black

For most of us, self–realization is something to which we aspire, yet, are only compelled to seek in the aftermath of painful encounters with others. It’s not a system without its pitfalls, but it’s the one we’ve got. 887 more words

Book Reviews

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Writing Life

Could you be a love junkie?

New book Love Junkie by Rachel Resnick is insanely honest and was like watching the train wreck that Britney Spears became last year … you just have to keep reading even though you want to close your eyes the more and more self destructive she became.  395 more words


When you're addicted to love

After one date with Eddie Vaughn, most women would have run for the hills. Not only was he a former heroin addict, pimp and convicted armed robber, he cheerily admitted to getting an underage girl pregnant and having a child with her. 825 more words


In the Flesh 2008 Finale This Thursday December 18, 2008 at Happy Ending Lounge LES, Manhattan

Rachel Kramer Bussel wrote:

This Thursday True Sex Confessions Night is back!

Featuring Rachel Resnick (author of the memoir Love Junkie), Neal Boulton (editor of Bastardlife.com), Kiki T. 131 more words

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