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happy weekend.

Seldom Seen, 2002, James Turrell. Photograph: Peter Huggins

I can’t wait to visit the James Turrell exhibition in Norfolk next weekend. Jonathan Jones calls it ‘a psychedelic legal high in the English countryside’ (read his review,  80 more words

Bits + Pieces.

Looking the other way: Paul Fusco and the power of implication in marketing

Paul Fusco is quoted in The Guardian this morning.

In 1968, I was assigned by Look magazine to get on the train bearing Robert F Kennedy’s remains from New York to Washington DC.

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Sand Opera (Metres)

I was going to say that this is less a book of poetry than a work of art, but a book of poetry is a work of art and especially these days, a work of hope. 363 more words


/ Negative Space /

It seems appropriate for a first post to begin with something that makes me, and hopefully you, think.  Through a study of fashion and art, I have become incredibly interested with people and their interactions; not only with each other, but with the negative space around them. 123 more words


Tell It Like It Is: Novice Art Blogger

In the here and now, to whom do we turn for the enhancement of our interpretation and evaluation of art? When a living and breathing contemporary equivalent to John Ruskin, Roger Fry and Clement Greenberg yields no comparable results, suffice it to say that the art critic as he was once unmistakably known is now irrevocably brown bread (dead). 410 more words


- Rachel Whiteread -

Employing traditional casting methods and materials that are commonly used in the preparation of sculptures rather than for the finished object, such as plaster, rubber and resin, she makes sculptures of the spaces in, under and on everyday objects. 52 more words

The Book of Gregor Schneider: Will It Be His Most Lasting Artwork?

By Krystina Mierins and Carrie Paterson, edited by Christopher Michno

The historically working class East End of London, now seeded with pockets of gentrification, has for about a century and a half experienced successive waves of immigrants taking their place among the working poor. 5,513 more words