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3 More Employees Call Out Fox News For Racial Discrimination

Three more Fox News employees made legal complaints about racial discrimination against the controversial network Monday, reports NBC News.

From NBC News:

Fox News Radio shift editor Kathleen Lee charged in the lawsuit filed in New York State Supreme Court that Flatter also mockingly called her an “invalid” and “leaky” because she has “physical disabilities.” She said that Flatter also found other ways to torment her… 111 more words


Is The World's Fascination With Africa Hypocritical?

A couple of weeks back, I happened to get into a conversation of sorts on a page I follow on Facebook centered on a certain meme. 865 more words


California to Investigate Racial Discrimination in Auto Insurance Premiums

Pictures of Money / CC BY 2.0

The California Department of Insurance has launched an investigation into whether eight auto insurers in the state discriminate against drivers in minority neighborhoods. 793 more words


Color Game

The Color Game

You judged me by the color of my skin–
The hidden skin, the skin I wear inside
As signature of all that lies within. 53 more words

Why is the Police Culture a serious obstacle to reform?

Police Culture is defined as a set of beliefs and values shared among the police force along with the patterns that associate within the force, such as respect and comradeship. 3,401 more words

Academic Writings

Malaysian Indians deserve Recognition, Respect and Reward, not Fawning MIC Politicians

May 12, 2017

Malaysian Indians deserve Recognition, Respect and Reward, not Fawning MIC Politician

by P. Gunasegaram@www.malaysiakini.com

‚ÄúPrejudice is a burden that confuses the past, threatens the future and renders the present inaccessible… 1,812 more words


Sociologist documents what Gary Becker knew in 1957

Source: Pager, Devah. 2016. “Are Firms that Discriminate More Likely to Go Out of Business?” Sociological Science (September):849-859. PDF

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