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'Go Set A Watchman'

She was almost in love with him. No, that’s impossible, she thought: either you are or you aren’t. Love’s the only thing in this world that is unequivocal.

– Harper Lee


Black Superman (against Police Brutality) - a poem by Christopher D. Sims

I want to be my people’s Black Superman;
Savior; saint; sophisticated thinker tackling
issues too difficult to solve in just one discussion,
workshop, or social media post. 340 more words

Race Relations

Together We Can Fight Powerful Forces

How do we achieve progressive reform? It will take all of us together to take on powerful forces like Wall Street, huge corporations, the pharmaceutical industry, the military industrial complex… etc. 197 more words


From a job interview to a body bag. RIP #SandraBland

Every time I see Sandra Bland’s traffic stop, it just seems to get worse. How did what should have been a routine stop (or no stop at all to be honest) turn into three days in jail and then into death? 649 more words


"Let's Talk Candidly About This Racial Tension Here In America"

It seems that with each passing day the racial tension here in America just keeps steadily climbing to it’s boiling point; like the slow-cooked frog in a pot of water, the temperature is turned up little by little, so as to keep the frog from jumping out due to such a shock to its system, until finally the frog is cooked completely and subsequently dead as a doornail. 3,116 more words


What is your excuse for not wanting equality?

On Friday June 26th 2015, marriage discrimination became unconstitutional – good job America.

Now, the crux of this piece is going to be centred on the notion that equality is a good thing, whilst challenging those who are against equality. 641 more words

Harper Lee: The Unacclaimed Realist of the Civil Rights Movement

I opened my copy of Go Set a Watchman somewhat apprehensively. Deterred by the less than encouraging and largely mixed reviews of Harper Lee’s long-awaited… 504 more words