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Gandhi’s notion on religion is the cornerstone of the Homo sapien sapien species religion  “Pangnosis”


“It is easy to be friendly to ones friends. But to befriend the one who regards himself as your enemy is the quintessence of true religion.”

White Power: Racism in UK Aid to Africa

This is the 2nd part of my article on the danger of Western international development agenda to Africa.    I frequently wonder why, as a British person of Yoruba origin, living & working in the UK, people from the African continent/diaspora don’t see through the international agenda and understand it, for what it is.  1,683 more words


A nonviolent response to the Las Vegas massacre

Stephen Paddock the perpetrator of the Las Vegas massacre who murdered 59 people and wounded 527 more was a Homo sapien at its worst. This was a horrific act. 377 more words

Pigs in Politics

Peter the pink pig  loves playing with precious power of politics 

Is America Racist? - YouTube

Who would you place your faith in?

Laurence Allen “Larry” Elder (born April 27, 1952) is an accomplished, successful, FREE THINKING American citizen who is often threatened, harassed, bullied, denigrated and disparaged as a “sell-out” “Uncle Tom” and “Oreo” by significant numbers of hateful, illogical thinking “Pro-Black or Conscious Black Community” American citizens wishing to silence Mr. 530 more words

Child Abuse

Nonviolent cause

If you are looking for a cause beyond yourself to dedicate yourself to or to sacrifice your life for or to improve the condition of life on our planet  do it for a nonviolent cause rather than a violent one

Hugh Hefner's Legacy of Exploitation

At first glance, Hugh Hefner’s legacy seems complicated. His magazine, Playboy, played a large role in kick-starting the sexual revolution, a movement that normalized sexual behavior and, in many cases, empowered women to enjoy and explore their sexuality. 612 more words