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Equal Suffering

Everyone like Jesus suffers in their own unique way. Everyone has their own cross to bear. Everyone’s sacrifice is equally important. Everyone is a model to everyone else on how to live.


This past week I have been reading Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave. His story is a gripping and powerful indictment of slavery in America. 494 more words

A Picnic With Bigotry

A few weeks ago, the church I’ve been attending here in Edmonton co-hosted a church picnic. Being a student, I couldn’t afford much in the way of food but I did have a vehicle I could bring to assist transporting people to the picnic grounds. 1,920 more words


#BlackLivesMatter. Period.

I wrote this last year and it still stands true today —

Ummm…I won’t just sit back and be quiet! The person I was before all this is the person I am today. 638 more words



Every one of us is on the front line of the battle for survival of our selves our species and life from our planet.

New Concept​: "Alien Nation"

Lately the thought of identity, sovereignty and what they mean, particularly to us Australians. Then Eureka; the funny way which we Australians talk about this fear of losing our culture but we live in a country with which we took the rights of its native people and forced upon an English based culture that is as alien to this country, as we are. 24 more words


Each of us is the center of the cosmos. And each of us is as meaningful as the cosmos.