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Many years ago, around week 25 of my second pregnancy, I switched doctors. My new obstetrician was a man and in our first meeting, we talked for over an hour. 710 more words

Do you agree ???

Your luxury is is our displacement
This message is spray painted on the sidewalk just outside the Jefferson st. exit from the L train in Bushwick Brooklyn NY. 88 more words


Read for Equality

It’s past time to think about inequality in the publishing business, the people of color under-represented in libraries, bookstores, on school reading lists, and in kiddie lit. 322 more words

What's the difference between you and I?

From immigration reform to ethnic tension in Jerusalem to the Ferguson Missouri shooting the entire world is focused on the racial divide separating human beings. If I were to make the claim that there is no difference between the races it would most likely be taken tongue in cheek. 292 more words


Issue Number Three

Issue Number Three

What a Homo Sapien Sapien Believes

The Homo sapein sapien is a new nonviolent species humanity is evolving into.

The rule of love and compassion in the workings and fate of the universe. 108 more words


Gravity II: Backlash From An American Tradition

Hope Elle

As the weeks have passed since the police involved shootings in Baton Rouge, St. Paul, Dallas and the infamous lynching in Atlanta; there are many who dare to compare the uprising in response to these tragedies, to the civil rights movement of the past. 490 more words

Some'n Unique Magazine LLC

Stop saying "black-on-black crime."  It's racist/inaccurate.  

Why I really despise the “black-on-black crime” argument, why it’s inaccurate, and just needs to stop being used:
Crime occurs not because those neighborhoods are black “hoods” or black people are culturally or genetically predisposed to homicidal crime. 607 more words