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Racial Unity: Black Lives Matter All Lives Matter

With all the hatred and violence thru ought the world caused by terrorism and in the United States by police officers murdering or causing to transform black men women and children and recently of black men murdering or causing to transform a number of   police officers in Dallas Texas and Baton Rouge Louisiana. 898 more words


On Views of Race and Inequality, Blacks and Whites Are Worlds Apart

Pew Research Center

Almost eight years after Barack Obama’s election as the nation’s first black president –an event that engendered a sense of optimism among many Americans about the future of race relations1 – a series of flashpoints around the U.S. 219 more words

News From The Soul Brother

Will Black Lives Matter achieve racial equality?

By Cultural Editor

Will Black Lives Matter achieve racial equality? Well, again, it depends on if you’re white, black, or Hispanic, according to Pew Research… 289 more words

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Where will I stand?

It seems to me that a new line was crossed last week. First, two public encounters with police were caught on video resulting in two dead African American men. 381 more words

This book of anger won't heal the wounds

The Beast Side: Living and Dying While Black in America – D Watkins

Get ready to be deeply offended. No matter how genuine you may be about achieving racial equality and equal opportunity, you’ll feel the heat from the burning rage of David Watkins and you won’t like much of what he has to say. 374 more words

Book Review


As a white person, I am entitled to a lot of things in this world. I can do what I want without being looked twice, I can walk down the street without looking suspicious to police and I can go by my day without worrying if I’ll be shot because of the colour of my skin. 470 more words


To My Fellow White People,

“How would you feel if every time someone who shared your skin color and your history-one that is a history of oppression in this country – was killed, the reaction from the majority class was, ‘well, they must have deserved it’?” 866 more words