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Earth Day at the Musée

Last week was damn busy – as I forecast in my Failure to Launch post. I don’t usually have so much going on, liking mostly to just come home and chill after work. 1,004 more words

James Baldwin - Down At The Cross

“Down At The Cross– Letter from a Region in My Mind” is the second of two missive-style essays that make up The Fire Next Time  2,629 more words


James Baldwin - My Dungeon Shook

James Baldwin was an incredible author, poet, and social critic. He wrote from the mid-to-late 20th century, and his impassioned, beautiful work stands as an amazing resource for us white people trying to understand some of the race-related problems that we will never have to experience. 1,918 more words


Happy Easter 2017

In celebration of Jesus’s sacrifice and teachings let us appreciate his nonviolent sacrifice on the cross. Though his teachings are not all nonviolent we can learn many positive things from the nonviolent aspects of his teachings. 224 more words

A Message from Facebook Jail

If you think that Facebook is a platform to enlighten, educate and empower all of humanity, think again. Facebook (hereinafter referred to as “Racebook”) has a major problem with intelligent black voices. 856 more words

Anti-White Supremacy

A New Revised Homo Sapien Sapien Prayer

Today I posted a new revised Homo sapien sapien prayer. Please Check it out.

A Nonviolent Response to Syrian and American Violence

A Nonviolent Response to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s Chemical Weapons Attack Against His Own People and President Donald Trump’s Response to That

Both of these President’s acted out of ignorance, delusion and a misguided conscience. 109 more words