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What's the difference between you and I?

From immigration reform to ethnic tension in Jerusalem to the Ferguson Missouri shooting the entire world is focused on the racial divide separating human beings. If I were to make the claim that there is no difference between the races it would most likely be taken tongue in cheek. 276 more words


Now on Netflix: No No: A Dockumentary – Dock Ellis was a black baseball player who became famous for throwing a no-hitter while high on LSD in 1970. 178 more words

TV & Film

Gender and reading...and while we're at it, race, sexuality and the movies.

(WARNING: the following blog post contains an abundance of morally outraged italicisation)

Some time ago I made a decision related to my reading habits: I decided to rotate books based on the author’s gender (fiction and nonfiction, and including comics) – and, just to clarify, in no way restricted by biological birth. 1,701 more words

Affirmative Action

Promising Practices for May

Reach out to invite members of the Black Community to a special Come, Spirit, Come celebration for Pentecost.

Reach out to members of the Black Community to ask for input for a summer vacation Bible school program for the community. 47 more words


Listening to Baltimore

I don’t think I’ve ever really been able to explain why I am so passionate about writing, photography and communication in general until today. Today it hit me, why I think that well written words and photos that juxtapose beauty with violence can change the world. 451 more words


Responding to the Media's Interpretation of #BaltimoreUprising

Yesterday I got into a heated argument on Facebook over a former peer’s interpretation of the media’s parade over whats been happening in Baltimore. She was using terms such as “barbaric” and “ignorant” to describe the protestors in Baltimore. 418 more words


The Beacon

The Beacon

This isn’t Baltimore. This is West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana. It’s home, and today it’s comfortable.

This is where wealthy and poor people try coexisting with dignity and hope. 689 more words