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What's the difference between you and I?

From immigration reform to ethnic tension in Jerusalem to the Ferguson Missouri shooting the entire world is focused on the racial divide separating human beings. If I were to make the claim that there is no difference between the races it would most likely be taken tongue in cheek. 292 more words


Equal Nations

Each nation must break with the attitude that their history is sacred and instead embody global history as well as national. In thinking globally there is no us and them only us. 10 more words

On butterlies and what really matters

The “butterfly effect” is a phenomenon whereby a minute localized change, like a butterfly flapping its wings, in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere. 419 more words


Speciescentricism is a dysfunctional attitude on the part of human beings. All species are equally important in the life of the local/ global ecosystems. And the ecosystem is a jealous God. 57 more words


Equality means Equality!

Equality means love!

Equality does not me agreeing…

Equality means acceptance.

Equality means speaking out against injustices for those outside of your cohort! 184 more words


The "Misleading Black Girl" & Black Creators 

Hey, hey!

Now I try to keep passionate rants to a minimum, though there are times when I experience events that irk me to the bone. 1,357 more words

Seattle protest targets Trump, police, racism, pot shop


A large group of protesters made its way through Capitol Hill, First Hill and the Central District on Saturday night, protesting for racial equality and against President Donald Trump and what the demonstrators see as police brutality. 59 more words