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The Ethical Paradox

The ethical paradox

To progress ethically or in the good way of nonviolence we must transcend the concepts of good and evil altogether. Where our transfinite survival or eternal recurrence and nonviolent evolution means that Hitler must be accepted loved and forgiven as much as an innocent child or nonviolent activists such as Dr. 51 more words


Respectability Politics for You and Me: Deathly & Dangerous

Those who have never been on the side of oppression often believe that racism is a very clear confrontational act of spoken word or physical action. 1,001 more words


Our (Mostly Imaginary) Aryan Ancestry

How the Racists get it Backward: The Aryans were a Mongrel ‘Race’

PLEASE NOTE: Discussions about ‘race’ are hopeless, for one fundamental and inescapable reason: In the human species, there are no races. 2,184 more words


My message: Restore pride in diversity

Dear future president,

I want to live in a country where everyone is accepted. Dr. King said that people should not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. 96 more words


Check your... societal dominance

From one straight white cis male to all the others… we need to have a little talk.

Here’s the thing. This country was literally built for you. 804 more words

Quick Post

Fiction Comes to Life

Characters live long if they catch the devoted attention of readers. Characters act and react and please and disappoint. “Don’t open that cellar door!” But the character opens the door and out leaps. 326 more words

October Journal: Racism's Last Gasp?

I am not a medical person, so I don’t know if this analogy works, but I’m going to try it anyway. Imagine a disease or condition which comes on slowly with symptoms easy to overlook. 186 more words