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The Women's March on Denver

As I’m sure you are probably aware, I was less than pleased by the outcome of the presidential election, in which a horribly bigoted, egotistical, idiotic and dangerous man was elected to the highest rank of office in the United States. 450 more words


Are you tired of -ism's?

I certainly am. Racism in particular. My reasoning is this: according to the Bible, ALL of us are descendants of ONE couple! They were likely dark-complexioned so the genetics worked out to create all of the tones of skin in the world. 376 more words


Religious Experiences

Experiencing an exclusive religious experience is a form of idolatry. An example is life in this realm. Experiencing the collective and integrated religious experiences of life in this realm, transfinity of life in this realm, transmigration, transfiguration, and transcendence is wise wise.

The Mathematics of Justice - African-American Quotes on Numbers

“Mathematics is always reliable,” Ms. Goble Johnson says in the movie Hidden Figures. Regardless how bad things look, let us continue to be mindful that “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” We must trust our calculations even in the face of those who are “diametrically opposed” to equality and justice. 134 more words


Thirty Day Blogging Challenge #2: Day Thirteen/ #MLKDAY Post

Hey guys, it’s day thirteen of the blogging challenge! It’s also Martin Luther King Jr. Day—and because today’s topic is “Someone who fascinates you and why” I decided to make this  post a dedication to the civil rights activist whom this day honors.  487 more words

The Dream Must Never Die

In his first address to the nation as president, following the resignation of Richard Nixon, who had been forced out of office by the Watergate scandal just ahead of likely impeachment, Gerald Ford opened with these words: “My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over.” 1,074 more words

Contemporary Culture

Reverse Racism Doesn't Exist

People of color do not benefit from systematic racism. Therefore, “reverse racism” does not exist. However, this statement is true for a number of reasons. 349 more words

Racial Equality