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The Danger of Loyalty to a Community Even in cases of Extremism

-this blog is unfinished and will be finished in the future

I am a bleeding heart liberal, but I do not believe in extremes.

It really breaks my heart to see the viciousness unfold online and while yes, being liberal and being bias to liberalism, in my humble opinion, in my personal experience, it has been conservatives who have shown more extremism than liberals. 106 more words

Objecting to a story won't make it go away

It was a random sideways swipe from a stranger, a tweet from some guy with an axe to grind. A hypothetical axe, let’s hope.

On Twitter, he posted a link to a story that ran recently in the StarPhoenix. 722 more words


When Love Trumped Hate

Jesus and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. grew up in a world of daunting racial oppression. Jesus, a Jew from Galilee, represented a marginalised section of society within the Roman Empire. 553 more words

The Bible

Why Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day?

Yes, Martin Luther King Jr. was a remarkable man, who worked tirelessly to right injustice and to bring equality to African-Americans. He was a man who held up despite prosecution and persecution for his beliefs; who gathered the masses peacefully together and who empowered them with his vision of change to start a movement. 593 more words


Alternate Realities: The Before President Barack Obama generation vs. The Present Barack Obama generation

-This blog is unfinished and will be finished later

I think it’s crazy to note how dynamically impactful the election of Barack Obama was but even more so the paradox between generations. 232 more words

On a More Serious Note: Cosplay Catharsis & Dating a Mr.J

There are many deeper, more personal reasons why I cosplay.

One of them being that it is a healthy form of therapy and a coping mechanism for some painful past memories. 1,430 more words

Former American Idol contestant and caucasian male Bo Bice cries 'racial injustice' after being called 'white boy' at Popeyes

You may remember Bo Bice as the long-haired runner-up to Carrie Underwood on the fourth season of American Idol in 2005. In the years since, Bice has not only become a fried chicken enthusiast, but also the man to begin a “racial dialogue” to help set America straight. 718 more words