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The whole truth and nothing but

Since we are determined to finally start “telling the truth” about our racist past here in the South — as though it were heretofore some great secret — let’s be sure to include the fact that Nathan Bedford Forrest was a Democrat in our updated historical markers. 56 more words


What a Piece of Work is a Man

Shakespeare was clearly fascinated by madness. Indeed many of his characters exhibited many different symptoms of dementia provecto, as Lear, Jaques, Timon, Macbeth, Leontes and even the feigned madness of Hamlet demonstrate. 458 more words

Social Issues

Jen Gerson: The checkered legacy of Woodrow Wilson

It was once a common jest among faculty and students that Princeton University could boast only two alumni; novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald, and former U.S. president Woodrow Wilson.  1,025 more words

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Why Do I Still Have To Explain #BlackLivesMatter To Other White People?

I don’t know why we still need to do this, but sadly we do.


It’s okay to say it, white people. You should say it. 820 more words


Humanity, Our Arms Wide

In an episode of the popular science fiction show Star Trek: The Next Generation, Captain Picard is trapped on a desolate planet with the Captain of a newly discovered race called the Tamarians. 709 more words


The Fault is in Ourselves

In Canada over the last few weeks we’ve seen a tremendous backlash from a small but vocal group of people over the proposed entry of thousands of refugees into this country. 237 more words


Looking Through the Spyglass in Reverse

When I post these daily essays, they do not only go to my primary site. I also post them to Medium.com, my WordPress backup site, 504 more words