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Tristin Hopper: Why Canadian white people have so much trouble understanding why somebody wouldn't want to leave Attawapiskat

Lately, it has been quite popular to diagnose Attawapiskat as a geographic problem that can be solved by moving everyone to a more prosperous locale. … 1,068 more words

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Forced Diversity Witch Hunt Bags San Francisco Cop

The city by the bay has long been the American Sodom as well as a bastion of twisted liberalism. This is especially the case in Obamastan circa 2016 in the age of a crushing enforced diversity that borders on though crime that is sweeping the land. 357 more words

Is Snapchat's Bob Marley lens racist? If so, add other face-swap apps with 'blackface' options to the list

Last Wednesday, Snapchat launched an arguably racist Bob Marley filter that’s making lots of people on the Internet mad. In a nutshell, the feature lets you wear Marley’s face like some kind of weird Rastafarian mask. 389 more words


Liberal Grievance Mongers Demand Tech Firms Shun Republican Convention

Liberal activist groups are flexing their muscles by demanding that big tech firms pull out of July’s Republican National Convention. The perpetually aggrieved whiners are denouncing the event as a forum for racism and hate speech and have undertaken a campaign to pressure companies including Microsoft and Google to stay the hell away from Cleveland if they know what’s good for them. 300 more words

Tulane University Fraternity's Trump Wall Sparks Outrage

First it was campus chalk messages showing support for Donald Trump that set off thin-skinned, overly sensitive college youths who cried “RACISM!” and now it’s miniature border walls. 491 more words

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Montreal North: Dust settles after peaceful protest turns violent

Ricardo Lamour says he’s afraid Quebecers won’t remember why people marched on that snowy April 6 evening in Montreal North.

He fears they won’t recall those peaceful hours, when hundreds sang songs, chanted protest slogans and paid homage to two men who were shot by police in the neighbourhood. 1,150 more words

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Deadly driver Blaine Taypotat's bid to reduce sentence rejected by appeal court

Deadly drunk driver Blaine Thomas Taypotat will get no break on his sentence from the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal.

Delivering the court’s decision Thursday, Justice Maurice Herauf said the judge who sentenced Taypotat to 9 1/2 years in prison for manslaughter and impaired driving causing death made no error. 607 more words