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Go Set A Watchman

One might wonder, what was Harper Lee thinking when she started to write Go Set A Watchman? Did she intend to write a story about racial discrimination and segregation? 824 more words


ESPN Warms Up for Football Season by Decrying Lack of Black Coaches

In this summer of our national discontent there is no safe haven from the evils of white privilege and institutionalized racism. The nation’s preeminent cable sports network ESPN is prepping for the upcoming kickoff to the NFL season by raging against white privilege and institutionalized racism because there aren’t enough black coaches on the sidelines. 793 more words

Denley: Is Canada really dominated by white privilege?

Canada is one of the most welcoming and immigrant-friendly countries in the world, a place others look to as a model for how to build a pluralistic society. 669 more words


Your letters for Wednesday, July 20: Lone wolves, and Black Lives Matter

Change the term ‘lone wolf’

Re: After Nice, resist the fear of terrorism, July 15.

If “terrorist” is defined as one using intimidation and violence in the pursuit of political aims, then we need a term other than “lone wolf” to differentiate and define those whackos who, unaffiliated with any clear political aim, are intent on pursuing individual and mass murder, mayhem and self-annihilation. 1,478 more words


Big Surprise: Baton Rouge Cop Killer Was a Racist

In a piece of startling news the latest ambush and assassination of law enforcement officers was a full-blown white folks hating racist. The killer, a former U.S. 882 more words

Racial Issues

'Go back to Africa'? This black man in Indiana has decided he will — if racists will pay his way

Larry Mitchell has a retort for every white supremacist, racist and Internet troll who has ever told him to go back to Africa.

Well, technically, he has a hyperlink. 1,197 more words