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The Game of Love and Death - Martha Brockenbrough

Throughout human history Love and Death have played a game with the lives of the mortals around them. Each chooses a baby, which as it grows is drawn to love the other, culminating in an end date at which the couple must choose if they will love one another over all encumbrances in the way, or die tragically. 187 more words


Segregated Women

Yesterday I read a blog post by Lisa Robinson. Nothing particularly unusual about that; Lisa displays an excellent command of the English language and (more importantly) shows herself to love the Lord and have sound theology. 497 more words

Christian Doctrine

President Trump is setting blacks free

A couple of days ago, President Trump commuted the sentence of Alice Johnson, a Memphis woman who had been serving a life sentence for a first-time drug offense. 559 more words

Racial Issues

How Can Christians Respond To 21st Century Controversies?

Last year, despite a nearly universal aversion to history in 21st Century Western culture, many evangelicals tolerated talk about the beginnings of the Protestant Reformation. After all, October 31, 2017 marked the 500th anniversary of  Martin Luther’s infamous act of posting his 95 Theses. 491 more words

Current Events

On Starbucks, Other Employers, and Racial Bias

While I took my break from the blogging world on the week of Memorial Day, Starbucks had racial bias training for its employees.

The reviews of the racial bias training from the general public were about as mixed as the reviews are for their lattes and cappuccinos. 513 more words


Books I've Read Recently

God and the Transgender Debate by Andrew Walker. The transgender issue is a popular one in our culture right now. It’s not only a highly debated topic among people but is also becoming a normal part of our culture. 766 more words


Black unemployment

The latest unemployment figures came out Friday and continue to befuddle the “experts.” Americans across the entire spectrum are benefiting from the Trump economy: men and women, whites and minorities. 341 more words

Racial Issues