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When 'Outside' Is Even An Outsider: A Reflection On Gay Men And Racial Bias Within The Gay Community

Since 1978, the Rainbow Flag has been a prominent symbol of unity and inclusion among the gay community. It represented the collective acceptance of all gender and sexual expression. 761 more words

Racial irony

I find it ironic that those who complain most about racism in America are often the ones who are most active in keeping racism alive.


Racial Issues

How I Came To Believe I Was Black (I'm A Latina)

My name is Natalia and I am a Latina. I was born and raised in Colombia by Colombian parents. Despite the fact that I am constantly surrounded by friends and family who are Hispanic Latinos like myself and having, to my knowledge, no black heritage, I legitimately thought I was black for a considerable period of my life. 959 more words

Digging up bones

A.C. Wharton, the mayor of Memphis, wants the remains of Nathan Bedford Forrest dug up and moved along with a statue dedicated to the Civil War figure. 153 more words


Opinion: We need to define what hate speech is

Two weeks ago, the Quebec government tabled Bill 59, which empowers the province’s Human Rights Commission to prevent and combat hate speech and speech inciting violence. 593 more words


Michael Gerson: Survivors of Charleston shooting show the strength to love

When many relatives of those cruelly murdered in Charleston — by a man who talked and prayed with his victims for an hour before systematically gunning them down — publicly offered their forgiveness, it was stunning and admirable in many ways. 737 more words

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