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Refugees and White South Africans

For years, I have extensively discussed race, diversity, and immigration. However, this is my first time writing about whites in South Africa (or any part of Africa), who are increasingly beleaguered. 478 more words

White Nationalism

Entrepreneurs Are Being Deported -- And They Might Be at the Center of America's Coming Immigration Fight

That’s the headline in the March edition of Entrepreneur Magazine, followed by an account of the fears, concerns and frustrations of Alessandro Babini, a foreign born entrepreneur caught in the crossfire of Trump’s ham-handed immigration policies. 142 more words


The Emergence of the UK 'Imperfect' Soul

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In British television, particularly reality television or talent contests, there is a repeated trope that black female contestants fall into. The ‘soulful’ black woman, she can power through ballads, her style is gospel, her vocal abilities surpass those she is competing with. 443 more words


Divide and Conquer

On the way to and from work every day, I’ve been listening to Nelson Mandela’s autobiography, Long Walk to Freedom. He’s a wonderful storyteller, and the narrative segues smoothly between his experiences growing up in South Africa, running away from home to avoid a forced marriage, and settling in Johannesburg, finally becoming an attorney. 550 more words

Long Walk To Freedom

Inequality in America

Whenever I see people passionately insist that women and minorities are “not second class citizens” in America – that they all have the same rights and representation as white males – so there is no longer any need to march in support of their rights and equality, I find that baffling. 2,258 more words


Lines in the sand

It is difficult to not endorse divisive race relations. You can’t make it all one or pretend that we are not different in every possible way. 225 more words