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More Guns, More Danger, Especially for People of Color

I’m just gonna point out how it will not make the public any safer, especially black men, if we moved toward a society where everyone was armed as a response to mass gun violence. 316 more words


For whom is this staged?

The House expressed “regret” over an exclusion act most Chinese people in the U.S. know nothing about. The real audience of these apologetics, the Big Other, was pleased.

Similar Narratives between Black and White Supremacists

Isn’t it funny how two extremes can be so similar? This is not horseshoe theory but it is an interesting observation.

Here are some examples: 387 more words


Race-card politics...

The Democrats’ use of the race-card in their never-ending employment of identity politics instead of actual policies is exquisitely skewered by Ed Rogers  here.  Fortunately,  for the good of the nation,  Democrats are either unable to grasp the very real harm their position do to the country or they simply don’t give a damn,  so they keep repeating the same mistakes.    165 more words

Barack Obama, George W. Bush denounce bigotry in Trump-era American politics

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — Former President Barack Obama called on fellow Democrats to reject politics of “division” and “fear” while rallying on Thursday with party’s candidates for governors in Virginia and New Jersey. 831 more words

Pribumis, Bumiputras and the politics of race

Let’s be honest: when the word Pribumi is used, it is code for anti-Chinese. This is the same in Malaysia where the word Bumiputra is used to mean anti-Chinese. 937 more words


disturbing modern mindset

As a college student and a member of a technology driven generation, I consume tons of media–myriad topics and mediums. Social media is usually scrolling through nonchalantly, I only read the headlines for news media–from Facebook, the most reliable source, … 553 more words