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Tuskegee’s Wizard Remembered

Telling the story of Tuskegee University and relegating Booker T. Washington to a single anecdotal reference is a little like giving a speech about Menlo Park but only mentioning Thomas Edison in passing. 829 more words

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A GOP Congressman Says He Feels Safer In Israel Than In NYC, Chi or Balto...Really???

I am reading an absolutely fascinating book by Ian Haney López, “Dog Whistle Politics.” It breaks down the coded messages used by the right to declare themselves as not being racist while in fact, being racist! 312 more words


Video abstract - Katie Wells talks about "A Housing Crisis, a Failed Law, and a Property Conflict: The US Urban Speculation Tax"

Forthcoming in Antipode 47(4) in September 2015, and available online now, Katie Wells’ “A Housing Crisis, a Failed Law, and a Property Conflict: The US Urban Speculation Tax” is a fine contribution to the journal’s growing collection of papers* on property rights, racial politics, housing markets and urban policy. 503 more words


Hey, look! A thug!

That thug George Zimmerman has been involved in yet another violent shooting. The criminal can’t go a year without getting arrested or getting into some sort of illegal activity involving a gun, can he? 77 more words

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A Nationality Identity Crisis

For many descendants of enslaved Africans who currently live in the United States of America, I believe, that from time to time, we have or we’ve all had at some point, a nationality identity crisis—the reluctance or unwillingness to self-identify under the American demonym. 606 more words


And Sometimes There's Rage

That a completely fucked up culture proceeded to commit rape and genocide throughout most of the world and ended up on top because of it. 163 more words

Blacks Aren't the Only Ones Who Live in Drug-infested Neighborhoods

In 1971, President Richard Nixon declared a “War on Drugs,” saying that drug addiction was “public enemy number one.” The use of heroin was apparently on the rise; soldiers serving in Viet-Nam were disproportionately addicted to that drug. 629 more words

Police Brutality