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Ken Burns, “The Civil War.”

Barbara Fields stands for black Americans, Shelby Foote stands for white Southerners, the unnamed narrator stands for white northerners.

(Politics) What I Want From White People

When I write about contentious subjects here at The Writing Desk, I try to make sure that I use a tone that comes across as collaborative and inclusive. 2,348 more words


Book 'The New Jim Crow' banned in some New Jersey prisons

The 2010 book ‘The New Jim Crow‘ is banned in some New Jersey prisons, apparently because prison officials don’t want inmates reading about bias and corruption. 155 more words


A real city has actually run out of other people’s money,  and no, it wasn’t Chicago,  but it was in Illinois.   After  decades of  fiscal irresponsibility and massive corruption and such jaw-droppers as Mayor Eric Kellogg’s administration in 2015 using $51,000 in federal grant money to get the mayor an SUV instead of purchasing squad cars for the police department, the proverbial chickens have taken up residence in City Hall. 85 more words

More Guns, More Danger, Especially for People of Color

I’m just gonna point out how it will not make the public any safer, especially black men, if we moved toward a society where everyone was armed as a response to mass gun violence. 316 more words


For whom is this staged?

The House expressed “regret” over an exclusion act most Chinese people in the U.S. know nothing about. The real audience of these apologetics, the Big Other, was pleased.