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Tiyya Foundation: Bringing refugees and immigrants together

The nonprofit enables refugees, immigrants, and displaced American families to actively participate in their new community.

by Portia Ladrido

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was established by the Obama administration in 2012 to essentially give leeway to minors who are refugees and immigrants, whilst they enable themselves to secure proper documentation. 1,472 more words


Why I Support Donald Trump

The Foreign Correspondents Club, August 29, 2017

Earlier this week, Ying Ma spoke to The Foreign Correspondents Club of Hong Kong about the Donald Trump presidency, the Trump political revolution of the 2016 campaign, the Trump administration’s controversies and accomplishments, and her continued support for the President. 11 more words

U.S. Foreign Policy

Following Left-wing chaos, Evergreen State College announces layoffs​ due to drop in enrollment

(National SentinelCampus Activism: When you let the inmates run the asylum, you get chaos. Ditto when cowardly college administrators turn their institution over to rowdy punk students who have been indoctrinated into the Marxist ideology. 688 more words


What's the matter with these people?

Leadership in the Republican Party seems to be dominated with cowardly wimps who prostrate themselves every time some Loony Lefty screams “racism.” They grovel and beg forgiveness even as they are not guilty—except for being the Party of Lincoln. 816 more words

Racial Politics

The Presumption of Blackness

I’ve always had a bittersweet relationship with the presumption of blackness. To say I’m white passing isn’t quite accurate maybe Latina or south Asian passing. People often look at me and are surprised to find out I consider myself Black. 830 more words

Why no "White Pride" Day

Here’s the thing.

If you lived in a society where you were treated as a second class citizen because you had green eyes, I would absolutely be in favor of you having a “Green Eyes Pride Day” to say to the world “Hell, no, I will not be ashamed for what I am, nor will I allow you to treat me poorly simply because of my eye color. 59 more words

A proposal for the Confederate Statues

Let the Nazis and confederate traitors buy the statues and put them on their own property and let’s stop using taxpayer money to upkeep monuments to people who advocated holding others as property. 236 more words

Racial Politics