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The State of Martin Luther King Jr.'s Dream in 2010

Originally Published: 03/18/2010 05:12 am ET│Updated May 25, 2011

By Dedrick Asante-Muhammad

Over 40 years after Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination, his words still speak to the social conditions that so many Americans face. 556 more words

Native American Advancement: Change We Can Believe In

By Dedrick Asante-Muhammad

Originally Published: 12/16/2009 07:28 am ET │Updated May 25, 2011

Recently, President Barack Obama hosted a White House Tribal Nations conference with representatives from all 564 federally recognized U.S. 425 more words

Cry, the Beloved Country!

Alon Paton published a book in 1948 titled “Cry, the Beloved Country”. Without giving too much away the book is set at the time where South Africa was under the apartheid regime particularly in the 1940s. 1,075 more words


Ken Burns, “The Civil War.”

Barbara Fields stands for black Americans, Shelby Foote stands for white Southerners, the unnamed narrator stands for white northerners.

(Politics) What I Want From White People

When I write about contentious subjects here at The Writing Desk, I try to make sure that I use a tone that comes across as collaborative and inclusive. 2,348 more words