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Institutional racism

Apparently, institutional racism thrives in Wilmington, North Carolina, according to a StarNews article by Elizabeth Montgomery. (Link below) The Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) promotes the idea. 330 more words

Racial Politics

A Memento Of Fellow Travelers, Long Since Moved On

I have in my possession, one photograph of the only graduation (‘commencement’) ceremony I have ever attended–that for my first graduate degree, in ‘computer and information science.’ (I did not want to attend the ceremony, expecting it to be tedious in the extreme–it was–but I did want to send a keepsake back to my mother in India, to let her know that her saving and scrimping had paid off, that I had not, as I had once feared, completely lost the plot and crashed and burned out of this new venture.) 523 more words


Clintons Escalate Pandering to Black Voters

Working hard to recover from Slick Willie’s ugly public spat with unruly Black Lives Matter activists the Clintons are busily trying to mend fences. With the growing public perception that the Clinton crime family is unfit to rule again and unable to quash the Bernie Sanders uprising, nailing down the black vote becomes ever more important. 368 more words

Hillary Clinton

Ying Ma Returns to the Armstrong & Getty Show to Discuss Carson, Trump, and Her Book

Armstrong and Getty Show, April 12, 2016

Ying Ma returned to the Armstrong and Getty Show this morning to discuss her time on the Ben Carson presidential campaign, GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump’s troubles with women, her book  93 more words


Neanderthal Man and Cro-Magnon Woman

Jacques Malaterre’s Ao, le dernier Néandertal is a 2010 film about the fateful encounter between Neanderthals and modern humans. It’s also, as usual in this genre, a love story – with the usual pattern of gender and race: the man is a Neanderthal and the woman a Cro-Magnon (or… 462 more words

Beyond banning the box: racial discrimination, 2016 edition

It is widely believed in left-wing circles that much if not most black unemployment is due to invidious discrimination by white employers. Since blacks have higher rates of incarceration than other identity groups, employers who provide a box on employment applications to indicate arrests or convictions have an easy way to “discriminate.”  Thus the movement to “ban the box,” which was successful in Columbia, Missouri and other locations of liberal good will. 281 more words


... Michelle Obama should be Ashamed of Herself [#racial politics]...

.. FLOTUS should be above this …

.. unfortunately , Michelle Obama is classless ..

.. she does not understand the meaning of the word ” class …. 35 more words

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