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‘Stacking The Deck...’

The federal Liberal Cabinet is attempting to sidestep the National Energy Board on the ‘Trans Mountain’ pipeline expansion by setting up a stacked, politicized second panel to give the Liberals – and aboriginal leadership — the answers that they want to hear: 1,314 more words

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Rampant racism on campus

University administrators fecklessly cave in to blackmail by radical leftist groups such as the Black Lives Matter movement. Protesters accelerate their demands for more black students and faculty on campuses; increased spending for racial identity programs and departments; more “diversity” programs; and “microaggression” indoctrination and reporting of perceived transgressors. 682 more words

Racial Politics

‘Manitoba Liberal Party Leader To Step Down’

‘Manitoba Liberal Party Leader Rana Bokhari to step down’

Hooray! She is the silly person who advocated this segregated, race based nonsense:

‘Manitoba Liberals Pushing for Segregated Legislature’ 305 more words


Institutional racism

Apparently, institutional racism thrives in Wilmington, North Carolina, according to a StarNews article by Elizabeth Montgomery. (Link below) The Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) promotes the idea. 330 more words

Racial Politics

On Your Dismissal of LEMONADE: A Letter from my Liminal Space

To the white man who called it a publicity stunt:

You won’t understand this, but LEMONADE overwhelmed me. Buried me. In fact, I find I’m still wrapped up in it – that, in the midst of a four-day Silent Retreat, I literally woke up this morning to Beyoncé running through my head. 956 more words


A Memento Of Fellow Travelers, Long Since Moved On

I have in my possession, one photograph of the only graduation (‘commencement’) ceremony I have ever attended–that for my first graduate degree, in ‘computer and information science.’ (I did not want to attend the ceremony, expecting it to be tedious in the extreme–it was–but I did want to send a keepsake back to my mother in India, to let her know that her saving and scrimping had paid off, that I had not, as I had once feared, completely lost the plot and crashed and burned out of this new venture.) 523 more words


Clintons Escalate Pandering to Black Voters

Working hard to recover from Slick Willie’s ugly public spat with unruly Black Lives Matter activists the Clintons are busily trying to mend fences. With the growing public perception that the Clinton crime family is unfit to rule again and unable to quash the Bernie Sanders uprising, nailing down the black vote becomes ever more important. 368 more words

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