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Picking at scabs

Picking at scabs

Okay; so the Confederate Battle Flag is something offends some people and they want it banned. There are protestors demanding the monuments to Civil War commanders and participants be torn down and removed from the sight of those whose ancestors were subjugated to chains. 771 more words

Selling Jamaica To 'Mr Chin'

For many black Jamaicans, ‘Chin’ is still the generic name for all Chinese people. It doesn’t seem to matter that Chinese Jamaicans have many other names such as Chang, Chuck, Chung, Fong, Kim, Kong, Lee, Leong, Lim, Lue, Mock, Shim, Tenn, Yap, Yee, Yen and Yeong. 845 more words

Racial Politics

Perpetrators of pathological racism in America

Efforts to seek and identify racism in America have become pathological with some people—a deviation from normalcy manifesting behavior that is habitual and compulsive. An unknown mental affliction seems to drive them toward irrationality. 702 more words


Review: Long Walk to Freedom and Some Thoughts on Racial Injustice

On the cover of Long Walk to Freedom is a quote from the Boston Sunday Globe. It says this book “should be read by every person alive,” a statement with which I am tempted to agree. 1,015 more words

Book Review

Political quickie: a question for Barack Obama

Given on the one hand the President’s hand wringing over the deaths of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Freddie Gray, not to speak of his Justice Department’s ‘civil-rights’ investigations into the deaths, and on the other his silence about the murder of Kate Steinle, we wonder why the press has not asked him this simple question:

Do white lives matter?   


Media Bias

DANIEL HENNINGER: Race, Party and Opportunity

Wall Street Journal — Rick Perry’s race speech threw down the gauntlet on party loyalty and economic results.

Something in American politics seems to be moving in mysteriously positive ways. 65 more words