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Racial unrest on campus: where is the backbone?

It is surprising and revolting that on American campuses there have been practically no voices decrying the outlandish claims of the protesters. The only voices of reason come from outside the campus hothouses. 614 more words


Woodrow Wilson Under the Bus

In a stunning reversal, and in solidarity with Princeton’s Black Justice League (PBJL), vile progs have tossed President Woodrow Wilson under the bus. PBJL took a page from Occupy’s playbook and Black Lives Matter’s playbook (hmmmmm) and occupied the president of Princeton’s office yesterday, vowing to stay until all of their demands were met. 691 more words

Diversity Doesn't Care

I have to give credit to Rollo Tomassi at the Rational Male for inspiring the concept behind this post.

I feel like a bit of clarification is order for some of you out there in the world about what we’re dealing with. 1,319 more words

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Black privilege and free speech at the University of Missouri

Summary. Recent events at the University of Missouri (MU) threaten to harm it for years to come. The loss in one day of the President of the Four-Campus System and the MU Chancellor by forced resignation was bad enough –who of any competence would want those jobs? 2,066 more words

Racial Politics

"Sarah Palin All Over Again": Ben Carson's Fall Is A Damning Indictment Of Conservative Politics

Ben Carson’s popularity among conservatives has been marked by their imperviousness to questions about his honesty and fitness. Carson has made dozens of statements about federal policy that have transcended garden-variety conservative over-promising and reached the realm of Chauncey Gardner-esque absurdity. 470 more words


The hypocrisy of despicable Democrats

Leftists, liberals, progressives, Marxists and socialists (LLPMS) and other assorted Democrats frequently use the word extremists to describe conservative Republicans. Thomas F. Schaller, a political science professor at the University of Maryland, in an… 472 more words

Racial Politics

I didn't kill the natives or enslave the blacks

Every once in a while, I’ll see one of these memes that say things like “Your people killed mine” or “Your people enslaved mine.”

No, I didn’t. 284 more words

Racial Politics