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Santa Claus is white!

Here we go again.  People are still debating whether a make-believe character can be a color other than their own.

The Mall of America — you know that place, America? 342 more words

Racial Politics

The Electoral College, State’s Rights, and the Principle of Local Government: Part 2

As discussed in the previous post, the basic principle underlying most defenses of the Electoral College and the State’s Rights cause is that the closer government is to the people it represents, the better government works; and the more separated the government is from the people, the more room there is for corruption and insider politics to grow. 2,801 more words

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Trump completes the circle

My conservative friends have abandoned all hope for me long ago, and with good cause. My liberal friends, at least those under the age of 40, may also have their doubts about me. 900 more words

Cultural History

Cultural Appropriation: Regressive Racism Packaged as Progressiveness

Hello fellow insane people. Today I will be tackling another dreaded topic: Cultural Appropriation. Some may consider me crazy for wanting to tackle it, but I -am- mad after all. 1,846 more words

Racial Politics

Trump has re-forged the old Democratic alliance of FDR, and he's done it in the ruins of the Republican party

Those of you who remember history may recall that the South used to vote solidly Democrat. FDR and his ilk represented an alliance of poor southern farmers and norther factory workers against rich capitalists. 353 more words

Neuropolitics, Metapolitics

Self Labeling "White"

There has been so much struggle endured in the realm of race mixture politics. Mixed people identified with their white half because it gave them a higher opportunity to succeed, and it can be argued that it still does. 282 more words

Black Votes Matter: Militant Leader Endorses Hillary Clinton

Despite the racist Black Lives Matter goons playing coy over who they would back in this most critical of all elections there was never any question as to their preference. 759 more words

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