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Race and power dynamics: Is it possible for black people to be racist?

I believe it’s starting to become a common place assertion that because of the racial power imbalance in the atmosphere of the United States, black people are excluded from being considered explicitly racist, since we as a demographic have experienced racism collectively throughout the years. 369 more words


If not me, then who?

I got a strange wake-up call, of sorts, this morning. In a dream I was told to make an effort to heal relations with the African-American community in my area. 181 more words

Problem Solving

Everybody want to be Black until it is time to be Black

In walking to class one day, I overheard a group of students listening to the song “Tunnel Vision” by Kodak Black. The song has a great beat, but I do not think people realize the artist is talking about the oppression of marginalized groups and the Prison Industry Complex. 378 more words

Racial Relations