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The Tragedies of Baltimore

My heart is labored once again over the loss of life in a police encounter with citizens. I have loosely followed the events of Baltimore until yesterday when I began to read the articles and follow the newscasts more closely. 1,138 more words


How Smartphones Could Hold Police Accountable

Last week in South Carolina, a shooting brought the discussion of racial relations and police brutality back into the mainstream media—but this was no Michael Brown or even Eric Garner story. 1,045 more words

OU's Frat Song

I have followed very closely the news from the University of Oklahoma where members of a fraternity sang an inappropriate song on a bus. I’ve seen the video about 100 times. 391 more words


A Response to a friend and a reflection on "police Gangs" in Ferguson, MO

A friend and colleague recently shared this article in the “Atlantic.” Among his observations was the fact that accountability is important and that this article is well-written. 1,044 more words


Maybe the New York Times can do a graphic on witch burnings in the Northeast

It would be nice if I one day opened the New York Times website and, no matter how hard I looked, couldn’t find an article denigrating Alabama or the South. 339 more words


Ask Kanye. That's all you need to know.

Kanye West was right last night at the Grammy’s (but he don’t need me to tell him). The award for best album should have gone to bubble-butted Beyonce, just like Kanye said. 893 more words


The Day I Learned What It Is Like To Be a Minority

I had the privilege today of taking my daughter to her State Honors Chorus event. As the group from our school gathered to wait for the event to begin, I noticed that I was the only white person at the table. 1,005 more words