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Amos Fortune, Free Man


Amos Fortune, Free Man

Elizabeth Yates

illustrated by Nora S. Unwin

Age: 9 +

Interests: history, American history, biography, slavery, racism, religion 417 more words


A man tried to murder me...

A man tried to murder me.

The man was black.

The two facts above are not related.

I wrote an article recently reflecting on my journey toward understanding as it relates to the racial tension that is far too prevalent in the news in these days. 913 more words



Artillery: (n) large-caliber guns used in warfare on land.

Lobbing huge shells through the air often countless miles, to land to Earth, to wreak havoc and create destruction. 487 more words


Disgruntled by Asali Solomon

Much like the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Asali Solomon was born and raised in West Philadelphia. Though she grew up there, she decided to pursue her studies elsewhere and attended college in New York and later in California and Iowa. 493 more words


The Darker Side of Multiculturalism

Most Canadians would proudly identify our country as a “multicultural” nation, where we accept and respect all ethnicities, religions, genders, and so on.

But, much like other nations, the narrative underneath the veneer is much darker. 632 more words

The Terror of the Unarmed

A world was turned upside-down for one family – and then a whole community – when a young, unarmed man was murdered by police officers. His crime? 790 more words

There Is a Way to Reconcile. It Is Love.

The movie Selma was recently released. There were some scenes that were absolutely horrible, such as the march across the bridge into Alabama, or when a priest/ clergy member was beaten to death because he stood for what was right. 440 more words

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