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Brand-New Growing Popular Game - Minecraft!

If you’re like me, and you like playing video games in your extra time, you’re probably questioning exactly what the finest vehicle racing games are out there in 2010. 669 more words

Should You Play Vehicle Games?

It’s constantly funny considering how the old times when we used to play automobile racing video games with our good friends utilizing our matchbox vehicles, and of course, who would forget those built race course. 598 more words

A Racing Game Retrospective

Next to fighting games, racing games are probably the ones I most enjoy with others. Actually, racing games are just about the only games that I… 967 more words

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Up and Coming New XBOX Rumors

I have been an Xbox fan since I first played Halo, online.  Recently, there has been some rumors that the new Xbox, in development, will not allow users to play used games at all.  209 more words

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Real Racing 2

So right now this game is on sale in the itunes app store (link) for $4.99. Which is down from $9.99 I have played the first game and I liked it well enough. 205 more words

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Gamers More Dangerous Behind the Wheel Than Non Gamers?

Are gamers more dangerous drivers than non-gamers? A survey by a tire company says so (and really, who else would you trust to study such things?) Continental Tires conducted a survey of 2,000 motorists between the ages of 17 and 29 . 148 more words

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