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Kle Mens Stępniewska Responds: My Racism Is Revolutionary!

Kle Mens Stępniewska (b. 1985), the Polish artist who traffics in racist visual imagery, responding to the articles published here, about her racist oeuvre, and… 904 more words


Carnaval in Cadiz: Racism in Disguise

Cultural relativism is the idea that customs and cultural norms exist independently and relationally in between different cultures. Living in a globalised society in which we all share our cultures with each other its fundamental that we understand theories and concepts such as cultural relativism.Often, distinct cultures will interpret similar or even identical things in different, and sometimes contradictory ways. 558 more words


Curating Blackface: Elaine Tam / Full Transcript of Interview

Kle Mens Stępniewska & Elaine Tam /  Kle Mens Stępniewska in Blackface / BWA Zielona Góra 

The following is the full transcript from an in-depth conversation I had with… 6,936 more words


Aesthetics & Anti-Blackness, Hypocrisy and Hate from Kim Lee & Tomasz Płatek, & from Anna Grodzka & Lalka Podobińska / Poland in Crisis

“The ability to be ignorant, to be unaware of the history and consequences of racial bigotry, to simply do as one pleases, is a quintessential element of privilege. 1,676 more words