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Race to the bottom

Bill adds another brick to Bibi’s wall

New Zealand’s Race Relations Commissioner, Susan Devoy, is purring like a well-fed cat just now. Her office is in line for a stack of media and diversity awards following a recently launched campaign  encouraging Kiwis to “Just Say No” to….racism. 1,443 more words

New Zealand Social Commentary

New Zealand can stand up against racism - Dame Susan Devoy, NZ Race Relations Commissioner. 

New Zealand can stand up against racism.

Race Relations Commissioner Susan Devoy has called on New Zealanders to stand up against racist taunts and attacks, drawing an apparent contrast with President Donald Trump’s America. 280 more words


Stand up to racism. Growing up Samoan in New Zealand and the racist microaggressions I've faced along the way. 

I wanted to take French at college but when I asked, a well-meaning nun told me that if I was going to be of any help to my poor mother then I’d be better off taking typing so I could get a job when I left school. That’s Us