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The Bleak Irony of the Reconstruction

The Bleak Irony of the Reconstruction: http://youtu.be/mPliFBcomB4

I once had a professor point out to the class that if you go to any library or bookstore in this country, you will find an entire shelf or two dedicated to the Civil War. 1,150 more words

Social Issues

Donald Sterling and the PC Police

Which is a better for human society?  A racist bigot billionaire who makes stupid, offensive comments to his mistress in private or a self-appointed thought and speech control policeman motivated by relativist philosophy, more popularly defined as political correctness? 1,090 more words

Social Issues

Is it race, skin color, or something else which plagues humanity?

I’ve never completely understood the whole racist/skin color argument that so many involve themselves, either as a condemnation or as a rebuttal of another human being.  660 more words