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The Bleak Irony of the Reconstruction

The Bleak Irony of the Reconstruction: http://youtu.be/mPliFBcomB4

I once had a professor point out to the class that if you go to any library or bookstore in this country, you will find an entire shelf or two dedicated to the Civil War. 1,150 more words

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Republican Minority Problems: All Inclusive Hate-Mongering

It is no secret that, in large part, the Republican Party has become the political manifestation of White Male Christian Conservative America. The current writhing and contorting incarnation of the GOP gracing the news each night would like us to forget that the epilogue of the 2012 Presidential Election consisted almost entirely worry over just how overwhelmingly White, Male, and Evangelical the Republicans electorate had been. 1,571 more words

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Blue Eyes and Misplaced Tears: Jane Elliott's Experiment and Denial of Racism

I have only recently become familiar with the work of Jane Elliot, and I was a fan right away. She is a wonderfully contrary woman who, inspired by the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr, developed a new and controversial method for teaching Racism awareness. 1,381 more words

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Vegans are Scum

I’ve come to truly hate vegans.

Not because of their lifestyle choice, but because they’re all self righteous little shits who have no concept of reality and how hypocritical they really are. 1,059 more words

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Racism Project Part Three: The Thinnest of Veils

We have nearly made it through the introduction to this subject. I do apologize for the lengthy prefacing, however I feel a solid foundation is necessary to support the case that I will be building through the remainder of this series. 1,670 more words

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Colorblind Ideology: Proving You're Racist With Science

Colorblind Ideology is a Form of Racism

Challenging assumptions about culture, race, and mental health.
by Monnica Williams, Ph.D.

What is racial colorblindness?

Racial issues are often uncomfortable to discuss and rife with  1,012 more words

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You Call That Dark?

As a beauty and cosmetics aficionado I’m always on the hunt to try new products and I used to write a ton of product reviews. Nowadays? 498 more words

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